How to Create Your Engineering Internship Resume

How to Create Your Engineering Internship Resume

As an engineering student, it’s essential to undergo an internship program to become familiar with the engineering sector. To showcase your education, skills, and relevant experience for the opportunity, you should craft an Engineering Internship Resume for the company. An internship is a great path to start building professional connections with colleagues in the industry and transform college experience into field experience. Apart from that, you will also develop your commercial awareness skills and passion for engineering.

Whether you are studying ecological engineering, software engineering, civil engineering, electrical engineering, or any other engineering course globally, there is a need for an Engineering Internship Resume. It’ll communicate your personality in your absence and showcase some interesting facts about yourself in the hobby section.

This blog post will give tips on crafting an Engineering Internship Resume. Additionally, there is a CV for Internship Sample for Engineers.

Importance of Writing Engineering Internship Resume

As a prospective engineering intern eager to learn, your resume for Engineering Internship with no Experience will help you land your first engineering internship. It’ll also showcase your personality, skills, accomplishments, and goals.

The competition for the position is high. Your Software Engineering Internship Resume without experience should show you’re willing to learn. Structuring it in the right way can make or break your engineering career. You can do this by avoiding some common mistakes in your Engineering Internship Resume.

In your resume, the company should know if you can generate a report and analyze data collected from tests. As an engineering student, you should be able to develop detailed engineering plans and interpret them. 

Tips for Writing an Engineering Internship Resume

Are you thinking of how to craft a CV for your internship company? Writing an Engineering Internship Resume should be a manageable task. Here are tips to follow to solve this task and create one. Please highlight your skills section by including relevant keywords.

Tip #1: Pick the proper Engineering Internship Resume format

Before you start writing, you should know about the reverse-chronological resume style. Adding all your contact details in your resume header with an engineering internship resume objective section is essential instead of a profile section. However, using lots of white space and generous resume margins would be best for easy reading. 

Tip #2: Create a professional objective

Your Engineering Internship resume objective should highlight your goals and what you’ll offer to the company. It’ll help the hiring manager of the company you want to undergo your internship to know why to hire you. You can’t use a resume summary as an aspiring engineering intern with limited work experience. 

Let them know your greatest asset and strength. Finally, it would help if you mentioned the company name in your resume objective. It’ll show that you personalize your resume. 

Tip #3: Start with your Education Instead of Your Work Experience

You can start your Engineering Internship Resume by highlighting your relevant academic achievements if you need more experience. It’s advisable to showcase your most relevant achievements while keeping it simple. It also helps to show you are the most suitable candidate for the position. 

As an aspiring intern, you’re seeking an internship to give you your first boost in the engineering field; thus, the experience section might not come into play. However, use specific and descriptive language to list your internship experience on your resume.  

Tip #4: Make your Skills Section Stand Out

In the next section of the engineering internship resume, you should include a couple of skills tailored to your preferred position. For instance, you should discuss soft skills such as being a team player and time management skills. Additionally, your skills should match the job description, and your critical skills should be at the top. 

Tip #5: Add other Sections to the Engineering Internship Resume

Since there’s still some space in your Engineering Internship Resume, you should add additional sections. These include Awards and Honors, Relevant Coursework, Extracurricular activities, Language, and Hobbies and Interests. It’ll help to demonstrate how suitable you are for the position.

Prospective Interns can also use this chance to show they’re a cultural fit for the company. Please note that you can be clever by showing your top-notch know-how with the relevant coursework section. Showcase your most recent achievements in the resume and be specific in every area. 

Is that the final tip? It’s essential to create an outstanding Engineering Internship Cover Letter. Finally, it should match your resume to give you an edge over other applicants competing for the same role.  

Engineering Internship Resume Sample

Are you looking for a Sample Resume for Engineering Internship with No Experience? Here is one of the Engineering Internship Resume Examples.

Samuel Oyewumi

Email address: Samuel*********

Phone number: 0813*******


Dedicated and data-driven Mechanical Engineering student skilled at conducting professional quality inspections, creating detailed engineering plans, and assisting in project management. Effective communicator and great team player with extensive knowledge of multiple Engineering software programs and excellent technological expertise. The Intern of the Month Award winner offers extraordinary time management abilities and outstanding analytical skills.

Work experience

06/2018 – 08/2018, Engineer Intern, Cubic Corporation, Nigeria

Performed quality inspections and analyzed and evaluated all operational procedures to identify potential areas for improvement.

Developed detailed engineering plans, completed and interpreted blueprints, and collaborated with colleagues to optimize the layout and minimize unnecessary expenses.

Produced project equipment lists, maintained various hardware and other equipment, and assisted in project management.

Identified operational/engineering problems and proactively participated in weekly team meetings with managers.

I was awarded Intern of the Month for performing excellent work.


09/2017 – present, Mechanical Engineering, University of Ilorin, Nigeria

GPA: 3.98 (Top 5% of the Program)

Awards and Honors

The 2018 Academic Excellence Award winner

Clubs and Societies: Business Club, Engineering Society, Riding Society

Extracurricular Activities: Chess Club, Math Society, Volleyball Team






Microsoft Office

Fusion 360, Solid Edge


ProE, Alibre

Communication Skills

Good Team Player


Technological Expertise

Time Management


09/2019 – 05/2020, Class Representative, University of Ilorin, Nigeria


05/2016, Driving Licence, Driving School

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is a resume important for engineering internships?

Yes, it’s essential to write an Engineering Internship Resume. It’ll help you stand out from competitors and create lasting impressions on your hiring managers.  

What should an engineering internship include on a resume?

An Engineering Intern should include top skills and experience on a resume. The coursework should also show the academic brilliance of the candidate,

Why is an engineering internship important?

Engineering students must undergo an internship program to help build up their technological skills, inculcate cultural standards and significance, and provide quality learning. Ultimately, it’ll put you in a better place to secure an engineering job.

What are the top skills of an engineering intern?

Engineering Interns that want to gain practical knowledge in the engineering world should possess skills such as fluency in coding languages such as Python and C++, familiarity with software such as SolidWorks, and data collection and analysis.


Creating your Engineering Internship Resume for your preferred position should be quick. Keep your objectives short, crisp, and effective. Apart from your engineering internship resume objective, the key things to include are your experience, education, and skills. 

Refrain from not using action verbs to showcase your achievements. Use the earlier tips to keep your chances strong without adding bluff words. It could be a difference-maker in getting a foot in the engineering field.

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