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Are you looking for an exciting internship opportunity with a leading global beverage company? Diageo offers students a fantastic chance to gain valuable industry experience. As one of the world’s largest premium drinks companies, Diageo has a long history of bringing people and cultures together through its brands and products. With this internship program, Diageo allows students to learn from their expert teams and develop skills that can be used throughout their careers.

About Diageo Internship

Diageo is one of the world’s leading alcoholic beverage companies, with a portfolio of well-known brands such as Guinness, Crown Royal and Smirnoff. The company offers an internship program that allows students to gain valuable work experience in their chosen field.

The Diageo Internship Program encourages students to explore their interests and develop critical skills while working alongside experienced professionals. Interns take on meaningful projects, allowing them to apply their knowledge and make a real contribution to the team. Through hands-on learning experiences and mentorship from experienced professionals, interns can gain insight into the day-to-day operations of Diageo. They also have access to professional development workshops and networking events that provide additional career guidance and resources. Interns at Diageo gain valuable skills in finance, marketing, sales and technology.

Benefits of Diageo Internship

  • Diageo is an international alcoholic beverage company that offers lucrative internships to qualified applicants.
  • A Diageo internship provides students with the opportunity to gain valuable knowledge, experience, and mentorship in alcohol production and distribution.
  • Interns are exposed to various exciting tasks and projects within the company, which can give them a unique insight into how their chosen career path works in the real world. 
  • With a Diageo internship, interns will benefit from working alongside experienced professionals who can help guide them in their professional development.
  • They will also have access to networking opportunities to help them build relationships with potential employers after graduation. In addition, interns may be eligible for special awards or bonuses if they demonstrate excellent performance during their internship. 
  • Overall, a Diageo internship offers many advantages for those seeking entry into the alcohol industry.

Duties of a Diageo Intern

As Diageo Interns, there are several duties they are expected to fulfil;

  • First and foremost, interns must maintain high professionalism while on the job.
  • They must adhere to all company policies and procedures during their internship, showing respect for colleagues and supervisors.
  • They should also be punctual with attendance; being late or absent without prior notification can negatively impact their performance review. 
  • In addition to professional conduct, Diageo Interns must demonstrate strong communication skills as they collaborate with other interns and team members across departments.
  • They will be responsible for participating in meetings to discuss progress updates, upcoming projects or challenges the organization faces.

Eligibility Requirements to Apply for Diageo Internship

Before applying for a Diageo internship, candidates must meet specific eligibility requirements; 

  • To be eligible to apply for a Diageo internship position, applicants must have an undergraduate degree or higher from an accredited university.
  • Additional qualifications may also be required depending on the specific role they are interested in.
  • Candidates should also have excellent communication skills and demonstrate strong organizational abilities. 
  • In addition to these general requirements, interns should also possess strong interpersonal skills and be able to work independently and as part of a team.

How to Apply for Diageo Internship

If you are interested in applying for Diageo’s internship, here is a guide that outlines the steps needed to apply for the position; 

  • The first step to applying for a Diageo Internship is to research available positions and submit your application via the company’s website.
  • Once submitted, your application will be reviewed by the recruitment team, who will evaluate your qualifications based on education, experience and skill set.
  • After being selected as a potential candidate, you may be invited to interview with recruiters and hiring managers.
  • During this process, applicants should present themselves professionally while demonstrating their knowledge of Diageo’s products and services.

Tips on How to Increase your Chances of getting a Diageo Internship

With plenty of competition, the global beverage giant may need help to get noticed. Fortunately, there are some tips and strategies you can use to increase your chances of being accepted into their internship program. 

  1. One of the best ways to make yourself more appealing for a Diageo internship is by gaining experience in the industry.
  2. This could include volunteering with local charities or organizations related to alcohol and beverages or taking part-time jobs in hospitality establishments that serve drinks produced by Diageo.
  3. Showing that you have dedicated time and effort towards gaining insider knowledge will demonstrate your passion and commitment to working in the industry. 
  4. It’s also crucial to ensure your resume stands out amongst other applicants applying for a Diageo Internship.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What are the advantages of participating in a Diageo Internship Program?

The program provides interns unique access to key personnel within Diageo, allowing them to network with experienced professionals and tap into a vast array of resources. Interns are also entitled to develop their interpersonal skills by working on various projects with colleagues from different departments. This can be an excellent way for them to gain new perspectives on their work and build meaningful relationships inside and outside the organization. 

Furthermore, participants are provided with comprehensive training sessions which cover topics ranging from customer service dynamics, marketing initiatives, sustainability practices and more.

What type of tasks would I be assigned as a Diageo Intern?

As a Diageo Intern, tasks will vary depending on the department in which you are placed. However, all interns will participate in activities that develop their practical skills and prepare them for a career in the field. Those in marketing roles are likely to work on developing new campaigns and advertising strategies or providing research support to the team. Those working in finance or accounting departments may be responsible for updating financial models, analyzing customer data, and preparing reports.

How long is the Diageo Internship Program?

The duration of the Diageo Internship Program varies depending on the specific area of interest and whether or not it’s paid or unpaid. Paid internships typically last 10-12 weeks, while unpaid internships can range anywhere from 3-6 months, depending on the type of work required or requested. In addition, some internships may also be available over semesters or school breaks, such as winter and summer holidays; these are usually shorter in length but offer an excellent opportunity to get started early with gaining real-world experience.

How much will I earn monthly as a Diageo Intern?

The amount of money you can expect to receive each month as a Diageo intern largely depends on your job role and location. Internships are available in marketing, finance, research and development, product management and many more. General hourly pay rates for interns range from $10-$15 per hour. Still, salaries can vary drastically depending on the type of role and location. In addition to salary or hourly pay, some internships may offer bonus payments or other benefits such as meal allowance or travel reimbursement.


The Diageo Internship Program is a fantastic opportunity for students seeking professional experience in the alcoholic beverage industry. It provides:

  • Valuable hands-on experience.
  • Mentorship from experts and professionals within the company.
  • The potential to learn & build skills and grow professionally.

The application process is straightforward and open to anyone who meets the qualifications. With an eye on teamwork, innovation, and sustainability, Diageo provides a unique and exciting platform for growth.