Domus academy scholarships

Domus Academy Scholarships: Eligibility and How to Apply

Students who love to face challenges can study at no cost in Milan, Italy, by participating in the Domus Academy scholarship competition. Domus Academy scholarships are open only to masterā€™s program aspirants considering design fields of study.

You can qualify for these scholarships by engaging in a portfolio or project-based competition. Since Domus Academy tuition fees are costly for Italian and international students, getting financial aid helps you cover your study cost.

Who Sponsors Domus Academy Scholarships?

Domus Academy solely sponsors the scholarships awarded per academic session to students who participate in either the portfolio or the project-based competition. It funds these scholarships to encourage students financially, regardless of their country or origin.

Overview of Milan City

Milan is an Italian city with a total comune area of about 182 square kilometers and a population of over 1.3 million. Besides, its metro area has approximately 4.3 million residents. Milan is famous for its fashion, tourist attractions, and endless opportunities. Undoubtedly, Domus Academy is one of the best schools in Milan, Italy, for students planning to pursue a postgraduate degree or course in fashion.

It is a private higher education institution founded in 1982 by a top family publishing company, Editoriale Domus (EID). The institution offers a wide range of postgraduate programs and professional courses in business design, experience design, fashion design, product design, interior & living design, and urban vision & architectural design.

Scholarship Benefits

How Much are Domus Academy Scholarships?

The scholarships awarded at Domus Academy are not specific in their award value.

How Many Students Receive Domus Academy Scholarships?

Domus Academy grants scholarships to multiple students per academic session without restriction to a particular number.

Are Domus Academy Scholarships Fully Funded or Partially Funded?

Domus Academy scholarships are fully funded financial aid that provides a high level of support to postgraduate students.

Duration of Domus Academy Scholarships

The fully funded scholarships offered by Domus Academy cover students for only one academic year.

Applicable Courses

What Field of Study are Domus Academy Scholarships Meant For?

Italian and international students intending to further their masterā€™s education at Domus Academy can apply for these scholarships, provided their proposed enrollment involves design and fashion, as indicated below.

  • Fashion Styling & Visual Merchandising
  • Luxury Brand Management
  • Fashion Management
  • Visual Brand Design
  • Business Design
  • Interior & Living Design
  • Urban Vision & Architectural Design
  • Service Design
  • Fashion Design
  • Interaction Design
  • Product Design

Can Undergraduate Students Apply for Domus Academy Scholarships?

No, all categories of undergraduate students cannot apply for Domus Academy scholarships, as the educational institution only offers postgraduate programs and courses. Thus, masterā€™s students can take chances in applying for these scholarships.

Eligibility Criteria

Requirements for Domus Academy Scholarshipā€™s Project-Based Competition

Students considering participating in the project-based competition for a Domus Academy scholarship must meet the following requirements.

  • Must be an aspiring masterā€™s student of Domus Academy, Italy

Additional requirements for project-based competitions for each masterā€™s programs

  • Masters in Fashion Styling & Visual Merchandising: Depict a visualization of a domestic and international visual strategy to incorporate the corporate image of any brand
  • Master in Fashion Design: Design new fashion drops
  • Master in Fashion Management and Master in Luxury Brand Management: Use omnichannel pillars to deliver a customer-driven experience
  • Master in Visual Brand Design: Design a campaign to communicate divergence and comprehensiveness
  • Master in Business Design: Evaluate a micro-patronage project that was successful within the previous five years
  • Master in Interior & Living Design: Visualize a contemporary office that considers the present and potential staff needs
  • Master in Urban Vision & Architectural Design: Answer the question of peopleā€™s wish for their cities and the cities considered livable
  • Master in Service Design: Suggest solutions to lessen the emissions of carbon dioxide
  • Master in Interaction Design: Design a concept that enables people to manage the data shared while using internet-enabled devices
  • Master in Product Design: Must design some innovative containers for foods and drinks

Requirements for Domus Academy Scholarshipā€™s Portfolio Competition

Here are the requirements for the Portfolio Competition of Domus Academy scholarships.

  • Must hold a bachelorā€™s degree earned immediately after graduation from secondary school.
  • Vast experience and expertise in design, fashion, communication, visual arts, architecture, or business. You are also eligible, supposing you currently work or desire to work as a junior professional in creative industries.

Fees & Funding

Is Domus Academy a good school?

Of course, Domus Academy is a prestigious Italian institution of higher learning and worldwide recognition due to its unique postgraduate programs and courses.

How much is Domus Academy tuition?

The tuition fee for Italian students at Domus Academy is ā‚¬20.000, while non-EU and Swiss students have to pay a higher tuition fee of ā‚¬3.000.

Does Domus Academy offer scholarships for international students?

Yes, Domus Academy offers a limited number of scholarships to non-Italian students of any ethnic group or nationality.

Are Domus Academy scholarship requirements easy to meet?

No, the requirements for Domus Academy scholarships are challenging to meet, regardless of the applicantā€™s country of origin.

Can Ph.D. students apply for Domus Academy scholarships?

No, Ph.D. students cannot apply for scholarships internally to subsidize Domus Academy fees.

Application Procedure

How to Apply for Domus Academy Scholarships

Students eligible for Domus Academy scholarships must request an information kit online to know how to express their interest in financial aid. That requires you to provide your first and last name, email address, phone number, and program of interest on the form, accessible by clicking the Apply Now button below and scrolling toward the webpageā€™s end.