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7 Simple Steps to Write a Cover Letter For Law Firm Internship

Have you imagined what a good cover letter for a law firm internship will do for you? Whether you have experience or not, your cover letter tells your employers much about you. So, writing a compelling, polished, and simple application letter will increase your chances of getting any job you apply for. Follow our guidelines in this article to create the best cover letter to get an internship at a law firm of your choice, even without experience. But then, let’s know what a cover letter is.

What is a cover letter?

A cover letter is a piece of writing that a job seeker uses to show interest in an open job vacancy in a firm or originating. It is a document attached to your resume or cv to let your recruiters know your purpose in looking for the job. Thus, you must clearly articulate your points for people to understand your views.

A good cover letter must contain your skills, strengths, and abilities. In addition, you will let your future employer know why you are the best candidate for the job. Law students need a good cover letter when applying for an internship in any organization. It will let the company know that you have the required skills and knowledge to work for its success.

Who needs a cover letter?

A cover letter, including an internship, is vital to apply for a job. But do you always need it? Or do you wait for your employer to request it? Many hiring managers will tell you to skip a cover letter. But the truth is that they will look into it if you submit one. Therefore, writing a cover letter will increase your chances of getting your dream job. For this reason, we advise our readers to include it in their job applications. Therefore, you will need a cover letter when applying for an internship, a job, and admission to the university.

Why is a cover letter necessary?

The benefits of a good cover letter include the following:

  1. It acts as your introduction to the hiring manager via Penny.
  2. It will highlight how your skills and qualifications will bring value to the company.
  3. A cover shows you are the solutions for the company.
  4. It contains your contact information and availability.

How to write a cover letter for a law firm internship

As mentioned earlier, writing a cover letter for a law firm internship can be challenging. Looking for the right words to use, knowing the skills needed for the job, and finding the correct information about the company can be stressful. Thus, it makes it hard for students, especially beginners. However, you can use the guidelines below to create the best cover letter in 2023.

Step 1. Conduct thorough research

Before you write your cover letter, you must research to find the necessary information about the company and open vacancies. Find out if you have the skills and qualifications for the internship. In addition, try to discover the firm’s values, cultures, mission, vision, and services. Employers like to hire people who have an inner knowledge of their organizations.

Step 2. Use the correct format for your internship cover letter

After your research, find the best format for your cover letter for a law firm internship. Your cover letter will impress your recruiters if organized and adequately articulated. On the other hand, if you write an unorganized letter, the hiring manager may flip your paper to the ground; you don’t want this to happen to you. So, use the best cover letter format for a law firm internship. The structure below can be helpful:

  • Cover letter format: three paragraphs.
  • Set margins at 1 inch.
  • Left-align your cover letter and use single spacing.
  • Use the same font as in your resume.

Step 3. Write your bio page with a header

Ensure your contact information is the same as what you have in your resume to avoid your recruiter suspecting you. On another note, make a header with your bio page. More importantly, your information page must be on one page.

Step 4. Tailor your application letter for the job you want

When writing a cover letter for a law firm internship, you have to be specific about the job or position you want. Thus, you will highlight the skills, strengths, and abilities that suit the job. Also, let your recruiters know you are the best candidate for the job.

Step 5. Use the correct keywords

Of curse, every industry and field has its technical terms. Therefore, use the keywords for a law firm when necessary, but stuff them in your writing. Moreover, you can only use the keywords when it is not possible to avoid them.

Step 6. Stick to the format

Don’t get carried away with the fun of writing. Writing can be fun, especially when you want to express yourself. However, you must remember to be professional and straight to the point. Therefore, you must stick to the format. Otherwise, your cover letter will lose its importance.

Step 7. Make it as simple as possible

The simpler, the better. Focus on the most vital points you want your hiring manager to note. A simple cover letter highlights only the necessary aspects of your desired position. Avoid the mistake of focusing on yourself. Moreover, use less technical terms to make it more readable. Furthermore, it makes your message more straightforward for your readers.

Step 7. Review before sending

You have written an excellent application letter but do not hurry to send it. You must review, proofread, and it multiple times before moving it forward to your recruiters. When you check it, you will detect errors you made in the letter and correct them. A cover letter with grammatical and spelling errors reduces your chances.

Things you must include in a cover letter for a law firm internship

It would be best if you did not do the following while writing a cover letter.

  • Do not focus too much on yourself
  • Tailoring it to the company and the job you want.
  • Do not include taboo topics like discriminating or controversial information like religion, race, or class.
  • Not checking typos and grammatical errors.
  • Being too optimistic about the job.
  • Refrain from overstressing the points in your resume.
  • Starting your cover letter with a boring introduction

Format to write a cover letter for a law firm internship

The layout below is the best when writing your cover letter to intern in a law firm. #1 Start with contact information and salutation, which contains the contact information, date, and employer’s contact information. It usually comes at the left-side corner of your cover letter. #2 First paragraph is where you will introduce yourself to your hiring manager. The necessary information includes your qualifications, achievements, and how you got information about the job. You can mention the person who introduced you to the job if you have their permission. Otherwise, leave it out. #3 Second paragraph highlights your skills and abilities and how they will contribute to the firm’s success. You aim to let your employer know that your skills are relevant to the position and job you want. #4 Closing paragraph is where you thank the management for taking the time to read your cover letter. Please do not fail to ask for an interview with them. Thus, you can end with a sentence like ” I can’t wait to have a live chat with you.”

FAQs About Cover Letter For Law Firm Internship

What mistakes should I avoid in my Internship cover letter?

When writing your cover letter, be careful not to make these common mistakes. They include:

  • Improper Introduction
  • False claims about your past experiences and achievements.
  • Submitting your letter without proofreading or reviewing it.
What should I include in my cover letter?

Ensure you have the following information in your cover letter for a law firm internship. They include:

  • Your contact information
  • Your Employers contact information
  • Your skills
  • Your experience, if any.
  • Your qualifications.
Why must I write a cover letter for a law firm internship?

You must write a cover letter when applying for a law firm internship for the following reasons. They include:

  • It is a strong statement of intent
  • It is the first interaction you have with your employer.
  • It increases your chances of getting an internship.


Finally, your cover letter is your first impression of your future manager. Therefore, you must make it organized and well-articulated. Otherwise, your chances of getting an internship will decrease. Moreover, it will act as an introduction to yourself. So please include all the information that will make it original and compelling for the hiring manager.

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