Cornell institute of business and technology scholarships

Cornell Institute of Business and Technology Scholarships: Guide

Cornell Institute of Business and Technology is a prestigious institution that strives to develop the next generation of business leaders. Since its establishment in 2003, it has been dedicated to providing students with the highest standard of education and training possible. 

In addition, Cornell Institute of Business and Technology offers a variety of scholarship opportunities to help students achieve their educational goals. The CIBT scholarship program is designed to recognize and reward outstanding academic performance, leadership abilities, and community service. Scholarships are available for students pursuing degrees in business management, finance, accounting, information technology, engineering, or other related fields. Financial assistance is also available for those needing extra help to cover tuition costs. 

Cornell Institute of Business and Technology offers New Zealand Scholarships in partnership with government agencies and non-state donors. Currently, there are four categories of scholarships available for full-time tertiary study in New Zealand:

  • New Zealand Pacific Scholarships
  • New Zealand Development Scholarships
  • New Zealand ASEAN Scholar Awards 
  • New Zealand Commonwealth Scholarships

Who Sponsors the Cornell Institute of Business and Technology Scholarships?

The primary sponsor of the university’s scholarship funds is none other than the New Zealand government. These generous sponsors have allowed students to receive financial aid for their studies, allowing them to further their education and make a more significant impact on society. 

In addition to government support, local businesses have also contributed heavily to making these scholarships available. Corporate partners have been instrumental in helping promising students pursue their ambitions and succeed in their chosen fields. With the help of these sponsors, CIBS has been able to offer more scholarships each year.

Overview of Auckland, New Zealand, and CIBT

Auckland is a big metropolitan city on the North Island of New Zealand. Auckland is the most populated urban region in the country and the fifth largest metropolis in Oceania, with a population of approximately 1,440,300 people.

The Cornell Institute of Business and Technology provides top-notch learning opportunities for those looking to get an education in the city. With an incredible range of courses focused on business administration and technology, this institute offers something for every student. So whether you’re just starting out or already have experience in these fields, you’ll be able to find a course that suits your needs at Cornell Institute of Business and Technology. 

Scholarship Benefits

Cornell Institute of Business and Technology (CIBT) Scholarships are worth up to NZ$10 000 per year. This amount covers the tuition, room, and board expenses for full-time students at CIBT. The scholarships are renewable for a second year.

How many students receive the Cornell Institute of Business and Technology Scholarships?

A total of 103 students will be awarded the Cornell Institute of Business and Technology Scholarships. This number has remained relatively unchanged for several years, suggesting that the scholarships are highly coveted. In addition, the scholarships are essential to students who are members of underrepresented groups or from low-income families.

Are the Cornell Institute of Business and Technology Scholarships fully funded?

CIBT offers scholarships for students who wish to attend school. Unfortunately, many of these scholarships are not fully funded, meaning that some students must take out loans or seek for other funding to attend CIBT. 

What is the duration of the Cornell Institute of Business and Technology Scholarships?

The Cornell Institute of Business and Technology Scholarships are offered to students for an entire period of studies at the institute. The scholarships are renewable yearly, allowing students to continue their education without worrying about financial constraints.

Applicable Courses

The Cornell Institute of Business and Technology Scholarships covers all courses offered at the university. Those looking to pursue the CIBT Scholarships could choose from a wide range of courses, including;

  • Medicine
  • Nursing
  • Pharmacy
  • Computer Engineering 
  • Electrical Engineering 
  • Engineering Physics
  • Cookery
  • Business
  • Information Technology

Eligibility Criteria

Students who meet the eligibility requirements can apply for scholarships from the Cornell Institute of Business and Technology (CIBT). The following are the CIBT scholarship eligibility requirements:

  • You must be 18 or older when you begin your scholarship to apply for a Cornell Institute of Business and Technology Scholarship.
  • You must demonstrate financial need.
  • Applicants must meet the conditions for a student visa as listed on the relevant immigration website.
  • Successful scholarship applicants must meet both the academic entry standards and the English language requirements each educational institution sets.
  • Applicants for postgraduate scholarships and those who graduated from high school more than three years ago must have relevant work experience.

Please Note: To be eligible for these scholarships, you must meet all the requirements. For further information, you may also go to the official website.

Fees & Funding

Can you get a full scholarship to Cornell?

Cornell is a highly selective university that only offers full scholarships to a few students. Therefore, if you are interested in attending the Cornell Institute of Business and Technology, you should begin your application process early and submit solid grades and test scores.

Does Cornell give full scholarships to international students?

Yes! Cornell University offers need-based financial aid to approved international students who have applied for and demonstrated financial need. Unfortunately, we do not provide students with merit, athletic, or talent-based aid.

How do you get a 100% scholarship in New Zealand?

There are many ways to get a 100 scholarship in New Zealand. You can apply online, through your school, or by contacting a scholarship provider. Some scholarships in New Zealand require you to submit an essay or project, while others only require you to provide proof of academic achievement. If you’re looking for a specific type of scholarship, such as an athletic or music scholarship, check the scholarship provider’s website for more information.

Is Cornell Institute of Business and Technology a good school?

Yes, Cornell Institute of Business and Technology is a good school. The school offers a great education with excellent professors and staff. The campus is beautiful, and the students are friendly and welcoming. And it is among the best school in New Zealand.

Does New Zealand provide scholarships to international students?

Many New Zealand educational institutions provide scholarships to international students. A scholarship looks very good on your resume. Financial assistance may allow you to concentrate on your studies without needing to work.

Application Procedure

To apply for the Cornell Institute of Business and Technology Scholarships, students must complete the online application form via the school website.

  • Students must also submit a letter of recommendation from a faculty member or professional who knows the student well and can attest to their academic ability and potential for success in business or technology fields. 
  • Once all necessary materials have been submitted, students will be notified through email whether their application has been accepted.

The online application can be accessed at The deadline for applications is 28 February each year.

Interested scholarship applicants should visit the official link below for more information.

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