Top 5 Engineering Internships Summer Programs

Top 5 Engineering Internships Summer Programs

Whether looking for Paid Internship for Engineering Students or not, you can get it in the summer. Engineering Internships in the summer provide graduate engineers with the chance to gain valuable hands-on skills and prepare them for professional practice in the engineering space. With several incredible options available, these Engineering Summer Internships suit those committed to academic success and motivated to apply knowledge outside the classroom. 

Engineering interns can use real-world engineering problems and practical experience challenges with engineering infrastructure. In addition, this blog post will furnish you with an overview of the requirements, benefits, and other details of engineering internships available in the summer.

Overview of Engineering Internships Summer

Engineering Internships in the Summer is a program whereby brilliant engineering students can take up engineering roles in the summer. As a summer intern, you’ll get hands-on experience with a real-life impact in the Best Companies for Mechanical internship. 

Whether you’re studying mechanical engineering or not, you will also get to interact with your mentor and other colleagues who will assist you in applying your knowledge and building your skills on projects that have a significant impact. Additionally, summer interns will experience great fun and connect with other interns and employees through optional social and professional events. 

However, before you can experience all these, you must undergo an interview and a coding test. Keep calm because the screening will be friendly and deep into the applicant’s experience and expertise. The questions will be technical and standard coding questions about the programming languages listed. 

List of Engineering Internships Summer programs

This Engineering Internships Summer for 2023 cuts across design, manufacturing, and operations departments. Across the summer, internships are offered to students and recent graduates of any engineering field in different departments. Depending on the company, these programs can last an average of twelve weeks. 

Most Engineering Internships in the summer offer monthly stipends to interns and do not offer guaranteed employment after completing the internship program. In addition, during the internships, interns will be given complete ownership over their projects from inception to completion with the help of a project mentor that’ll guide them.

Here are the five best Engineering Internships Summer:


Summer 2023 Engineering Internship/Co-Op is a program created by SpaceX, one of the Best Companies for Mechanical internships. The company aims to develop the technologies to explore the stars, aiming to enable human life on Mars. The Paid Internship for Engineering Students allows interns to work closely with their mentor and other employees, who will help them apply their knowledge and grow their skills on projects that have a significant impact. 

Please note that the program is suitable for students with a GPA of 3.5 or above and comes with a stipend from $28 to $30 per hour. Lastly, it gears them to serve as the primary interface between technical teams and customers to ensure our missions are successful and timely. 

#2. Ball Aerospace Summer Internship

Interestingly, Bell Aerospace Engineering Summer Internships 2023 is an internship for undergraduate and graduate engineers in any engineering discipline interested in the aerospace and defense industry. Applicants with at least one more semester following the intern program (summer program) or currently enrolled (fall program) in a degree-seeking program, either at the undergraduate or graduate level (MS, MBA, Ph.D., etc.), can apply for this internship. Successful candidates will have the chance to participate in the Ball Intern Remote Sensing Team (BIRST). It’s an extracurricular program that allows them to experience the complete concept-to-launch-program life cycle. Interns design, construct, test, and fly payloads on a sport rocket or a high-altitude balloon during their summer internship.

#3. Infosys InStep Internship Program

Infosys InStep Internship Program is one of the highly sought-after Summer Engineering Internships. It is provided by Infosys, a multinational information technology company with 315,000 employees across 50 countries. Eligible applicants should be a student with an emphasis in Engineering or a technical field. Successful candidates will get the opportunity to work on new and emerging technologies.

#4. Slalom Build Internship Program

Slalom Build Internship Program is among the Best Software Engineering & Development Internships. Applicants must have Hands-on experience with the latest technologies. Additionally, you should be able to Work in a fast-paced, agile project environment with a small, focused team. 

Successful candidates will be responsible for utilizing bleeding-edge engineering practices and leveraging new technologies in a model mirroring that of Slalom’s full-time consultants. 

#5. New Relic Internship Program

New Relic Internship Program is one of the highly sought-after Summer Engineering Internships. It is provided by New Relic, a cloud-based software company designed to provide website and application owners with the ability to track performance and gather data. Eligible applicants should be continuing students pursuing a career in areas such as software engineering, operations, and marketing. 

New Relic aims to allow students to attend leadership roundtable meetings, work with experienced mentors, and learn about New Relic’s core values and workplace culture as they make new network connections. 

Eligibility Criteria for Engineering Internships Summer

You must meet a few essential standards to qualify for the Highest Paying Engineering Internships. Ultimately, you must fulfill the following eligibility criteria to be successful.

  • Applicants should have a GPA of 3.5 or above. Candidates should be admitted to a bachelor’s degree program in an engineering, physics, or math discipline.
  • Also, it would help to have over three months of applied engineering experience (internship, laboratory, and personal/team project experience are applicable).
  • Additionally, it would help if you could work full-time, on-site, for at least 12 consecutive weeks.

Requirements for Engineering Internships in the Summer

The Engineering Internships in the summer requirements include the following:

  • Familiarity with Designing, developing, manufacturing, testing, analyzing, and integrating all electronic hardware
  • Knowledge of every aspect of an agile software development process
  • Capability to work well in an integrated collaborative team environment, including frequent interactions with technicians, other engineers, and managers
  • A proactive attitude, with a willingness to work effectively in a dynamic professional setting with changing needs and requirements

How to Apply for Engineering Internships Summer 2023

Applying for the Engineering Internships Summer 2023 is straightforward, and you should do so after accessing the company’s website. You’ll check the job descriptions, requirements, and application methods on their website. If you’re eligible, you’ll be contacted by a recruitment team member for an initial interview. Subsequently, prospective interns will also undergo two interviews and assessments. Your performance in the interview will determine whether you’ll get a full-time offer or not. Please note that you’ll need your Engineering Internship Resume while completing the internship form.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is an internship good for software engineering?

Summer Internship is suitable for any engineering field, including software engineering. You’ll need your resume to list your experience and skills in an organized manner to apply. 

What is the best engineering intern salary?

The academic level determines Engineering Intern’s salary. You may be paid a monthly stipend or an hourly wage, depending on your academic level. For instance, an Engineering Intern/Freshman/Sophomore may get $28.00/hour, while Engineering Intern/Junior/Senior will get $30.00/hour.

What do they do as engineering summer interns?

An Engineering Intern in the summer will be responsible for Designing, developing, and qualifying the company’s custom-developed semiconductor solutions. Additionally, summer interns can also create advanced rocket and spacecraft propulsion systems.

How long are internships in the summer?

The duration of internships in the summer is between three and twelve weeks. However, some companies offer three to twenty-four months programs. 


The Engineering Internships in the summer provide different career paths and opportunities for students in the engineering field. As you consider taking an internship in the summer, remember to research the company, apply early, and be patient during the application process. 

With dedication and planning, you can have a fantastic experience learning and growing while interning in the summer.


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