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Does your dream career relate to audit, tax, advisory, consulting, or accounting services? If so, being part of EisnerAmper Internship 2023 Program will help you jumpstart as a student or fresh graduate. Your participation would greatly benefit your career and professional development, providing a chance to understand the industry, gain relevant experience, and enhance your skill set. EisnerAmper Internship Program is also helpful in developing a professional network. This blog post will overview EisnerAmper’s Internship benefits, criteria, and application process.

Let’s proceed with the basics of this internship program.

Overview of the EisnerAmper Internship Program

EisnerAmper accepts students and recent graduates of various nationalities into its robust internship program. It targets innovative individuals who are passionate about making an impact. Participating in EisnerAmper Internship Program offers massive opportunities, such as jumpstarting your dream career and allowing you to work with well-versed staff. In addition, internships at EisnerAmperĀ last for any time from 8 to 12 weeks, offeringĀ a monthly stipend of $4,760 per intern.

According toĀ Vault Rankings 2023, EisnerAmper is #5 out of the Best Accounting Internships, #12 out of the Best Internships for Compensation & Benefits, and #16 out of the Best Internships for Quality of Life.

About EisnerAmper

EisnerAmper is a US-based firm that offers a wide range of professional services, such as advisory, accounting, audit, tax, and consulting. It is one of the largest business advisory, accounting, and tax firms in the US, with over 300 partners nationwide. EisnerAmper serves billionaires, private companies, and large enterprises through a diverse team of more than 3,000 employees. Its clients are mostly US-based or business interests of foreign entities.

As an equal opportunity employer, EisnerAmper hires students, fresh graduates, and employees without discriminating based on their national origin, ethnicity, sex, skin color, religion, disability, or any other protected characteristics. If you feel concerned that one of these attributes may disqualify you for internships at EisnerAmper, it would be better to clear your doubts and check out the potential benefits of this internship program.

Benefits of Interning with EisnerAmper

The following are some of the numerous advantages of participating in an internship program hosted by EisnerAmper.

Career progression

  • Interning with EisnerAmper facilitates career advancement by helping to develop your resume and CV with invaluable qualifications, relevant work experience, and an improved skillset. Thus, you will realize a boost in your employability.

Gain relevant work experience.

  • Participating in EisnerAmper’s internship program helps to gather work experience relevant to tax, advisory, audit, accounting, and consulting services.

Financial reward

  • EisnerAmper interns also receive a monthly allowance as financial support for their living expenses during their internship. The company exempts no intern from getting this compensation.

Professional network opportunities

  • EisnerAmper Internship Program allows students and new graduates to build a professional network without entering the labor market. Such connections could help you bring future business partners or employment opportunities. Plus, you can get mentoring from your professional network, providing free access to advice and guidance on your career path.

Redefined career objectives

  • This internship program will also give you a redefined career goal as you understand the industry clearly and the requirements for success.

Are you looking forward to gaining from these benefits toward a successful career? See below to know whether you are eligible or not.Ā 

Eligibility Criteria for EisnerAmper Internship Program

To qualify for an internship position at EisnerAmper, you must satisfy the following criteria.

  • Currently have enrollment in a higher education institution or be a recent graduate.
  • Be academically exceptional
  • Hold a valid United States Work Visa, which authorizes you to intern legally in the US (applicable to non-US citizens)
  • Possess excellent communication skills in English
  • Have recent work experience in relevant field
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Word and Excel
  • Good organizational, leadership, analytical, and time management skills
  • Ability to handle tasks on your own and with a team

You can begin the internship application process if you meet the above criteria.

How to Apply for EisnerAmper Internship Program

To become an intern at EisnerAmper, you will have to undertake some steps to express your interest in the company’s internship programs. These steps are as follows.

View EisnerAmper’s current internship openings to find your perfect fit

Complete your online application on the website

  • This step involves filling out an online application after finding your preferred internship. Afterward, you canĀ expect an application review by EisnerAmper’s recruitment team. They would contact you for an interview if you were shortlisted.

Pass your internship interview

  • Before being called for your online interview, prepare a smartphone, tablet, or computer with a fast internet connection.

Frequently Asked Questions about EisnerAmper Internship Program

Can foreigners intern at EisnerAmper?

Yes, EisnerAmper Internship Program is open to international students and foreigners who recently graduated from an accredited higher education institution in any part of the world.

How long does EisnerAmper Internship last?

The internship programs hosted by EisnerAmper vary in duration. However, they often run for 8 to 12 weeks in summer.

How happy are Intern professionals working at EisnerAmper?

Almost all students and recent graduates who intern at EisnerAmper would recommend the company to their friends and colleagues. In fact, the company’s internship is #16 out of the best internships in terms of quality of life.

Is EisnerAmper good to work as an intern?

Yes, EisnerAmper is one of the best companies for interns in the United States. 2023 Vault Rankings proved that the company’s internship is #12 out of the best internships based on compensation and benefits.

How many interns are in EisnerAmper?

EisnerAmper hires 21 to 50 students and new graduates annually into various internship positions. Besides, the company accepts interns from all countries as an EEO employer.


Internships at EisnerAmper offers a superb chance for students and new graduates to advance their career in the advisory, accounting, audit, tax, and consulting industries. Each intern will gather valuable experience, have the opportunity to practicalize theories and build relationships with senior executives. Through these internships, there are also several occasions to gain insight into EisnerAmper’s daily operations and acquire value-added skills. So why are you yet to tap into this opportunity? The best time to start your application is now.