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You can gain insight into the positions available for the department of tourism internship by reading this article. Not only are internships important, but the internship positions you accept are also significantly more crucial. The internship position you choose impacts your level of exposure and your prospects of landing a job.

The tourism department has certain internship positions that are goldmines for launching your career. Do you want to know which positions at the Department of Tourism Internship positions are the best? Then, explore this thoroughly researched post to find your ideal internship.

Overview of the Department of Tourism Internship

The Department of Tourism internship is a program by the South African Ministry of Tourism program. It targets South African graduates from different academic disciplines with exceptional academic performance.

As a prerequisite, the internship is for individuals who are between the ages of 18 to 35 years of age. In addition, the individuals who can apply must not have undertaken any employment or internship position under the program.

Accordingly, the Department of Tourism internship is available for two 24 months. While the internship pays interns a monthly stipend, successful candidates must sign two-year contracts.

About the South African Department of Tourism Internship

South Africa’s natural environment and cultural diversity are among its most significant resources. Hence, the attention it receives across the globe. As a result of its contribution to the economy, the South African parliament created the Ministry of tourism to oversee the proper use of the resources.

These natural resources are sources of competitive advantage, and the tourism department participates actively in their conservation and protection. Furthermore, the department prioritizes the domestic tourism market because domestic tourism in the country contributes over 70% of its tourism volume.

Besides the goal mentioned above, the department of tourism also aims to grow an inclusive and sustainable tourism economy. With this mission, it hopes to create more jobs in the country and push the gross domestic product of South Africa.

Best Internship Roles at the Department of Tourism

As said earlier, despite internships being an avenue to gather hands-on experience, they have pros and cons, particularly if you want to transition into a career immediately after your internship.

The closer your internship role is to your career choice, the easier it is for you to transfer knowledge and boost your productivity. With this purpose in mind, roles that create a faster route to career transition in the tourism industry are the best roles for internships. It is equally important for prospective interns in the department of tourism to prioritize applications for these roles before subsequent roles.

Some of the best internship positions that interns should apply for at the department of tourism include;

  • Tourism Management
  • Economic Development
  • Information Communication Technology
  • Human Resource Management/Development
  • Supply Chain Management/Travel and Transport/Logistics
  • Business Administration
  • Public Management
  • Project Management
  • Internal Audit/Risk Management
  • Financial Management/Accounting

All applicants must have a tertiary education or diploma in Tourism Management, Hospitality and Tourism, Tourism Management, Hospitality Management, Hotel Management, Travel and Tour Operations, Travel and Tourism, Destination Management, International Relations, and Language and Linguistics Studies.

Requirements for the Department Of Tourism Internship application

Now that you know the best positions to apply for at the Department of Tourism Internship, what qualifications do you need besides academic qualifications?

Although stipulations may vary depending on the field of application, most candidates will need the following documents:

#1. Application Form

You can always find the application form on the Department of Tourism website. The application form comprises the following sections;

a. Section for Advertised Post
b. Personal Information
c. Contact Details and Medium of Communication
d. South African Official Language Proficiency
e. Formal Qualifications
f. Work Experiences
g. References

#2. Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Your CV outlines your experience and skills, particularly regarding the job description. You should also include any projects you have undertaken and any awards you have received over the years.

#3. Cover Letter

Your cover letter equally strengthens your CV. It also should contain contact to reach you. But on the other hand, your cover letter should show the recruiting officers why you are the best fit for the job.

#4. A Valid ID Document

Since identification is a core step in the recruitment process, you should also provide valid identification. It can be an international passport or any other document that can confirm the integrity of your claim.

#5. Academic Qualification/License

One of the essential requirements for internship screening is your academic qualification. Applicants can either send it themselves or send it through their school.

#6. Other Supporting Documents

You must also present any other document/evidence to increase your chances of employment at the tourism department. Some of these documents include Knowledge of MS Office, reference letters, and proof of proficiency in languages besides the lingua franca.

How to Apply for the Department Of Tourism Internship

Before applying for an internship, the first thing to remember is that the tourism department does not accept applications through Fax. Either submit your application and documents at the department or through e-mail or postal mail.

In addition, you should address your application to the Director-General/Head of the Department of Tourism. Finally, you should know that the internship will last two years. So, if you are unsure about spending that much time in the department, it is better to look for other internship opportunities, like the Department of Labor Internships for South African Graduates.

As soon as you have all the documents mentioned above, do the following;

#Step 1. Download, complete, and sign the internship application form.

This form is obtainable from any public service department or the department’s website.

#Step 2. Make your documents available

Applicants should provide a well-detailed Curriculum Vitae, cover letter, Id card, academic qualifications, references, and other supporting documents.

#Step 3. Submit your application to the required authority.

Applications submitted after the deadline cannot be processed. Also, applications submitted to the wrong department or addressed wrongly will be disqualified. Last but not least, incomplete applications will be discarded.
Only shortlisted candidates will proceed with steps two and three above.

#Step 4. Prepare for an interview.

The preparation of an interview applies only to shortlisted applicants.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many internship vacancies can I apply for?

You can apply to as many internship vacancies as you want. There is no limit to the number. However, ensure to provide a specific cover letter for each of the positions you apply for. Using a generic cover letter for your applications will result in disqualification.

Can I apply for the Department of Tourism internship even if I have no professional experience?

Although you can apply, students who need more professional experience may find it challenging to complete the experience section. So to be on the safer side, drop the application and learn to render one or two volunteer services for your skill boost.

Generally, markets are continuously shifting, and consumer preferences are evolving. As a result, new opportunities and emerging markets are erupting drastically. Tourism is becoming the new oil well for building international relationships and networks.

But, for the most part, the improvement and evolution are opportunities for all students in the tourism industry to sharpen their skills for a better placement in the industry.


Conclusively, the Department of Tourism internship is an exclusive step in starting your career if you desire excellence.