Dalarna university scholarships

Dalarna University Scholarships: Value and How to apply

Dalarna University offers many scholarships to its international students every year. These scholarships are available to new and current students at the university, provided they meet the eligibility for each scholarship. In addition, applicants must come from the selected country for any scholarship they want. However, eligible candidates for these scholarships must meet the academic requirements for each scholarship at Dalarna. University 

Usually, Dalarna University Scholarships are tuition waivers for students with outstanding academic performance in the previous year. The tuition waiver can be up to 50%, depending on the student. The deduction will be automatic for your program at Dalarna University.

Sponsors of Dalarna University Scholarships

Dalarna University sponsors the scholarships offered at the university. However, a few organizations and companies provide and fund some scholarships at Dalarna University. 

Overview of Dalarna University 

Established in 1977,  Dalarna University is a public university in Dalarna. It enrolls more than 16,00 students. However, more than half of the students engage in distance education. The university offers both bachelor’s and master’s degree programs in various courses, including A History of Mathematics for Teachers, Active Electrical Networks, African Studies: Education and Change in African Societies, African Studies: Religion and Politics in African societies, African Studies: The Dynamics of African Societies, Applied mathematics for economists, Beginner Studies in Swedish for International Students I, Business Planning, Children and Young Adult Literature in English, Chinese Characters I, Chinese Characters II, Chinese Culture and Society – Introduction Course, Chinese in Speech and Writing I, Chinese in Speech and Writing II, Chinese Language Structure and Chinese Oral Proficiency. 

To help students at Dalarna University, the university offers several scholarships to international students who enroll in a program at the university. Thus, students from eligible countries at Dalarna University Scholarships can apply for the following scholarships. They include:

  1. Scholarships for new students
  2. Scholarships for enrolled students
  3. Other (Non-DU) Scholarships

1. Scholarships for new students

International students who enroll in a master’s program can apply for these scholarships. Applicants for scholarships for first-year students must apply for this scholarship once, and it must be before the start of their program at the university. The benefit of this award is a tuition waiver for master’s students. 

2. Scholarships for enrolled students. 

They are available to old students at Dalarna University with outstanding academic performance in the previous year. In addition, applicants must have the intention of remaining at the university for at least one semester. Interested students must also apply at least three before the start of each semester. With a grant of  10 000 SEK, this scholarship offers tuition waivers to eligible candidates. 

3. Other (Non-DU) Scholarships

In addition to the scholarships above, students of Dalarna University can apply for other non-Dalarna University Scholarships available for international students at the university. They include:

  • The Swedish Institute scholarship
  •  Global Sustainable Electricity Project

Scholarship Benefits

Most scholarships available at Dalarna University offer tuition waivers to eligible students. These cover part of the tuition fees of the recipients. And it lasts for the duration of the program at Dalarna University. However, the percentage depends on the student, which can be up to  10 000 SEK.

In addition, non-Dalarna University Scholarships offer a 100% tuition waiver to eligible students at the university. Similarly, these scholarships last for the duration of your program. 

How many students receive the Dalarna University Scholarships?

The number of students for the different scholarships at Dalarna University varies. However, at least 50 students who meet the academic requirements for each scholarship will receive a tuition waiver for the rest of the programs at the university. Usually, these scholarships are partial funding for part of our school fees. 

Applicable Courses

Dalarna University scholarships are open to all international students at the university, irrespective of their programs, courses, and degrees. In other words, undergraduate and graduate students at Dalarna University can apply for these scholarships, provided they meet the general requirements for these awards. 

Eligibility Criteria

The general requirements for Dalarna University Scholarships include the following: 

  1. You must enroll in a program at Dalarna University
  2. Applicants must meet the academic essentials for each scholarship. 
In addition to the general requirements, applicants must meet the following specific needs for scholarships for enrolled students. They include:

  1. Undergraduate students must have been in the school for at least two semesters
  2. Masters students must enroll in a program at Dalarna University for a least one semester.
  3. Applicants must continue the same program for another semester on a full-time status. 
  4. applicants must score at least 50% results of the VG
  5. Your faculty must verify your application for each scholarship at Dalarna University.

Eligible nationalities for Dalarna University Scholarships

Dalarna University Scholarships are available to international who enroll in any course of study at Dalarna University, including graduate and undergraduate degrees. In addition, applicants must meet the academic requirement for each scholarship. Plus, they must have plans to continue the same programs for the next semester. 

Fees & Funding

Can Swedish students apply for Dalarna University Scholarships?

Dalarna University Scholarships are available to international students who enroll in a program at the university. However, local students who want some scholarships can contact the Financial Aids Office for available scholarships. Moreover, they can look for scholarships available to Swedish students at any Swedish university. 

Can I apply for more than one scholarship at Dalarna University?

You can only apply for Dalarna University Scholarship at a time. However, international students may qualify for other grants from outside the university. However, you will meet the Financial Aids office to inform them about other scholarships you have. 

What is the application deadline for admission to Dalarna University?

The deadline for submitting applications for admission to Dalarna University is September 1 for all degrees. However, applicants for the second batch can apply on November 1. 

What is the tuition fee for international students at Dalarna University?

The tuition fees for international students at Dalarna University vary depending on the course and degree. However, you will expect to pay between 43 500 and 71 000 SEK a semester for full-time students. 

What is the minimum requirement for admission to Dalarna University?

The minimum requirement for admission to  Dalarna University depends on the degree. Undergraduate students must meet the following conditions:

  1. Applicants must have completed upper secondary school or its equivalent.
  2. Demonstrate proficiency in the English language

On the other hand, graduate students must meet the following requirements:

  1. Applicants must hold a bachelor’s degree
  2. Applicants must show proficiency in the English language. 

Application Procedure

Applicants for all scholarships at Dalarna University must apply using the link below. However, new students at the university must follow these simple steps when submitting applications for any scholarship. They include:

  1. Fill out an online application form using the link below.
  2. Upload your CV using the admissions link of your university
  3. Explain the reason for applying for the scholarship in a 60 seconds video.

For further information, use the address below o contact the university. 

Campus BorlÀnge

Röda vÀgen 3, BorlÀnge

Fax: 023-77 80 50

GPS: 60.487252, 15.410192

Campus Falun

Högskolegatan 2, Falun

Fax: 023-77 80 80

GPS: 60.613965, 15.653608

Phone:  +46 23 77 80 00

Email: [email protected]