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The Department of Agriculture provides various internships to help students gain valuable experience and skills essential for a successful career in the agricultural industry. Internships in the agricultural sector offer students the opportunity to work in settings such as farms, research centers, and government offices. They are designed to provide hands-on experience with the latest techniques and practices in the said industry.

More so, these internships are for students of all backgrounds, making it a great way to gain experience, network, and gain the skills necessary for a successful future in the agricultural industry. All interested candidates can check below for eligibility to know what works in this sector.

Overview of the Department of Agriculture internships

Agricultural internships are an excellent way to gain experience in agricultureā€™s emerging yet exciting fields. Interns in Agriculture are often permitted to choose the appropriate department where they can function well and gain valuable knowledge and skills while learning about the latest technologies and advancements in the specific agricultural department. These internships duly provide an excellent opportunity to network with professionals in the industry and gain exposure to potential job prospects, especially in a good Agricultural firm.

More so, interns will learn about sustainable practices in Agriculture and receive the opportunity to participate in field trips and take part in educational seminars. The program can last anywhere from a few weeks to a few months, and they may be paid or unpaid, depending on the organization.

Some of the career opportunities in the Agricultural sector

In career selection, you can choose to be anything in the confines of Agriculture, and some of these opportunities are not only limited to the list below

  • Produce management
  • Analysis of supply and demand ratio
  • Field research
  • Animal husbandry
  • Accounting/Financing
  • Chemical and environmental impact
  • Veterinary care technician
  • Packaging and processing officer
  • General farm assistance

Internship in the Agriculture department

Food and Agriculture Organization (FOA) of the United Nations internship

The organization organizes internship programs for eligible undergraduate and graduate students and recent graduates. The program provides an avenue for them to showcase their academic knowledge and brush it up with practical work experience within the organization. With the help of the Food and Agriculture Organization experts, the interns will better understand the organizationā€™s mandate and programs and how to specialize in relevant fields.

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations eligibility criteria

  • Applicants must come from the FAO members’ accredited nationals
  • Applicants must be recent graduates, undergraduates, or postgraduate students enrolled in an accredited university or college.
  • Be a speaker of at least one of the official languages of the Food and Agriculture Organization ( English, Spanish, French, Chinese, Arabic, Russian). Candidates with a second knowledge of any of the official languages will be an asset
  • Applicants must be between the age of 21 and 30 at the start of the internship
  • Candidate must possess good communication skills and basic computer programs while being ready to adapt to an international multicultural environment
  • Be a permanent resident or have the appropriate immigrant status in the country where you are assigned an internship before you begin the program
  • Family members of the Food and Agricultural Organization are not allowed to participate in the program.

Duration for the FAO internship program

The program lasts between three to eleven months.

How to apply for the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations internship

Benefits of the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations internship program

  • Gain international experience

Internships with the FAO allow interns to gain international experience in an intergovernmental organization. The internship experience can benefit those looking to jump-start their careers in the international arena and those already working in the field.

  • Develop professional skills

Interns at the FAO can take advantage of the opportunity to develop professional skills by engaging in the organizationā€™s activities. They can do this by enhancing their knowledge about the international agenda of food security and nutrition and also gaining practical experience in research.

  • Interact with a diverse group of professionals

Having your department of Agriculture internship at FAO allows you to interact with diverse professionals from many different countries and cultures. A great authentic way to understand global perspectives and develop international connections in the Agricultural sector.

  • Make an Impact

Interns at the FAO can make a real difference in the global community as the organization works to reduce hunger and ensure the right to food for all. This is a unique opportunity to contribute to a meaningful mission and make an impact in the world and your community.

How to apply for an internship in the department of agriculture

Before you seek out the right way to apply for an internship in the Department of Agriculture, we assume that you are in the field but need guidance to hit the mark. So, we have a few tips that can help you achieve this goal.

1. Research the department of agriculture and the types of internships available. Even as a student or recently graduated person, you have a preferred area of specialization. Therefore, you must research extensively and ensure the organization or company is open for that department.

2. Develop a resume and cover letter highlighting your relevant skills, experience, and qualifications. A very overlooked yet vital aspect of every internship application. You can even list your internship programs if necessary but make your resume catchy.

3. Network with people who work in the department of agriculture and attend career and job seminars.

4. Apply for internships that match your skills, experience, and qualifications. Focus on your area of strength and your preferred department in the industry.

5. Follow up with the department of agriculture after submitting your application. While you may wish to sit back and chill after submitting your application, it is in your best interest to follow the company up.

6. Prepare for any interviews you may be invited to, and make sure you research the internship before attending. More so, be prompt and mentally present. Hereā€™s a helpful article to learn how to prepare for your internship interview.

7. Make sure you demonstrate your enthusiasm and commitment to the role during the application process and stay professional and polite when communicating with the department of agriculture.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Food and Agriculture Organization announce internship vacancies?

Yes, they do. They call it ā€˜calls for expression of interestā€™ and publish it on their career portal.

How will candidates know about their application success?

The FAO usually selects successful candidates for interviews, and they do this by directly contacting the candidates themselves.

Can applicants have family members working at FAO?

FAO internship program is strictly for candidates without any family members in the organization. Anyone with a family member working in the organization is automatically disqualified.

How long is the FAO internship program

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations holds its internship programs for three to eleven months.


In conclusion, the department of Agriculture internship is not limited to farming experience. It is a broad topic, and interested candidates can do great things in that sector.