Csiro scholarships

CSIRO Scholarships – Funding, Value and Application

CSIRO Scholarships are a group of scholarships available to students who enroll in postgraduate research programs at any Australian university. They are open to students in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Recipients can be full-time or part-time students who undertake programs that align with the goals of CSIRO. 

The scholarships can last four years, offering students complete funds to finish their research projects. In addition, recipients will have two supervisors: one from CSIRO and one from the university. 

Sponsors of CSIRO Scholarships

CSIRO provides funds and sponsors undergraduate students who qualify for these scholarships. The awards allow recipients to use the facilities at CSIRO. In addition, it covers the duration of the postgraduate studies of eligible applicants. 

Overview of CSIRO

CSIRO is a company that aims at improving the lives of people through innovation and inventions. It was founded in 1916 and has improved the world with science. Some of the new findings by CSIRO include fast WiFi, polymer banknotes, the CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet, and Aerogard. Moreover, it partners with the government and the research community to use science in solving real-world problems. Thus, it offers students scholarships to complete their postgraduate research projects in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. 

List of scholarships at CSIRO

The following is the list of scholarships offered by CSILO to postgraduate students in science and technology. They include:

  1. Ph.D. Scholarship: Machine Learning-Enabled Processing & Visualization of Dissolved Metal Ion Sensing 
  2. Ph.D. Scholarship: Simulation of low-grade copper ore heap leaching processing
  3. Data61 Ph.D. scholarships 
  4. CSIRO Ph.D. Top-Up Scholarship 
  5. CSIRO Ph.D. Top-Up Scholarships 
  6. CSIRO Ph.D. Top-Up Scholarships 
  7. CSIRO Ph.D. Top-Up Scholarships 
  8. CSIRO Ph.D. Top-Up Scholarships
  9. CSIRO Ph.D. Top-Up Scholarships 
  10. CSIRO Ph.D. Top-Up Scholarships
  11. CSIRO Ph.D. Top-Up Scholarships 
  12. CSIRO Ph.D. Top-Up Scholarships
  13. Quantum Technologies Ph.D. Scholarships 
  14. AI4Missions Ph.D. Scholarships

These scholarships offer complete funding to students to engage in four to five years of any research project at any university in Australia. 

Scholarship Benefits

How much are CSIRO scholarships?

The value of CSIRO scholarships depends on the award. However, most scholarships at CSIRO offer complete funding for recipients to complete their research project in science, technology, engineering and mathematics for up to four years. The scholarships range from $30,000 to $100,000, depending on the program. 

Students can use these scholarships to cover the tuition fees, accommodation, and other living expenses during their research project with CSIRO. 

How many students receive these awards? 

CSIRO scholarships are available to as many students as possible. However, students must perform well academically when undertaking their bachelor’s degrees. 

CSILO offers full ad complete scholarships to Ph.D. students who engage in a postdoctorate research project. However, the program must align with the goals of CSIRO. 

How long do scholarships offered by CSIRO last?

CSIRO scholarships cover the duration of the program of the recipients. However, it can last up to three to five years, depending on the research project the recipient is undertaking in Australia. 

Applicable Courses

CSIRO scholarships are open to postgraduate students undertaking a research project in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Thus, students in other fields of study do not qualify for these scholarships. On the other hand, undergraduate and Masters’s students can not apply for these scholarships, irrespective of their field of study.  

Eligibility Criteria

Applicants for any scholarship provided by CSIRO must meet the requirements below. They include:

  1. Applicants must be Australian citizens or permanent residents
  2. Applicants must apply for admission to an Australian university
  3. Applicants must graduate with first-class honors in their bachelor’s degree programs
  4. Applicants must not hold any doctorate

Eligible nationalities for CSIRO scholarships

CSIRO scholarships are available to Australian citizens and permanent residents. However, international students can apply for these scholarships when there is a national demand for professionals in their field. Otherwise, only Australian students will qualify for them. 

Fees & Funding

Can undergraduate students apply for a scholarship at CSIRO?

Undergraduate students do not qualify for any scholarship at CSIRO. These scholarships are available to postgraduate students undertaking a research program at an Australian university. 

Can international students qualify for CSIRO scholarships?

CSIRO is available to Australian citizens and permanent residents. However, international students who meet the requirements can apply if there is a national demand in their field of study. 

How can I find available scholarships at CSIRO?

To find out if you qualify for any scholarship provided by CSIRO, you will have to visit the link below. In addition, you can contact the company using its email address. 

Who can apply for SCIRO scholarships?

Only Australian citizens and permanent residents who enrol for a postgraduate degree in an Australian university can apply for scholarships offered by CSIRO. Moreover, applicants must engage in research projects to qualify for these scholarships. 

Application Procedure

How to apply for CSIRO scholarships

Applicants for CSIRO scholarships must apply online by visiting the application link below. However, each scholarship has steps to follow to apply for them. Thus, applicants must follow the procedure to apply for each scholarship at CSIRO. For more information on how to obtain any scholarship offered by CSIRO, you can visit the website.