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Are you ready to work for 20 hours per week as an intern? Do you want to get paid while gaining real-world experience as press personnel? Apply for the Doctors Without Borders Press Internship for local and international students. However, you must be eligible to work in the United States. Otherwise, you will not qualify for this position. In addition, you will sort out your accommodations as an intern at the organization.

Overview of Doctors Without Borders Press Internship

The Doctors Without Borders Press Internship is an internship program for¬†students and fresh graduates who want to work at the Communications Department¬†of Doctors Without Borders/M√©decins Sans Fronti√®res. The department aims to expand awareness of developing countries’ humanitarian crises and endemic health problems.

However, they want to do this with the help of interns who want to gain experience working with professionals. Participants will create public awareness through three primary means:

  • Active and reactive presswork
  • Publications produced in-house, including quarterly newsletter and website
  • To assist in public education activities such as interactive exhibits, speaking events, and screenings
  • To help in the creation and distribution of teaching tools and curriculums at different locations

As a press intern at Doctors Without Borders, you will work closely with the Press Officer and Communications Assistant. You will assist your superiors in offering day-to-day research support and meeting project-based needs as they arise. In addition, you will participate in bringing your department’s MSF advocacy messages into the media.

In return, you will have enough opportunities to learn about public relations through

experience and humanitarian medical aid through osmosis. Thus, suitable and interested students must be passionate about humanitarian assistance and public relations or journalism.

Duties of press interns at Doctors Without Borders

As an intern in this organization, you will perform the following tasks. They include:

  1. To help in media research and monitoring of coverage.
  2. To ensure that the press office’s media contacts are up to date.
  3. Supporting communication professionals in media projects.
  4. Tracking and filing MSF news clippings 
  5. Putting together a tri-annual “media highlights” kit¬†

Required skills for Doctors Without Borders Press Internship

  • Ability to work independently on several separate, simultaneous tasks
  • Familiarity with U.S. television and print media
  • Proficiency in writing and internet research
  • Working knowledge of Word and Excel
  • French and Spanish a plus.

Factors you must consider before applying for the Doctors Without Borders Press Internship

In addition to the skills above, applicants for the Doctors Without Borders Press Internship must consider the following things. They are vital information you must have. They include:

  1. The press internship is a competitive program. Thus, only qualified candidates will be successful during the application process.
  2. Due to the high volume of applications, only eligible candidates will get notifications after the application deadline.
  3. Applications are on a rolling basis. Therefore, qualified candidates may apply multiple times. However, successful applicants will receive information about the most current program.
  4. Applicants for the Doctors Without Borders Press Internship must be eligible to work in the U.S. without sponsorship for the internship. International candidates must apply and obtain their U.S. work permit.
  5. For candidates outside New York, please indicate in your cover letter that you can move to New York City during the internship, if applicable.
  6. All candidates are responsible for their accommodation (and relocation, if appropriate) in New York City.
  7. No calls or emails, please, regarding the application status.
Other internship opportunities at Doctors Without Borders

In addition to the press internship, students and fresh graduates can apply for the following internship opportunities at the organization. They include:

  1. Salesforce Marketing Cloud Administrator Development
  2. Procurement Manager Procurement & Facilities Services
  3. Procurement Coordinator Procurement & Facilities Services
  4. Communications Assistant Communications
  5. Associate Director of Gift Processing & Donor Services Development
  6. Accounts Payable Associate Finance
  7. Global Health Policy Officer Program
  8. Planned Giving Engagement Manager Development
  9. Senior Major Gifts Officer Development

Benefits of Doctors Without Doctors Press

Participants in this program will get the following benefits. They include:

Gain real-world experience: The number one reason for an internship is to acquire practical and field experience. Thus, interns at Doctors Without Borders will gain experience working on real projects in the area. They will assist communication experts in performing their duties. Thus, they will gain enough experience after their internship to start their careers as journalists and humanitarian workers.

Network with other interns and workers at the organization: The Doctors Without Borders Press Internship is an opportunity to make new friends. However, this time, you will connect with other interns and workers at the company. Thus, you will have a network of business associates and partners after your program.

Opportunity for career development: In addition to gaining experience, you will work with experts and professionals who mentor and guide you. They will provide the necessary direction you need to develop your career. Moreover, you will attend conferences and events aimed toward your career development.

Get paid as an intern: Let’s talk about the salary. You will earn money as an intern at Doctors Without Borders. Your salary will be close to entry-level workers. Thus, you will get reasonable compensation for the duties you perform.

Opportunity for a permanent position: More importantly, you can get hired after your internship, primarily if you perform your tasks well. As an intern, you can work for the organization once you graduate. So, it would be best if you worked hard o learn the cultures, values, and mission of Doctors Without Borders.

How to apply for the Doctors Without Borders Press Internship

Interested students and fresh graduates for this program must apply for it using the email address [email protected]. In addition, they will submit a cover letter and resume using the same email. Please read our article on¬†how to get an internship with prominent organizations¬†to learn more about how to apply for this internship.

How to boost your chances of getting this internship

Applicants for press internships at Doctors Without Borders will do the following things to increase their chances of getting the job. They include:

#1. Tailor your application and cover letter to suit the job you want. You will do this by highlighting your skills, abilities, and qualifications. You also must let your employer know how you will help the organization grow. Learn how to write a cover letter this year without experience from one of our writers.

#2. Network with former interns and workers at the organization. You can do this by connecting with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

#3.¬†Research Doctors Without Borders and the job you want. Look for crucial information on the¬†organization’s website. Find out what they do, the position you want, and how people view the firm.

#4. Write an excellent resume to convince the hiring manager that you are the best candidate for the job. A good summary contains your skills, qualifications, experience, and abilities.

#5. Learn new skills. You need new skills to succeed in your new job. Thus, it would help if you had communication, problem-solving, analytical, time management, and other crafts. If you already have them, you will need to improve them to meet the demands of your new responsibilities.

Frequently Asked Questions About Doctors Without Borders Press Internship

What is the duration of this internship?

It is a one-year program for students and fresh interns who want to build a career in humanitarian service and journalism. Thus, interns gain real-world experience working with leading professionals and experts in the field.

Interns must work for 20 hours per day during this program.

How much do interns make at Doctors Without Borders?

All interns will work at the New York office. During this time, they will receive an hourly pay of $11.00. However, interns will take care of their accommodation during their internships.

What are the qualifications for this program?

Applicants for this internship must be students or fresh graduates passionate about humanitarian service and journalism. In addition, they must have communication, problem-solving, and analytical skills.


The Doctors Without Borders Press Internship allow students and fresh graduates to gain real-world experience different from what they learn in the classroom. Thus, it provides them needed skills and knowledge to carry out their duties. More importantly, it provides them with the opportunity to develop their careers.

Finally, interns will meet and work with the best in each department and the job they perform.