Best Five (5) Environmental Consulting Internships

Best Five (5) Environmental Consulting Internships

Due to increasing environmental regulations, there is an increasing demand for consultancy services in the environmental industry. Environmental Consulting Internships allow undergraduate engineers to gain valuable hands-on skills and prepare them for professional practice in the environmental discipline. With several incredible options available, these Environmental Consulting Internships are suitable for those committed to academic success and motivated to apply knowledge outside of the classroom. 

Interns can use the opportunity as a helpful window into the daily tasks, required skills, and working environments comprising a variety of environmental-related careers. In addition, this blog post will give you an overview of the requirements, benefits, and other details of the Environmental Consulting Internships.

Overview of Environmental Consulting Internships

Environmental Consulting Internships is a program whereby exceptional students can take up consultant roles under the supervision of a senior consultant. As an intern, you’ll get hands-on experience in investigating and identifying environmental hazards. 

You will also play an integral role in reducing the detrimental impact of industrial, commercial, and government initiatives on the environment. Additionally, interns will experience conducting field surveys and collecting data about pollution levels or contamination on a site or area of consideration. 

However, before you can experience all these, you must show relevant experience and skills, such as business skills and commercial awareness, as you’ll be operating in a very retail environment. 

List of Environmental Consulting Internships

Across the summer, internships are offered to students and recent graduates of any environmental field in different subjects. These Environmental Consulting Internships cut across topics such as ecology or wildlife management, ecological engineering, environmental management, sustainability, and environmental management. Depending on the company, these programs can last an average of twelve weeks. 

Most Environmental Consulting Internships offer monthly stipends to interns and do not displace regular employees. In addition, during the internships, interns will work directly with clients to plan and design projects alongside contractors who carry out the construction.

Here are the top five Environmental Consulting Internships:

#1. WSP internships

WSP internships are engineering and environmental consultancy internships that provide challenging and far-reaching career opportunities. The Paid internship allows interns to explore new and inspiring options to make the most of their expertise, broaden their professional horizons and help create exciting new possibilities for people, organizations, and future generations. The company aims to provide support throughout with guidance from peers and senior team members. The internship comes with a competitive salary. 

#2. Consulting Intern

Interestingly, Consulting Intern is an internship created by Woodard & Curran, a national engineering, science, and operations firm. The company dreams of providing clean water, a safe environment, healthy communities, and happy people. Applicants that are motivated environmental engineering/science students can apply for this internship. Successful candidates will have the chance to observe experienced engineers/scientists and act as a member of project teams by contributing to actual project design or field oversight.

#3. Summer 2023 Internship Program

Summer 2023 Internship Program is one of the highly sought-after Environmental Consulting Internships. Eligible applicants should be a student with an emphasis on Engineering or a technical field. It is provided by GSI Environmental Inc., which aims to give successful candidates a chance to support domestic and international environmental and engineering projects. These include litigation support and expert witness work, environmental investigation and remediation, risk assessments, permitting and compliance, research and development (R&D), and more.

#4. Environnmental Intern

Environmental Intern is one of the exciting new Intern programs by Terracon. Applicants must have more than one year remaining to complete their BS degree. Additionally, you should be able to work alongside some of the brightest minds and state-of-the-art technology in the environmental consulting industry. 

Successful candidates will be placed in rapidly increased training responsibilities and commitment to work duties. 

#5. Environmental Consulting Summer Placement 2023

Environmental Consulting Summer Placement 2023 is a highly sought-after Summer Environmental Engineering Internship. Eligible applicants should have a basic understanding and interest in the Environmental Impact Assessment process. Buro Happold, an Environmental Assessment & Management Group, provides it. 

Buro Happold aims to allow students to get involved in Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA). Environmental and Social Impact Assessments (ESIA) and Strategic Environmental Assessments (SEA) are also part of it. 

Eligibility Criteria for Environmental Consulting Internships

You must meet a few essential standards to be eligible for the exciting Environmental Consulting Internships. Ultimately, it would help if you got the following eligibility criteria to be successful.

  • Candidates should be admitted to a bachelor’s degree program in an engineering discipline or related subject.
  • Also, it would help to have a passion with the anticipation and creativity to identify and proffer solutions
  • Applicants should enjoy working in a team environment, sharing ideas, and collaborating with colleagues.
  • Additionally, it would help if you want to stretch and inspire us, coming up with any new ideas you may have.

Requirements for Environmental Consulting Internships

The Environmental Consulting Internships requirements include the following:

  • Familiarity with the planning stages of developments and carrying out environmental assessments
  • Passionate about throwing themselves in from day one and putting their studies into practice
  • Capability to keep everyone in the loop and demonstrate this through excellent communication skills
  • A proactive attitude, with a willingness to work under pressure and prioritize and plan effectively

How to Apply for Environmental Consulting Internships

Applying for the Environmental Consulting Internships is straightforward. It would be best if you did so after accessing the website of the top companies providing the internships. On their website, you’ll check the internship descriptions, requirements, benefits, and application methods. If you’re eligible, you’ll get a mail from the hiring manager. Subsequently, prospective interns should have experience working on live projects. You’ll need your Engineering Internship Resume and cover letter while applying.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I break into environmental consulting?

One of the ways to break into environmental consulting is through Environmental Consulting Internships. You should enhance your professional experiences and industry knowledge with an internship. Prospective interns can also hone their environmental consultancy skills, such as project management, interpersonal communication, etc. 

Is environmental consultancy an excellent job?

Environmental consultancy is an excellent job because it’s partially a field and office job. It’s also the industry that provides advice on managing environmental risks to human health and the environment. The time you visit the area is based on the season, location, and background. 

What are the duties of an environmental consultant?

An Environmental Consulting Intern will be responsible for developing conceptual models, which involve identifying and considering potential contamination. Additionally, interns can undertake fieldwork to identify previous activities on the site and any contamination.

What tools do environmental consultants use?

Environmental consultants use tools such as Soil and Water Assessment Tools (SWAT) and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for environmental testing and consulting. Environmental analysts use SWAT to evaluate the impact of land management activities on large watersheds. It’s a river basin scale model created by the USDA Agricultural Research Service (ARS)


The Environmental Consulting Internships provide different career paths and opportunities for those in the Environmental and Sustainability field. As you consider an internship in a top company, research the company, apply fast, and persevere during the application process. 

With commitment and planning, you can have a fantastic experience learning and growing while interning in the Environmental industry.

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