Coventry university scholarships

Coventry University Scholarships: How to apply and Value

Coventry University Scholarships are available to help overseas students pay for their studies. These scholarships range from Alumni bursaries to school scholarships, departmental scholarships to government scholarships. Both undergraduate and graduate courses are eligible for Coventry University scholarships. In addition, the amount of scholarships varies according to the institution’s goals, the program’s course of study, and its length.

Who sponsors Coventry University Scholarships? 

Coventry University is the only sponsor of Coventry University Scholarships. The school established this scholarship to assist intelligent individuals from financially challenged backgrounds obtain an education.

Overview of Coventry University 

Coventry University is a fast-growing public research university in London. It has two main campuses: one in the city’s center, where it holds most of its activities, and one in the heart of London, where its business and management programs are concentrated. 

It includes four faculties with around 300 undergraduate and graduate courses offered through its schools and departments. There are also 11 research centers spread around the institution that focuses on topics from agroecology and peace studies to the future of transportation.

Overview of London 

London is the capital of the United Kingdom. It is the largest city in the UK and one of the oldest in the world.  London lies along the River Thames in southeast England. London significantly impacts the world’s major global cities in the arts, entertainment, fashion, business and finance, education, health care, media, tourism, science and technology, and transport and communications. 

List of Scholarships offered by Coventry University Scholarships

Below is the list of scholarships by Coventry University;

1. International Pathways scholarship

  • Worth of Scholarship: up to £3,000
  • Duration of Scholarship: Duration of the course
  • Number of Available Scholarships: Unknown
  • Eligible Courses: All Courses 

International year one and pre-masters students who do not fulfill the standards for direct entrance into a desired undergraduate or postgraduate study at Coventry University are given a monetary prize of £3,000 instead.

The student receives this award to assist with tuition, living costs, and housing.

2. The Academic Merit Scholarship 

  • Worth of Scholarship: up to £1,500
  • Duration of Scholarship: Duration of the course
  • Number of Available Scholarships: Unlimited
  • Eligible Courses: All Courses 

Domestic students enrolled in Coventry University’s first year of any undergraduate program are eligible for the Coventry Academic Merit Scholarship. The program honors individuals who have excelled in their academic studies. Students who get 160 UCAS points or more receive priority consideration for the Academic Merit Scholarship.

The following are the primary requirements for obtaining an Academic Merit Scholarship:

  1. Enrolling in the first year of an undergraduate program at Coventry University’s campus or Coventry University London.
  2.  Achieving a UCAS point total of 160 or higher.

The following students are not eligible for the Academic Merit Scholarship;

  • Students of Coventry University who attend Coventry University in London, Scarborough, online, or in Wroclaw
  • A student pursuing a foundation degree (foundation Art and Design course)
  • Undergraduate students in their foundation year (zero years)
  • A student enrolled in a Coventry University course at another franchised or accredited school (e.g. Coventry University College)
  • An international student
  • A student who does not pay the highest possible tuition price
  • A student already holding a degree

3. EU support bursary

  • Worth of Scholarship: Unknown
  • Duration of Scholarship: Duration of the course
  • Number of Available Scholarships: Unknown
  • Eligible Courses: All Courses 

The EU bursary provides financial assistance to residents of EU member nations enrolled full-time in undergraduate or graduate programs at Coventry University. The scholarship allows these students to pay less in tuition, putting their costs in line with those of UK nationals.

4. TATA Technologies Scholarship

  • Worth of Scholarship: Unknown
  • Duration of Scholarship: Duration of the course
  • Number of Available Scholarships: Unknown
  • Eligible Courses: Engineering and Tech-related courses  

Domestic first-year female engineering or technology-related students are eligible for the TATA Technologies Scholarship.

The following are some of the courses that qualify for the TATA Technologies Scholarship:

  • Automotive Engineering
  • Aerospace Systems Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Manufacturing Engineering
  • Computer Hardware and Software Engineering
  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Electronic Engineering
  • Ethical Hacking and Cyber Security

5. Alumni discount

  • Worth of Scholarship: 20% discount
  • Duration of Scholarship: Duration of the course
  • Number of Available Scholarships: Unknown
  • Eligible Courses: Postgraduate courses

International Alumni of Coventry University who wish to enroll in a postgraduate program may apply for the Alumni discount. This scholarship aims to support these students in their careers. In addition, a discount is available whether you stay in the same field of study or change to a completely different course or campus.

Scholarship Benefits

The number of Available Scholarships?

Most of the Coventry University Scholarships have an undetermined number of opportunities.

Amount of Scholarships?

The majority of Coventry University Scholarships cover only a portion of tuition. Most of the amounts are unknown. There are requirements for qualifying, though.

Duration of Scholarships?

Scholarships from Coventry University are for the time necessary to finish an academic program.

Applicable Courses

  • Master’s Programmes
  • Business & Management
  • Social Sciences 
  • Engineering & Technology
  • Medicine & Health
  • Computer Science & IT
  • Applied Sciences & Professions 
  • Arts, Design & Architecture
  • Education & Training 
  • Humanities
  • Hospitality, Leisure & Sports
  • Natural Sciences & Mathematics
  • Journalism & Media
  • Law 
  • Environmental Studies & Earth Sciences
  • Agriculture & Forestry
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Manufacturing engineering
  • Human Biosciences
  • Biological and Forensic Science
  • Automotive engineering
  • Aerospace systems engineering
  • Electrical engineering
  • Electronic engineering
  • Computer hardware and software engineering
  • Ethical hacking and cyber security

Eligibility Criteria

  • You must be a UK resident.
  • Must be at least 18 years old.
  • Be self-sufficient and pay for foreign education.
  • Have a full or conditional admission offer to Coventry University.
  • Have already paid your £4,000 deposit toward your first year’s tuition.
  • Must be admitted to the semester’s entrance intake.

General Requirements 

  • Academic transcripts
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Language proficiency certificate

Fees & Funding

How long will it take Coventry University to decide on my application?

Coventry University tries to respond to different admission and scholarship applications on time. The institution sends an email with the results to each candidate. However, if you do not include all of the required materials with your application, you should do so before the scholarship committee decides on your application.

Is it possible for me to visit Coventry University before applying?

Yes. Coventry University holds open days also available to potential students at Coventry University. But if you cannot attend the institution’s open day, you can schedule a tour of the university campuses and a meeting with a recruitment advisor.

When should I make a Tier 4 student visa application?

Only after submitting an application and receiving a written, unconditional offer from Coventry University are you eligible to apply for a Tier 4 student visa.  You will subsequently receive a Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies (CAS) number qualifying you as a student of the institution.

Do overseas students at Coventry University receive academic support?

Yes. The department of student services provides all students with academic guidance and help in different academic areas. The library and Learning Skills Department conduct numerous seminars to aid students in honing their academic and English language abilities.

Application Procedure

Students must submit a direct application to Coventry University using the following format:

  • Applications for graduate school should be filed online after undergraduate applications.
  • After completing the online application form and adding any necessary attachments, submit it.
  • Apply for a scholarship of your choice.
  • Submit your application on the online application system before the deadline. Coventry University will not process late or incomplete applications.

Contact Information

Coventry University

Coventry CV1 5FB

United Kingdom

+44(0)24 7765 7688

Email: [email protected]