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Congratulations on the successful completion of your university education. But there is a problem, have you thought about the stress of getting a job without experience? Honestly, it can be challenging, especially for international students. However, we have good news for you. Apply for Dream Career Internships today and build your resume. More than 50% of interns in this program land a graduate job within three months of completing the program. Of course, you can join in this testimony.

Our post will give you all the information about this summer internship. Thus, you will learn about the opportunities available, locations, focus areas, and tips on landing a good internship program this year.

Overview of Dream Career Internships

Dream Career Internship is a global opportunity for international students who want international work experience. It allows participants to obtain real-world experience working remotely or in over 30 international destinations. Thus, students can participate in this program in the following countries and cities. They include:

  • Europe: London, Dublin, Madrid, and Barcelona.
  • U.S. and Canada: New York, Toronto, California, and Boston.
  • Asia: Tokyo, Bangkok, Hong Kong, and Seoul.
  • Australia: Melbourne, Sydney, and Auckland.
  • Latin America: Chile, Colombia, Brazil, and Mexico City.

Types of Dream Career Internships

You accelerate your career in different ways using the Dream Career Internships. they include;

Virtual / Remote Internship Program

You can work from home as a Dream Career Intern and enjoy flexible working hours. You will have the opportunity to work with international organizations that partners with the company. Thus, you can network globally from your home. All you need to shine is your laptop and internet connection.

Benefits of online internship

You will enjoy the following benefits as a virtual intern at Dream Career. They include:

  1. Remote internship placement
  2. Career advancement training
  3. Keynote speaker series
  4. Global community and network
  5. Professional development materials
  6. CV improvement tool
  7. 24/7 support
Global Internship Program

You will get an internship placement in a global location of your choice. However, you will have to choose from eligible countries and cities in Europe, the United States & Canada, Asia, Latin America, and Australia.

Benefits of the Global Internship Program

  1. A hybrid/in-person internship
  2. Career advancement training
  3. Keynote speaker series
  4. Global community and network
  5. Professional development materials
  6. CV improvement tool
  7. 24/7 support
  8. Visa support
  9. Accommodation
  10. Airport pick-up
  11. Cultural and Social Events
Digital Nomad Program

Digital Nomad Interns work remotely but can travel with other interns to explore selected cities. Thus, it offers flexible working hours and the opportunity to explore new places. The benefits include:

  1. Remote Internship
  2. Career Advancement Training
  3. Keynote Speaker Series
  4. Global Community and Network
  5. Professional Development Materials
  6. CV Improvement Tool
  7. 24/7 Support
  8. Visa Support
  9. Workplace Support
  10. Accommodation
  11. Transfers To and From the Airport
  12. Cultural and Social Events
  13. Amazing Co-Working Space
  14. Internal Flights Between Cities

Dream Career Internship focus areas and fields

Applicants for these internships can apply for jobs in the following departments and fields. They include:

  1. Architecture Internships
  2. Art, Photography & Graphic Design Internships
  3. Business Internships
  4. Consulting Internships
  5. Engineering Internships
  6. Entrepreneurship Internships
  7. Environmental Sciences & Sustainability Internships
  8. Fashion Internships
  9. Finance & Accounting Internships
  10. Government & Politics Internships
  11. Hospitality, Events & Tourism Internships
  12. Human Resources Internships
  13. IT & Computer Science Internships
  14. Journalism, Publishing & Media Internships
  15. Languages & Translation Internships
  16. Law Internships
  17. Music & Performing Arts Internships
  18. NGOs & Non-Profits Internships
  19. PR & Marketing Internships
  20. Social Work Internships
  21. Television & Film Internships

How to apply for Dream Career Internships

It is challenging to apply for this internship because of the completion and the number of applicants. However, candidates who o the right thing always get a chance to land this program. Moreover, you can use our internship guide to learn how to obtain internships in big organizations this year.

Steps to land this internship

If you follow the steps below, you will obtain a Dream Career Internship this year. They include:

Step 1. Submit an online application

The first step is to fill out an online application form, where you will provide personal details, including your name, contact (email and phone number), university, nationality, country of residence, and the type of internship you want. In addition, you will upload your resume and cover letter at this stage.

Step 2. Schedule an interview

Secondly, you will schedule an interview with the hiring manager. During this session, you will let the interview crew know your career mission and vision and how you will help your company grow. In addition, you will learn the objectives of Dream Career.

Step 3. Evaluation of your interview and resume/CV

Once you have completed your consultation, the hiring manager will review your application and resume. If you meet the requirements for partner organizations, you will get your internship placement.

Step 4. Confirm your place at Dream Career

You will confirm your place in the program by depositing 800 British Pounds for our in-person programs and 400 British Pounds for our virtual program. However, a money-back guarantee covers you through the entire process.

How to boost your chances of Dream Career Internships

To increase your chances of getting a Dream Career Internship, you must d the following things. They include:

#1. Tailor your application for the specific job you want: You must tailor your application to the particular position. Your cover letter must highlight your skills, abilities, and strengths. In addition, it will reflect why you are the best candidate for the job. Use keywords related to the job and industry while writing your application.

#2. Network with former and present interns: Another helpful tip is to look for current and former interns at the organization to ask them questions. They will give you the information you will see when going for the interview. In addition, you can network with workers at the organization.

#3. Research Dream Career: Visit the company’s website for basic information about the organization, services, cultures, and mission. In addition, try to know the requirements for the job. It will help you understand the right keywords for your cover letter.

#4. Learn new skills: You must acquire the skills to excel as an intern at Dream Career. You will need communication, problem-solving, analytical, and time-management skills. However, it would be best to have more abilities depending on the department or focus area.

#5. Write a good resume and compelling cover letter: Your resume will be vital if you want to be successful in your application. Therefore, you must make sure you build a good one. A good summary will highlight your skills, abilities, qualifications, experience, and strengths. Thus, it will convince your employers that you are the best candidate for the job.

You also need a cover letter that introduces you to the hiring manager. You must be careful when writing your cover letter. Ensure you use the right keywords, include the required skills, and highlight your abilities and strengths. Above all, tell your employer the reason they must hire you. You can do this by telling them what you will offer them.

#6. Review your cover letter: The final tip is to review, proofread, and edit your cover letter to detect spelling, typing, and grammatical errors. Your hiring manager will not hire you if your letter contains mistakes. It shows you ignore details, a good attribute they want in their workers. Therefore, ensure you submit an error-free cover letter.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dream Career Internships

How long is this internship program?

There is no specific time for scholarships at Dream career. The duration depends on the hiring organization. However, applicants for summer internships will work for about twelve weeks during the summer holidays. Otherwise, you may intern all year round.

How much do Dream Career Interns make?

Your salary as an intern at Dream career depends on the company and position you hold. However, you will make around $59,000 annually. Many organizations pay their training workers to attract the best in the industry. Your salary will be close to entry-level professionals.

We advise you to know your salary before starting your job to know the benefits you expect from your employers. Moreover, it will help you see if you are satisfied with the pay.

What type of duties do interns perform?

Interns will assist other professionals in the field. In addition, they will perform tasks with supervision from their team leaders. They can also attend events, meetings, and seminars to help them fulfill their duties well.


Dream Career Internship is the perfect way to start your career without experience in your industry. Former interns usually get permanent jobs three months after the program. Thus, it is a pathway to getting your dream job anywhere in the world. The beautiful part is that you can work remotely or choose the global destination of your choice. Moreover, you can use the  Digital Nomad Program, which is a hybrid internship that allows you to work from home and, at the same meet with other interns in selected cities.