Drew university scholarships

Guide on How to Apply for Drew University Scholarships

Drew University Scholarships refer to a series of funding programs provided by Drew University, its donors, and others to undergraduate, and graduate students of any of the schools at Drew University to offset the costs of living and tuition at the University. Drew University Scholarships fall into three broad categories: Merit Scholarships, Program based/Specialized Scholarships, and Need-Based Scholarships.

1. Merit-Based Scholarships at Drew University:

Merit-Based Scholarships at Drew University are a type of scholarship offered at the school to deserving students based on their academic ability before and during their stay at Drew University.

2. Specialized/Program type scholarships at Drew University:

Program type or specialized scholarships at Drew University are the second class of Drew University Scholarships. These funding programs take in students based on either the status of the student, e.g., Armed forces or the type of program the student enrolls in at Drew University.

3. Needs-Based Scholarships at Drew University:

Needs Based Scholarships are the third broad class of scholarships offered to students at Drew University. As the name implies, these scholarships or grants are offered to students that have a demonstrated need for financial assistance.

Sponsors of Drew University Scholarships.

Multiple scholarships are offered to students at Drew University. These scholarships are funded by different organizations, mainly philanthropic foundations, especially those associated with the Methodist Church, the US Federal government and related agencies, and the University Financial aid office.

About Drew University

Drew University, one of the Universities named as a top ten “BestBuy” in the Princeton Review, is a private liberal Arts University in the United States of America. It is located in Madison, in the State of New Jersey. Drew University was founded on a grant of land given by its eponymous donor Daniel Drew, in 1867. The forest on that land grant was largely retained, leading to the University’s nickname as the “University of the Forest”. Drew University, in the late 1860s, started out as a Christian Theological Seminary, affiliated with the teachings of the American Methodist Church.

However, over the succeeding centuries, donations, especially those of the Baldwin Brothers and, later, the Caspersen Family, led to the diversification of the curriculum of the school as a result of the establishment of the College of Liberal Arts, originally an all-male college called the brothers’ college and the Caspersen Graduate School, making Drew University today, a liberal arts institution. Today, as a result of its history, Drew University houses three schools, the Drew Theological Seminary, which teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in theology and Divinity, the College of Liberal Arts which grants a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor’s of Science in about 40 disciplines ranging from the humanities to the formal and natural sciences to the applied sciences and the Caspersen Graduate School, responsible for managing the graduate programs taught at Drew University. 

Scholarship Benefits

As noted earlier in this piece, there are multiple Scholarships at Drew University falling under the categories of Merit Scholarships, Needs-Based Scholarships, and Program type/specialized scholarships. For international students seeking admission into Drew University, the availability of some of these scholarships would depend greatly on the “status” of these international students e.g., if they are residents of the United States or the State of New Jersey. In this section, we will be discussing the various Scholarships available to international students, under the aforementioned categories.

Drew University Scholarships: Merit Based Scholarships

There are four merit-based University Scholarships at Drew University. They are:

  • Francis Asbury Scholarship,
  • Dean’s Scholarship,
  • President’s Scholarship, and 
  • Drew Scholarship.

The Drew and Dean Scholarships are offered by the University itself, while the Francis Asbury, and President’s Scholarships are offered by the University on behalf of/while being funded by external donors.

How much are the Merit Scholarships?

The Merit Scholarships at Drew University normally do not have fixed amounts. They usually range from $17,000 to $27,000 depending on if the eligible students meet certain criteria, themselves internally decided, on the award.

How many students are eligible for the Merit Scholarships at Drew University?

All students admitted at Drew University, whether domestic or international, are considered for all four merit scholarships at the University. Eligibility for scholarships is generally based on academic performance at high school (or lower educational level) prior to admission, amongst other things. Any student receiving any or all four merit scholarships can expect his or her tuition costs at Drew University to be cut in nearly half for the duration of his or her stay at the University.

Also, maintaining merit scholarships awards is usually contingent on good academic performance throughout one’s stay at Drew University.

Applicable Courses

Fields of Study Eligible for Merit Scholarships at Drew University?

There are no applications for the Merit Scholarships at Drew University. All students admitted are considered, based on the strength of their prior academic performance, for each and all four merit scholarships. That said, the four merit scholarships apply to all forty fields of study offered by the College of Liberal Arts at Drew University. However, program-type scholarships at Drew University usually specify which fields of study are eligible to apply for.

Level of Study Eligible for Drew University Scholarships

Drew University has scholarships for different levels of study including Bachelor’s degrees, Master’s, and PhD. Some scholarships are open to all levels of study while others are only open to a single level specified within the eligibility criteria.

Eligibility Criteria

The “requirements” as such, for any of the Merit Scholarships at Drew University are:

  • Admittance into the University to study any of the forty disciplines offered at the College of Liberal Arts.
  • Stellar prior academic performance.

To reiterate, there are no separate applications for any of the merit scholarships at Drew University. Your prior academic profile, which you would have submitted during the admission application process is what is evaluated for granting or withholding the merit scholarships at Drew University.

Fees & Funding

What GPA do you need to get into Drew University?

You will need a minimum high school GPA of 3.54, with a record of passing Advanced Placement (AP) classes if your graduating GPA is lower than that.

How much is the tuition for Drew University?

Being a private institution, the tuition at Drew University is on the pretty high side. At Drew University, tuition stands at $40,960 per year.

What is the acceptance rate at Drew University?

Drew University has a pretty good acceptance rate, sitting at 80% of all applicants

Does Drew require the SAT?

No, Drew University does not require the SATs as it is a test-optional school. You may choose to submit or not to submit your SAT or ACT score. However, some of the scholarships do require that you submit an SAT or ACT score alongside your admission application if you intend to be considered for their bursaries.

How many students get Drew University scholarships per year? 

The number of scholarships students get depends on the university that year. Certain scholarships have a definite number of scholars yearly while others depend on panel discretion.

Application Procedure

Application procedures for Drew University Scholarships differ based on the kind of scholarship available. For example, there are no separate applications for the Merit scholarships at Drew University.; all students admitted are evaluated for eligibility for each and all the merit scholarships.

For several kinds of other scholarships, you have to follow certain steps and submit the required documents showing the information the benefactors need from you. Click “Apply Now” below to begin exploring the options.