David eccles school of business scholarships

David Eccles School of Business Scholarships: Detailed Guide

The David Eccles School of Business Scholarships is a wide range of scholarships put together to aid undergraduates of the School of Business at the University of Utah. The scholarships are of varying amounts, and some are full funding while others are partial funding. Also, the scholarships are awarded without prejudice to race, gender, and religious inclinations. Therefore, international students and domestic students can benefit from the scholarships. They are categorized into various groups, and each scholarship caters to particular departments of study within the school of business.

Who sponsors the David Eccles School of Business Scholarships?

The merit-based scholarships are sponsored by the David Eccles School of Business, with support from individuals and foundations. Further contributions come from Alumni Associations, various communities as well as other external sponsors. 

About the David Eccles School of Business

The David Eccles School of Business is one of the numerous organizations named after David Eccles and his family. The School of Business was renamed from U of U School of Commerce and Finance in 1927 when it received a huge donation from the late multimillionaireā€™s daughter – Marriner S. Eccles. Currently, the school offers nine undergraduate majors, four MBA programs, nine Specialized Masterā€™s programs, a Ph.D. program, and Executive Education opportunities. With a current population of over 4,500 students and about 40,000 alumni, David Eccles School of Business is a renowned name in university education.

The David Eccles School of Business houses other institutes like the Marriner S. Eccles Institute for Economic and Quantitative Analysis, Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute, the Kem C. Gardner Policy Institute, the Goff Strategic Leadership Center, and the Ivory-Boyer Real Estate Center. The school has six departments of study, four minors, and nine undergraduate majors. 

The David Eccles School of Business resides at the University of Utah.

Overview of the University of Utah

The University of Utah is known by different acronyms but you can choose from the most common titles – U of U, UofU, or The U. The University is a public research institution that was established in 1850 and became the oldest institution of higher learning in Utah. The U of U handles graduate studies, doctoral activities, research studies, and honorary awards.

The university shares Salt Lake City with famous tourist sites like Temple Square and the Mormon Temple, as well as stunning mountains and ski trails. Salt Lake City is in Utah, United States.

Scholarships offered by David Eccles School of Business 

There are various categories of the David Eccles School of Business Scholarships. These scholarships are awarded yearly even though the awardees may be continuing recipients. Specifically, the David Eccles School of Business Scholarships is an annual commitment that gets updated yearly. A recipient must accept or reject the award every year unless there is a change in the recipientā€™s status.   

1. David Eccles School of Business Merit-Based Scholarships 

These scholarships are awarded to students on the basis of academic achievement. They do not require special applications and are awarded by the institution itself. There is no definite number of award recipients, as the number of beneficiaries is determined by the funds available.

2. David Eccles School of Business Supplemental Scholarships

The scholarships are awarded to 30 students who have demonstrated a financial need and are best qualified for the scholarships. This scholarship category is stackable, meaning that it can be added to another ongoing scholarship, like the undergraduate merit-based scholarship. However, a recipient cannot defer it. Rather, they can reapply for the scholarship each year. The application deadline is March 14, 2023. 

3. External Scholarships

Alumni Associations, Charity organizations, and community associations are among the various contributors to this category of scholarships. Under this category, students are awarded according to the specifications of the benefactor. 

a. Legacy Scholarships

This David Eccles School of Business Alumni Association Scholarship type awards incoming or continuing students whose parent or grandparent graduated from the University of U. The Scholarship amount is $2,000.

b. Steve and Angie Smith ā€“ Young Alumni Achievement Scholarship

This scholarship caters to one first-generation college student. This means a college student who comes from a family where there is no college or university graduate. It can also be awarded to a student who comes from a population of underrepresented students or races.

Other scholarship categories are 

  • First-Generation Scholarships 
  • Goff Strategic Leadership Scholarships
  • Lassonde Scholarships
  • Kem C. Gardner Policy Institute Scholarship
  • Business Scholars Program
  • Kahlert Scholars Scholarships

Scholarship Benefits

How much are the David Eccles School of Business Scholarships?

Each scholarship has its specific award value, such as;

ā€¢Merit-based awards (amount not specified, number of awardees 30)

ā€¢Legacy Awards ($2,000, number of Awardees 50)

ā€¢Steve and Angie Smith ($6,000, number of Awardees 1)

What does the David Eccles School of Business Scholarships cover?

The scholarships are available to students entering any of the David Eccles School of Business programs, either as an undergraduate, a transfer student, a Masterā€™s, or a Ph.D. student. Depending on the type of scholarship, a beneficiary can get a scholarship that covers tuition while there are scholarships that pay for books and other fees.

What is the validity period of David Eccles School of Business Scholarships?

The scholarships are valid for one academic year and are only renewable upon application. However, if the recipient does not reapply for continuation, acknowledge the scholarship offer, or if the recipient does not meet up to the requirements in subsequent years, the scholarship will be revoked, and a less valuable one will be awarded.

Applicable Courses

What field of study is the David Eccles School of Business Scholarships meant for?

The following majors are considered for the David Eccles School of Business Scholarships:

  • Finance
  • Accounting
  • Information Systems
  • Marketing
  • Management
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Business Administration 
  • Operations & Supply Chain
  • Quantitative Analysis of Markets and Organizations. 

In addition, the following minors are included in the scholarship scheme:

  • Business
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Information Systems
  • Professional Selling & Business Development

Eligibility Criteria

David Eccles School of Business Scholarships is available to students who fulfill the following requirements:

For Alumni Legacy Scholarship

  • Must have at least one parent or grandparent who is an alumnus of the University of Utah
  • Must have a minimum CGPA of 3.3
  • Demonstrate academic excellence

The Steve and Angie Smith Young Alumni Scholarship

  • Must have a cumulative high school GPA of 2.5
  • Be a first-generation student, coming from a non-college graduate, or must come from an under-represented student population.
  • Must demonstrate financial need by filing a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Note that international students are not eligible for FAFSA. 

Fees & Funding

Is David Eccles School of Business Scholarships stackable?

Because of the numerous scholarships enjoyed by the School, it is possible to stack specific scholarships with other awards. For instance, the supplemental scholarship can be stacked with almost any other award because of its minimal value, but merit-based scholarships do not stack with the Western Undergraduate Exchange Fellowship.

Are David Eccles Scholarships Renewable?

Yes, the scholarships are renewable annually, but only if you reapply. Otherwise, the scholarship will end after one academic year. 

What is the deadline for David Eccles School of Business Scholarship applications?

All scholarship applications must be submitted before the last business day in March because all offer letters are sent by June 1, preparatory to July 1 when you must accept your award to guarantee your funds for the new academic year.  

Application Procedure

How to apply for the David Eccles School of Business Scholarships

The first step towards applying for a David Eccles School of Business Scholarship is to verify that your business major or academic program is confirmed with CIS (Chartered Institute of Stockbrokers)

1. File a FAFSA application which must be completed before the scholarship application deadline (not for international students)

2. Write a personal statement of not more than 700 words, where you will describe your goals (academic, personal, and professional), and include anything else you want to share with the committee. You will upload this as a document during your application.

3. Upload a resume of one page, where you will outline your professional work experience, extracurricular activities, volunteer services, awards, etc.

4. A Letter of Recommendation from a reference may be required. It is important that you do not get a reference letter from a family member. Your reference can be an academic or anyone else.

  • With the email address of your reference which you will provide in your resume, your reference will be communicated through email, on how to submit their confidential reference form or letter. Your reference has until March 21 (11:59 PM) to submit their confidential reference form.


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