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The Dubai Islamic Bank Internship is the best fit for you if you wish to enter the banking industry. However, building a compelling profile that will differentiate you from other applicants requires some application assessment tips.

This article has all the information about the Dubai Islamic Bank Internship. So letā€™s dive into this article without further delay to discover more!

About the Dubai Islamic Bank

The Dubai Islamic Bank (DIB) is an Islamic bank established in 1975 in Dubai. Following the bankā€™s activities, it is the worldā€™s first Islamic bank to incorporate Islamā€™s principles in all its practices.

Despite being the most prominent Islamic bank in the UAE, the DIB simultaneously spearheads the evolution of the global Islamic Bank industry. In addition, it operates through the following segments: Consumer Banking, Corporate Banking, Real Estate Development, Treasury, and Others.

Overview of the Dubai Islamic Bank Internship

The Dubai Islamic Bank Internship is a unique summer internship opportunity available to graduates of the financial industry. Also, it is a four-week project-based internship specifically for business/commerce students in the final semester of their bachelorā€™s or masterā€™s degree program.

During the internship, the supervisors rotate applicants in different departments allowing them ample time to acquire the desired knowledge. Candidates also go through a comprehensive system of training that prepares them for a successful future in the banking industry.

Additionally, it is a paid internship program. However, candidates must be ready to abide by all the Islamic principles, which are the bedrock of the banking institution.

Benefits of the Dubai Islamic Bank Internship

Internships are an excellent way to fast-track your career within any industry. However, only some banks can guarantee interns the benefits of internships.

Below are the benefits that the Dubai Islamic Bank offers its interns.

  • Project-oriented learning opportunities.
  • During your internship at the Dubai Islamic Bank, you get to work on major international development tasks and organizations.
  • Additionally, interns work collaboratively with experienced professionals from numerous countries and possibly build relationships with them.
  • The internship also guarantees interns health and medical insurance.
  • Furthermore, it provides interns with staff financing facilities and fat monthly numeration.
  • Lastly, interns acquire a deeper understanding of development finance during the Dubai Islamic Bank Internship program, training, and workshops.

Salary of an intern at the Dubai Islamic Bank Internship

Interns at the Dubai Islamic Bank are eligible for a monthly stipend of about 1,122.75 AED. This stipend comes in addition to other benefits interns stand to gain while working at the Dubai Islamic Bank. The internā€™s monthly stipend will vary depending on their internship positions and departments.

Eligibility and Requirements

Like every other internship program, there are specific eligibility requirements that candidates applying for internships with the Dubai Islamic Bank must fulfill.

Internship candidates must:

  • Hold a bachelorā€™s or masterā€™s degree qualification from higher education commission (HEC) recognized institution in DIB member states. Where they do not have a degree, they must be in their final academic levels.
  • Also, these candidates must study disciplines directly related to the Dubai Islamic Bankā€™s works and functions.
  • On the other hand, applicants must be nationals of one of the countries forming the Dubai Islamic Bank (i.e., Dubai or Pakistan). In addition, citizens of Islamic states are eligible to apply.
  • Furthermore, candidates must have a GPA of not less than 3.0, an excellent command of English, and be between 18 to 30 years.
  • Most importantly, candidates should have professional experience relevant to their applied position ( business, commerce, and other related fields).
  • They should also be willing to follow the bankā€™s rules.

Tips to secure Internship positions in 2023

The Dubai Islamic Bank Internship is very competitive, so applicants should submit excellent applications. Here are a few tips to stand out and secure an internship position in 2023.

#1. Make your Resume and Cover letter readable

The more difficult your resume and cover letter are to read, the higher your chances of not making the shortlist. To that end, your resume should follow the correct format and font. To know how to write a compelling cover letter, read this article.

#2. Highlight relevant skills

Your skills are equally important in that application. But whatā€™s more important are skills relevant to the internship position you seek. List your experiences in your resume and let your resume emphasize your skills; otherwise, you might consider either attempting to garner that experience.

#3. Discuss your education

Since this is an internship, your education will be a basis for selection. Also, mention any extracurricular duties you took on in the past. You can also include the roles you held while in school.

#4. Demonstrate Flexibility

While Interns may have set job duties, the tendency to vary their tasks during the internship is high. As a result, make it clear in your application that you are willing and capable of doing grunt work and can be flexible based on the organizationā€™s needs.

#5. Review and Proofread your application

Give your resume or application a final, meticulous review before sending it to a prospective job. Remember, you can edit changes once you submit it.

Application and Selection Process for the Dubai Islamic Bank Internship

Eligibility applicants should follow these steps to apply for the Dubai Islamic Bank Internship.

  • Go to the Dubai Islamic BankĀ website and apply through the career and employment system.
  • Choose from the list of available internship opportunities on the website and begin your application.
  • Similarly, applicants should prepare their resumes and other documents in PDF format. They should also ensure to scan only original documents to avoid disqualification.
  • Furthermore, applicants should upload all documents on the portal and review their application before clicking the submit button.
  • To avoid errors in submission, applicants should immediately start their application early.

For the interview, the institution will contact only shortlisted candidates. Therefore, you did not make the shortlist if the institution did not contact you at least one month after the application deadline. In this case, find other internship opportunities aligned with your career choice and discipline and apply.

Dubai Islamic Bank Internship Application Deadline

The Dubai Islamic Bank Internship application opens towards the end of August and runs through September. The application portal closes precisely on the 25th of September.

Frequently Asked Questions

What GPA does one need for the Dubai Islamic Bank Internship?

A strong GPA is essential to landing an internship with Dubai Islamic Bank. With little to no work experience, the human resource department relies on studentsā€™ GPAs to indicate their work ethic and intelligence.

There is no particular Grade that will guarantee an internship. For example, a student with a 3.3 GPA, excellent interpersonal skills, and a thorough grasp of finance may succeed over a student with a 3.8 GPA having weak communication abilities and little financial knowledge. Typically, applicants should try at least a 3.0 GPA or higher to ensure they are competitive for internships at financial organizations.

What are the most important things you should look for in other Internships?

You might not be able to secure an internship contract with the Dubai Islamic Bank. However, it would be best if you did not let it stop you from looking for other internship options. While applying for other internships that you can lay your hands on, below are the top four things to look for in an internship:

  • A welcoming workplace culture
  • Skill development opportunities
  • Opportunities to work on real-time projects that make a difference
  • Access to professional leadership and mentorship

Do I have to work full-time in the Dubai Islamic Bank Internship office?

Yes, the Dubai Islamic Bank Internship is a full-time duty. Also, Interns work from Monday to Friday for at least six hours daily.
In addition, you can dialogue and discuss working days and hours as part of the interview process.

Can you split the Dubai Islamic Bank Internship between two locations?

No! The Dubai Islamic Bank Internship can only take place in one location.


Joining an internship program is a requirement for qualification for any student who wants to build a portfolio in their industrial career. As such, bankers or students who intend to work in financial institutions and industry should jump in on the Dubai Islamic Bank Internship. The internship will expose you to the practical application of your academic discipline and knowledge.