Duke University Scholarships: Application, Eligibility & Funding

Duke University scholarships consist of wide-ranging scholarships available to its students. While some of these scholarships have automatic consideration, others require students to start a separate application.

List of Scholarships Available to new and continuing Duke University Students

Below are various scholarships that provide financial support to University students from all four corners of the world.

1. Duke University Merit Scholarships for Entering Students

These Duke University scholarships are open to full-time undergraduate students just entering the institution. Due to the scholarship’s automatic consideration policy, students do not need to file an application.

However, Duke University Merit Scholarships awardees will receive full funding for their undergraduate studies, which covers their tuition fees, accommodation, and mandatory fees.

2. Duke University Merit Scholarships for Continuing Students

Duke University awards a wide range of merit-based scholarships to its returning students, i.e., students enrolled in their second to fourth study year. These scholarships include Robertson Scholars Leadership Program and Nakayama Public Service Scholarship.

3. Duke University Alumni Endowed Scholarship Program

This Duke University scholarship is open to students with exceptional academic performance and financial needs.

4. B.N. Duke Scholarship Program

Duke University has been awarding B.N. Duke Scholarship since 1986 to students whose academic performance is top-notch and who possess a dedication to community engagement. Besides, recipients of this scholarship program must partake in certain on and off-campus activities.

5. A.B. Duke Scholarship Program

This Duke University scholarship is awarded to students with academic excellence and innovative skills.

6. The Mastercard Scholars Program

This scholarship funds outstanding students from Sub-Saharan Africa who desire to enrol at Duke University.

7. The Reginaldo Howard Scholars Program

Duke University offers this scholarship to Black, African, and African-American students with great academic performance and dedication to civil rights and leadership.

8. Karsh International Scholarship Program

Two international scholars, Martha L. and Bruce A. Karsh created this scholarship for the financial advantage of Duke University students who cannot continue their studies without financial aid.

Who are the Sponsors of Duke University Scholarships?

Different individuals, associations, and NGOs contribute to the availability of Duke University scholarships every academic year.

The following are the sponsors of Duke University scholarships.

  • The Duke Alumni Association
  • MasterCard Foundation
  • The Nakayama family
  • Martha L. and Bruce A. Karsh

Overview of Durham City in North Carolina

Durham is an American city in the state of North Carolina. It has a land area of about 301 square kilometers, harboring more than 283,000 people. Moreover, the city is renowned as the City of Medicine due to its dependence on the healthcare industry.

Duke University is a private higher learning institution founded as Brown School in 1838 in this city. About 15,000 U.S. and international students attend Duke University for its undergraduate, graduate, and professional courses. Duke University students can benefit from several scholarships if they are experiencing a financial issue, making it almost impossible to further their tertiary education.

Scholarship Benefits

How Much are Duke University Scholarships?

Duke University scholarships are fully funded financial aid, having no precise worth for each scholarship.

How Many Students Receive Duke University Scholarships?

There is no specific value for the number of recipients of Duke University scholarships every academic year.

Are Duke University Scholarships Fully Funded or Partially Funded?

Each Duke University scholarship is established to offer full funding of its awardees’ tuition fees, including coverage for some other costs.

Duration of Duke University Scholarships

Duke University awards its scholarships to last through its awardees’ study period.

Applicable Courses

What Field of Study is Duke University Scholarships Meant For?

The requirements for Duke University scholarships do not include enrollment in a specific field of study.

Can Undergraduate Students Apply for Duke University Scholarships?

Yes, undergraduate students can apply for various scholarships offered at Duke University, U.S.

Eligibility Criteria

Here are the general requirements for Duke University scholarships.

  • Must be an incoming or continuing student of Duke University
  • Must be sound in your academics
  • Must need a scholarship from Duke University to continue your studies
  • Most importantly, you must fulfill each requirement for the specific Duke University scholarship you wish to win.

Fees & Funding

Is Duke generous with financial aid?

Yes, Duke University gives numerous scholarships to undergraduate and graduate students from anywhere in the world.

How hard is it to get a scholarship to Duke?

Getting a scholarship from Duke University is very difficult, as many students rely on them to fund their studies.

Are there Duke University scholarships for international students?

Yes, Duke University offers various scholarships to its non-US students, and many have become beneficiaries of these financial aid.

When is the Duke University scholarship application deadline?

Students who wish to initiate an application for Duke University scholarships must complete the process before January 3, 2023.

Does Duke give full scholarships?

Yes, Duke University offers many fully funded scholarships to eligible students of any nationality.

Application Procedure

How to Apply for Duke University Scholarships

Most Duke University scholarships do not require students to apply, as awardees are selected based on their academic achievements and potential.

For further inquiries on these financial aids, contact Duke University via phone or email, as indicated below.