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Are you eager to jumpstart your career in technology, auditing, tax, advisory, or consulting? Then it would be best if you considered Crowe Internship in Malaysia to get all you need for a successful career. Interning at Crowe Global’s office in Malaysia offers a fun-filled learning experience for students enrolled in accredited higher education institutions. There are also opportunities for you to explore the working environment and gather at least a three-month work experience. Read on to learn more about the internship opportunities offered by Crowe’s Malaysian office, including their requirements and application procedures.

Let’s get rolling with the basics of this internship program.

Overview of Crowe Internship in Malaysia

Crowe Global’s international office in Malaysia hosts a number of regional internship programs in four Malaysian cities, namely Kuala Lumpur, Klang, Muar, and Johor Bahru. Students from various corners of the earth can intern at Crowe’s Malaysian office, with expectations for a monthly stipend. They can also expect to complete their internship with a redefined career goal, an improved skillset, relevant work experience, and a professional network.

Moreover, Crowe Internship in Malaysia runs for up to six months, varying from student to student. Its interns perform numerous roles focused on the company’s services; auditing, consulting, tax, advisory services, and Information Technology.

About Crowe Global

Formerly called Crowe Horwath International, Crowe Global is a professional services network founded in 1915. While the company’s headquarters is in New York, USA, it operates an international office in Malaysia. The company offers various services, including management consulting, financial advisory, tax, audit, and risk advisory services.

Moreover, Crowe Global is one of the world’s largest global accounting networks by revenue. It hires students from different world regions and allows them to perform various roles.

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Benefits of Interning at Crowe Internship in Malaysia

There are many benefits for students who intern with Crowe Global’s office in Malaysia. Here are a few of them.

Career advancement opportunities

  • Crowe interns in Malaysia have the chance to carry out various assignments, develop their skills, undergo technical training, and have a sophisticated CV. All these accelerate their professional development and helps to gain hands-on experience.

Financial benefits

  • Students interning at Crowe’s Malaysian office receive a stipend of MYR 1,000 per month, regardless of their position. Their monthly salary is equivalent to $231.

Build a network of industry experts.

  • Interns at Crowe Global’s office in Malaysia also have the opportunity to build life-long relationships with other interns, staff members, and senior executives. Besides, Crowe has high regard for its interns’ careers and future.

Mentoring within the workplace

  • Crowe Global’s management in Malaysia allows its interns to access support, advice, and guidance from experienced employees throughout their internship. Undoubtedly, it will help them to make good progress in their careers.

Develop your resume.

  • Interning at Crowe’s office in Malaysia will give you a top-notch resume with all attributes needed to land jobs quickly after graduation. In addition, your resume will entice potential employers with relevant work experience, skills, and referees.

Are these benefits not worth it? Then, determine your eligibility for Crowe’s regional internship programs in Malaysia.

Eligibility Criteria for Crowe Internship in Malaysia

To qualify for internships at Crowe Global office in Malaysia, you must satisfy the following criteria.

  • Be in at least your second year of study in a degree program
  • Possess a minimum CGPA of 3.0
  • Willingness to dedicate three to six months to intern at Crowe in Malaysia
  • Have impressive communication skills and must be fluent in English
  • Proof of active participation in non-academic activities in your school
  • Possess interpersonal and leadership skills
  • Demonstrated aptitude and ability to learn quickly
  • Be purposeful and able to complete an in-depth training and development program

Did you find out that you qualify for internships at Crowe Global’s office in Malaysia? See below for the application procedures.

How to Apply for Crowe Internship in Malaysia

To put in a complete application for the internship programs hosted by Crowe Global’s office in Malaysia, you need an internet-enabled computer or smartphone.

With this in mind, undertake the following steps one after the other.

You can also learn more about Crowe Internship Programs in Malaysia by sending your concerns and queries to the same email. Alternatively, you can call +603 2788 9999 ext. 16612.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Crowe Internship in Malaysia

Can international students intern at Crowe Global’s office in Malaysia?

Yes, non-Malaysian students are eligible for the regional internship programs hosted by the Malaysian branch of Crowe Global. The company does not exempt citizens of any country from applying for these programs to advance their careers.

How long does Crowe Internship in Malaysia last?

Crowe’s office in Malaysia offers internship programs that typically last three months. However, they may run for up to six months.

Are Crowe Internships in Malaysia paid?

Yes, Crowe Global pays a monthly salary of MYR 1,000 to students registered in its regional internship programs hosted at its Malaysian branch.

Who are eligible to intern at Crowe Global’s office in Malaysia?

Students eligible for internships at Crowe’s Malaysian office are those seeking a degree and in at least their second year of study. They must demonstrate involvement in non-academic activities in their school and be able to complete an extensive training and development program. Their CGPA must also not be below 3.0. Furthermore, they are required to have excellent leadership, interpersonal, and communication skills in English.

Does Crowe’s office in Malaysia offer part-time internship positions?

No, Crowe’s Malaysian office does not have part-time positions for degree-seeking students who want to participate in its internship programs.

Crowe Internship in Malaysia is recommendable!

In summary, participating in Crowe Internship in Malaysia offers vast benefits similar to the ones you get for interning at Crowe Global’s office in the United States. Expectations from being part of these internship programs include opportunities to contribute to a team, acquire experience, assume many responsibilities, grow your network, and practicalize your theoretical knowledge. Hence, the time you dedicate is financially and career-wise worth it. So why not apply today to start making moves toward a successful career?

Thanks for reading!