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Curtin University, Malaysia Scholarships: Value & Benefits

Curtin University, Malaysia, has a number of scholarships for domestic students, and only one for international students. For domestic students, there is the Curtin Malaysia Scholarship for degree students, the Dean’s Scholar Award, Yayasan Sarawak Scholarship, and Curtin Malaysia Merit Scholarship among others. For international students, there is the Pro Vice-Chancellor International Scholarship. 

About Curtin University Pro Vice-Chancellor International Scholarship

International students of Curtin University, Malaysia, can apply for the Pro Vice-Chancellor International Scholarship if they are enrolled as full-time students in any degree program. The scholarship is for non-Malaysian students and is awarded from the second year of the beneficiary’s study until the end – three to four years, depending on the program of study. Although there is no indication of the number of beneficiaries per academic year, it is apparent that the scholarship is based on applicants’ academic achievement. However, meeting the eligibility criteria does not guarantee the scholarship because all applicants must undergo a selection process. 

Who Sponsors the Curtin University, Malaysia Scholarship?

Curtin University sponsors the Pro Vice-Chancelor International Scholarship for new students to complete their programs at the university. The scholarship covers 50% of the beneficiaries’ tuition fee for the duration of the program which can be three or four years. Recipients will bear other expenses like living expenses and accommodation.

About Curtin University, Malaysia

Curtin University Malaysia is the largest international campus of Curtis University, Australia, established in 1999. The university offers various undergraduate programs through three faculties – The Faculties of Business, Engineering & Science, and Humanities. Apart from its undergraduate programs, Curtin University, Malaysia also has a School of Pre-University Studies and a Postgraduate School. It currently has a total student population of about 4,000 from 50 countries. 

Scholarship Benefits

Curtin University, Malaysia Scholarships for international students cover 50% of the tuition fee for the entire program duration, which is three to four years, depending on the program of study. Scholarships are available for full-time undergraduate students enrolled at the university. 

The scholarship is applied to the beneficiaries’ tuition. It is not awarded as cash.

How many students receive the Curtin University, Malaysia Scholarships for international students?

There is no indication of the number of students who receive the scholarships. Curtin University Pro Vice-Chancellor International Scholarships are merit-based awards for eligible students who are chosen through a selection process. 

Is the Curtin University Scholarship for International Students Full or Partial Funding?

The scholarship takes care of 50% of the recipients’ tuition fees. However, the recipients are responsible for all other expenses.

What is the duration of Curtin University, Malaysia Scholarships?

The scholarship lasts for the duration of the recipient’s study at the university. This can be three or four years, depending on the program of study. 

Applicable Courses

Curtin University Pro Vice-Chancellor International Scholarships are applicable to all degree programs at the university. Here’s a list of some Curtin Malaysia Degree programs

  • Arts (Media, Culture & Communication)
  • Business Administration
  • Commerce 
  • Accounting 
  • Banking and Finance
  • Entrepreneurship and Marketing
  • Finance and Marketing
  • Finance and Management
  • Management and Marketing
  • Public Relations and Management
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Civil and Construction Engineering
  • Electrical Power Engineering
  • Electronic and Communication Engineering
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Petroleum Engineering
  • Applied Geology
  • Computer Systems and Networking
  • Communications
  • Science (Health, Safety, and Environment)
  • Science (Psychological Science)

Eligibility Criteria

Applicants for the Curtin University, Malaysia Pro Vice-Chancellor International Scholarship must fulfill the following eligibility criteria:

  • Must be Non-Malaysian Citizens
  • Must not be receiving other scholarships or loans from private or government sponsors
  • Must be enrolled full-time in any Degree program at Curtin University, Malaysia 

       a.  Either as a Curtin Malaysia Foundation Student moving to a degree program with a minimum Course Weight Average of 80% or

       b.  A 2nd year current Curtin Malaysia degree student with a Course Weight Average of 80%

What type of Scholarship does Curtin University, Malaysia Offer?

The scholarship is merit-based and is offered in semester 1 only. Eligible students must achieve a CWA of 80% at the time of application.

Fees & Funding

Can I apply for more than one scholarship at Curtin University, Malaysia?

No. There is only one scholarship for international students at Curtin Malaysia, and that is the Pro Vie-Chancellor International Scholarship. Recipients of this scholarship are not permitted to receive other scholarships, both internal and external. 

Are new international students eligible for the Curtin University Malaysia Pro Vice-Chancellor International Scholarship?

No. The scholarship is awarded to current Curtin Malaysia degree students (Second Year onwards), or Foundation students moving over to degree programs. One of the eligibility criteria for the scholarship is proof of a course-weighted average of at least 80% and they can only get this from a previous academic session at the university. Besides, you must have a Curtin Malaysia Student Webmail or Gmail to apply.

How long does a Curtin University, Malaysia Scholarship last?

The scholarship lasts for the duration of the recipient’s study program if the eligibility criteria are maintained.

Is Curtin University, Malaysia a good school?

Yes. Curtin University, Malaysia is affiliated with Curtin, Australia. The university ranked 17th in the world for young universities (under the age of 50) in the 2021 QS World University Rankings. It also ranked 194th in the 2022 annual QS World University Rankings. Besides, some of the university’s courses received a five-star rating in the QS World University Rankings by Subject, in 2020.

Examples of such subjects are

  • Accounting and Finance
  • Chemical Engineering 
  • Civil and Structural Engineering 
  • Communication and Media Studies
  • Earth and Marine Sciences 

Application Procedure

Submit your application for a Curtin University, Malaysia Scholarship, with the following documents:

  • A completed Online Application Form. Click on Curtin University Malaysia’s website and be redirected to the application page. You must log in with your Curtin Malaysia Student Webmail or Gmail. 
  • Copy of Applicant’s Passport
  • Copy of Academic eRecord

For further inquiries, contact

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