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Joining the DESCON Internship Program is an excellent way to start your engineering career. It is also a reliable way to gain real-world experience in the construction and marketing industries after graduation.

The application process is highly competitive. However, the DESCON recruitment department designed the selection process to ensure you are ready to succeed when faced with real-world engineering issues.

To increase your chances, you need to carefully research the requirements for each internship job and tailor your profile to highlight your suitability for the role. This article explores the application and assessment techniques to help you create a convincing application.


DESCON, Design Engineering, and Construction Services is a multinational company established in 1977 by Abdul Razak Dawood. It is globally renowned for the quality, safe, and on-time delivery of products and projects.

To begin with, this engineering company is in Lahore, Pakistan, but it operates in Pakistan, the Middle East, and Africa. Furthermore, it is also the only Pakistani engineering company included in the Engineering News-Record. While DESCON works in the engineering, power, and chemical sectors, it specializes in consultancy, management, and design (mechanical, civil, and electrical).

Overview of the DESCON Internship Program

The DESCON Internship Program are various hands-on training sessions at DESCON explicitly designed for engineering and management students. Although the company is in Pakistan, its global presence spans the GCC (including the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, and Oman), Iraq, Pakistan, and South Africa.

The DESCON Internship Program varies between 4 to 6 weeks every summer. Students join DESCON Internship Program to complete their credit hours towards their degree program as universities require. Although it is a short summer internship, it allows students to learn from real-time assignments and, during the process, gain hands-on valuable, and practical knowledge in their respective fields.

Benefits of the DESCON Internship Program

Although DESCON Internship Program is short, it still accords interns with all required experience within the duration. In addition, there are more reasons for students in the disciplines mentioned earlier to take up the opportunity of an internship in the company. Among the benefits of the DESCON Internship Program are the following;

  • Students gain experiential learning opportunities through the company’s numerous real-life projects and challenges.
  • Up to now, students who intern at DESCON have had the privilege of partnering with mentors. These partnerships give them an advantage over their contemporaries.
  • In addition, interns at DESCON gain exposure to business skills, which are ordinarily part of their academic curriculum. With these business skills, they can write business plans and models, conduct business assessments and sign business contracts.
  • Furthermore, building a solid network of professionals and colleagues in fields and disciplines is always associated with the DESCON Internship Program.
  • Lastly, DESCON provides medical and health insurance to its staff, and interns are no exception.

Expected Salary of an intern at Descon Internship Program

DESCON Internship Program pays interns a minimum of PKR 17,500 every month. Likewise, the payment comes with additional benefits, including medical and health insurance costs. The internship also covers transport costs and part of the applicants’ living expenses.

Additionally, interns undergo weekly training and workshops. They also get to operate machines and technology, which gives them the needed experience for their entry-level jobs.

Eligibility and Requirements for Descon Internship Program

Your profile should meet the following eligibility criteria to be a good fit for DESCON Internship;

  • Applicants must be at least 18 years and enrolled in an undergraduate, graduate, or Ph.D. program at any university in the company’s location.
  • Applicants must be proficient in the company’s working languages, particularly English.
  • Fluency in other languages may be an added advantage.
  • Most importantly, applicants must not have any immediate relatives (e.g., mother, father, sister, brother) working with DESCON. Also, they must not have other relatives in their reporting line of authority.
  • They must have strong academic performance and motivation.
  • Finally, DESCON will consider any professional experience relevant to your applied function.

Duties of interns at Descon Internship Program

Generally, interns at DESCON take up different tasks to enhance their skills and experience. These responsibilities vary depending on the department and internship positions.

Below are some of the duties of interns at DESCON;

  • At DESCON, interns do not spearhead any critical role. However, they contribute and assist in their various department. Therefore, from performing clerical duties to research and even handling or managing the company’s social media account, interns lend a hand to the smooth running of the company.
  • During the internship, interns learn through Job Shadowing. This practice involves shadowing senior colleagues and learning from them as they perform their daily duties.
  • Additionally, interns observe existing strategies and techniques at DESCON and offer suggestions for improvement.
  • They research alongside their mentors and teams, travel to different sites, and collate and report data.
  • Interns at DESCON also attend meetings and workshops and submit all evaluation forms during their traineeship.

Applying for DESCON Internship Program

After learning the eligibility requirements for DESCON Internship Program, you should follow the steps below for your application.

Step 1: Find out the eligibility criteria:

Before you begin your internship application, search for openings on DESCON official website. Also, read thoroughly about the requirements and eligibility criteria.

Step 2: Prepare your application documents:

After confirming your eligibility, the next thing to do is prepare your application documents. Your cover letter, curriculum vitae, and letter of recommendation are among the application documents.

Step 3: Send your application:

Unlike some Pakistan companies, DESCON does not conduct an online-type internship registration. Instead, applicants should email their documents to the recruitment office email.

Step 4: Await your call for an interview:

After your application, wait for the company to send you feedback. This message will be a significant determinant of your following line of action.

Application Deadline for Descon Internship Program

DESCON Internship Program begins on the first week of May and closes by the end of the last week.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should DESCON Internship Program require to see in applicants’ résumé?

When compiling your résumé, using keywords in the job description is necessary. Furthermore, your résumé should indicate transferable skills such as critical thinking, communication, technical, teamwork and collaboration, time management, etc. Finally, remember that a well-crafted résumé will get you shortlisted for an interview because it sells you adequately to the recruitment officer. Check this article out to learn how to list your experiences in your résumé.

What is the available position for the DESCON Internship Program?

The roles for DESCON Internship Program are of two groups. First, there are roles available for Engineering and Management. Under the engineering, consultancy, mechanical, civil, or electrical design functions are available. At the same time, For management, positions are open in Finance, Human Resources, Information Technology, and Accounts.

What academic qualifications must applicants have to qualify for DESCON Internship Program?

Although Descon’s internship programs have availability for engineering and management roles, only some qualifications can get you a position. Academic qualifications for the internship include a degree or diploma in the following disciplines;

  • Engineering
  • Accounting
  • Business Management
  • Environmental Science
  • Business Administration
  • Human Resources Management
  • Marketing
  • Law
  • Business Studies

How many hours do interns work at DESCON?

Internships at DESCON are full-time. Interns work from Monday to Friday and at least eight hours per day. Although working days and hours may differ in each department and duty station, the working days and hours are discussable as part of the interview process.

How long is the DESCON Internship Program?

The DESCON Internship Program is a summer internship that lasts about four to six weeks. The internship weeks are consecutive. The department determines the duration of the internship. However, DESCON Internship Program is a complete, full-time internship regardless of length. There are also other available full-time internships you can select from.


DESCON Internship Program offers students an opportunity to obtain hands-on experience. Kinly visit the company’s website for more information about the internship.