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Do you wish to¬†work as an actuarial intern in South Africa? Then you may fulfill your wish and gain numerous benefits through Deloitte Actuarial Internship Program. This program attracts bachelor’s degree holders willing to learn and advance their careers in actuarial science. In addition, it offers various opportunities for professional development, leaving you with comprehensive knowledge, experience, and a network. This blog post outlines information about interning at Deloitte in South Africa.

Let’s begin with the basics of this program.

Overview of the Deloitte Actuarial Internship Program

Deloitte offers a wide range of internship opportunities,¬†especially for African Students. These include its Actuarial Internship, a program¬†for graduates with a bachelor’s degree¬†in relevant fields. Deloitte Actuarial Internship Program¬†typically runs for three months, providing bachelor’s degree holders with opportunities to grow their network, develop their skillset, expand their industry-related knowledge, and gather relevant work experience.

About Deloitte in South Africa

Deloitte is a world-leading professional services provider in South Africa. It specializes in consulting, audit & assurance, risk advisory, tax, and financial advisory services. Besides, Deloitte has a broad network of member companies in over 150 countries and regions. It provides actuarial and insurance solutions aimed at giving professional advice and support on various actuarial and risk-related business challenges.

Moreover, Deloitte hires interns to take on several roles and responsibilities, including helping to manage its actuarial and insurance solutions.

Responsibilities of Actuarial Interns at Deloitte in South Africa

Actuarial and insurance interns have several duties and responsibilities to perform each day of interning with Deloitte. Some of them are as follows.

  • Collaborating with teams to guarantee support for projects
  • Managing and executing project-based works
  • Interacting with clients to know their needs and requests
  • Reporting work progress to Deloitte’s management and clients
  • Managing reports and deadlines

Now that you know your roles and expectations as an actuarial intern at Deloitte in South Africa, see below to discover a few things you can gain from your internship.

Benefits of Interning at Deloitte in South Africa

Here are some benefits of the actuarial internship program hosted by Deloitte in SA.

Gain relevant work experience.

  • Participating in Deloitte’s actuarial internship in South Africa will help you gather work experience related to the actuarial and insurance industry. You will also get on-the-job learning to expand the knowledge you’ve already acquired in the classroom.

Financial reward

  • Working as an actuarial intern at Deloitte in South Africa comes with a monthly financial reward as a stipend to support interns with their living costs.

Skills development

  • Interning at Deloitte’s actuarial and insurance division will aid your professional development by positively impacting your communication, time management, teamwork, and problem-solving skills.

Networking opportunities

  • Choosing to do your actuarial internship at Deloitte in South Africa will significantly influence your network, as you will have the chance to work in a team and communicate directly with clients.

Redefined career goals

  • When you work as an actuarial intern at Deloitte, you will have what it all takes to redefine your career goals, as you clearly understand the industry and possess relevant experience.

With an understanding of the benefits of interning at Deloitte in SA, you can now consider starting your application. But before that, check out whether you are eligible.

Eligibility Criteria for Deloitte Actuarial Internship Program

To qualify for actuarial internships at Deloitte in South Africa, you must fulfill the following requirements.

Academic requirements

  • Must hold a Bachelor of Science in Actuarial & Financial Mathematics or B.Sc. Hons. in Actuarial Science degree
  • Have an excellent academic standing

Skills requirements for internships at Deloitte

  • Possess exceptional analytical, multi-tasking, organizational, strategic thinking, and problem-solving skills.
  • Have good communication, listening, and interviewing skills
  • Proficiency and experience in Microsoft Office programs, such as MS Word, Excel, etc.
  • Be able to work efficiently without exceeding deadlines
  • Must possess attention to details skills
  • Must have the zeal to learn new things

You can proceed with the application process if you possess the abovementioned qualifications and skills.

How to Apply for Deloitte Actuarial Internship Program

The following are the steps in applying for actuarial internship positions at Deloitte in South Africa.

#Step 1: Explore Deloitte’s current actuarial internship opportunities

#Step 2: Start your online application and submit

  • Afterward, you will have to¬†fill out the candidate profile, providing relevant information in each field.

#Step 3: Complete the online assessment

  • This step requires you to¬†check your email for correspondence in completing your online assessment. Assuming you can’t find the email in your inbox, you can¬†open your Spam folder.

#Step 4: Pass the video interview phase

  • At this stage, you need a webcam-enabled smartphone, tablet, or PC to¬†create and submit a video answering a few questions¬†related to Deloitte’s actuarial internship position you want to assume.

#Step 5: Go for your one-on-one interview

  • If you succeeded in the previous steps, you would get an email containing a link to pick your preferred date and time for your¬†in-person internship interview.

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Document Requirements for Actuarial Internships at Deloitte

While applying for Deloitte Actuarial Internship Program, you must upload copies of the following documents to support your online application.

University academic transcripts

  • To work as an actuarial intern at Deloitte, you must upload a copy of your bachelor’s degree transcript during the online application process.

Curriculum Vitae

  • You must upload your latest CV to facilitate your actuarial internship application at Deloitte in South Africa.

Valid Identity Document (ID)

  • The third document required to upload while applying for Deloitte Actuarial Internship is a valid ID, such as your passport or driver’s license.

Matric certificate

  • You must also provide your matriculation certificate to aid your actuarial Internship application at Deloitte.

FAQs about Deloitte Actuarial Internship Program

How long does Deloitte Actuarial Internship last in South Africa?

The actuarial Internship at Deloitte, SA, lasts for nine to twelve weeks, typically from June to August.

Are Deloitte Actuarial interns paid in South Africa?

Yes, the average monthly salary of actuarial interns at Deloitte South Africa is ZAR 18,600. The pay is receivable for up to three months.

Can undergraduate students work as actuarial interns at Deloitte?

No, undergraduates across all levels are not eligible for the actuarial internship program hosted at Deloitte in South Africa. Hence, you need a B.Sc. in Actuarial & Financial Mathematics or a B.Sc. (Hons.) in Actuarial Science to qualify for this internship program. Furthermore, you must be academically outstanding and have excellent communication, organizational, detail orientation, analytical, multi-tasking, problem-solving, and computer literacy skills.

Is my CV required to apply for an actuarial internship at Deloitte?

No, Deloitte requires all individuals applying for its actuarial internship positions to provide their most recent Curriculum Vitae. Without this, there is no way they can showcase their academic and professional qualifications.

Should I be pursuing a graduate degree to qualify for Deloitte Actuarial Internship?

No, you do not need to have enrollment in a master’s or doctoral degree to qualify for an actuarial internship at Deloitte in South Africa.


To sum up, Deloitte’s actuarial internship is¬†one of the best internship opportunities¬†open to graduates with a¬†bachelor’s degree with honors in Actuarial science. By meeting the earlier stated requirements, you can seize this opportunity to develop professionally, kickstarting your career with vast knowledge and work experience, value-added skills, and a broadened network.

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