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Hard work never hurts anyone. You’ll need hard work to unlock unprecedented opportunities with a Cornerstone Research Internship. Ask around – Cornerstone has a habit of offering full employment to its interns after graduation. But that is, of course, if you work hard enough. 

About Cornerstone Research

Cornerstone Research is a consulting firm that serves solicitors, businesses, and administrations involved in complicated lawsuits and civil investigations by offering expert advice and analysis on economics and finance. The organization started in 1989 with headquarters in California and offices in the US and UK. It currently has a staff strength of over 700 employees and takes on a regular batch of about 80 interns annually. Cornerstone has its main office at

Two Embarcadero Center

20th Floor

San Francisco, CA 94111

Benefits of Internship at Cornerstone Research

Cornerstone offers internships of 6 to 12 weeks and eight weeks, respectively. During that period, the company engages its interns in training programs to help them develop professionally and employ them afterward if they prove their worth. Interns benefit from training programs in the following formats:

  • Annual training by in-house staff
  • Informal business training during lunchtime
  • Mentoring by a senior consultant or an experienced analyst

What roles do interns play at Cornerstone Research?

Interns will participate in any or all project phases, from developing a case scheme to preparing specialists for testimonies. 

1. Originating financial and economic prototypes

2. Observing market and industry practices

3. Presenting findings to coworkers and customers

4. Interacting with senior professionals and clients.

Qualifications for internships at Cornerstone Research

Anyone can apply for an internship at Cornerstone Research, but not everyone will certainly get in. You are qualified for the position if you have the following: 

A. You are in your senior year of a degree program or completing your Master’s.

B. You are a versatile and passionate person

C. You have a strong analytical background

D. You are curious about finance and industry

Academic level for a Cornerstone Research Internship

How soon into your academic pursuit can you apply for a Cornerstone Research Internship? You can do that as a College Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, College Senior, or Graduate Student.

You can also apply for an internship at Cornerstone Research with the following degrees: Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Master of Arts, Master of Business Administration, Master of Science, or Doctor of Philosophy.

Required Documents for a Cornerstone Research Internship Application

There are three primary documents that you must submit when applying for the internship.

1. A well-crafted resume

Nothing beats a well-crafted resume when you’re applying for an internship. Remember to include all prior work experience to date, but if you don’t have any, that’s still okay. You have to start from somewhere. In that case, detail any academic degrees you are expecting and include the period you anticipate that you will complete your academics. 

2. A cover letter

If well-written, a cover letter will give more details about you than what you have on your resume. Include a cover letter expressing your interest in applying for the summer analyst or analyst role. Remember to indicate the branch of Cornerstone Research where you’d like to intern. Here’s how to write a good cover letter for your internship.

3. Your transcript

Attach a copy of your college transcript. The transcript will show the courses and grades you earned during your academic program.

How to Apply for a Cornerstone Research Internship

Cornerstone Research hosts recruitment events at campuses. Here, representatives from the organization visit campuses to interact with the students and tell them about Cornerstone Research. Your first step should be to attend such events.

However, if the event does not hold at your campus, try to visit any nearby campus where it will take place. You can learn a lot at this function to help you decide whether the organization is your choice for an internship. When you finally decide to apply, submit the required documents to Cornerstone Research online submission platform. The recruitment department will get in touch with you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the Cornerstone Research Internship typically?

The internship is between 8 to 12 weeks.

Is there a minimum academic requirement to qualify for a Cornerstone Research Internship?

The minimum academic requirement to qualify for a Cornerstone Research Internship is that of a College Freshman. It means you can be in your first year in a college or high school and be eligible for an internship at the firm.

Are there any special perks associated with being a Cornerstone Research Intern?

Cornerstone offers the following benefits

  • You will be part of an alum network
  • A strong possibility of joining the organization after graduation
  • The opportunity to learn new skills with every fresh case
  • You will work with colleagues at all levels of the organization and industry professionals.
  • You will receive intensive training on all aspects of the job you will do
  • You will develop professionally through the programs.

What are the relevant courses for a Cornerstone Research Internship?

Suppose you’re interested in a Cornerstone Research Internship and a career in the industry. In that case, you must enroll in the appropriate academic program at school. Examples of relevant courses for the internship are: Economics, Business Administration, Accountancy, Finance, etc.

Are International Students Eligible for Cornerstone Research Internships?

Yes, international students can intern at the organization. Cornerstone values all its employees and creates an inclusive work environment, supporting various teams of multicultural professionals.  


A Cornerstone Internship requires hard work – before and during the period. First, you must work hard to get the internship, and when you do, you must work hard to gain employment with the firm after your training period. And yes, it’s possible. About seven out of every ten interns who ever worked at Cornerstone Research received an offer of employment from the organization. That’s because interns at Cornerstone are almost like full-time employees, working long hours and participating actively in various project stages. So make up your mind to focus on your internship at Cornerstone so you can have a rewarding experience.

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