Conestoga college scholarships

Guide in Applying for Conestoga College Scholarships

Conestoga College scholarships are a range of partially funded scholarships available to international (non-Canadian) students who are new or continuing their studies in the college.

List of Scholarships Available to Conestoga College Students

The following are the categories and sub-categories of scholarships open to undergraduate and graduate students of Conestoga College.

1. Conestoga College Entrance scholarships

  • Entrance Excellence Scholarship
  • 2nd Program Scholarship for continuing students
  • English for Academic Studies to Post-Secondary Studies Scholarship (for returning students)

2. Conestoga College Regional scholarships

  • Diploma Entrance Scholarship
  • Degree Entrance Scholarship
  • Graduate Program Entrance Scholarship

Who is the Sponsor of Conestoga College Scholarships?

The funds set aside for recipients of Conestoga College scholarships are prepared internally. That means the institution’s management withdraws from its account to finance students’ education through scholarships.

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Conestoga College is a public post-secondary institution founded in 1967 in this great city. The institution offers many full-time programs, apprenticeships, continuing education, online courses, and open programs.

Scholarship Benefits

How Much are Conestoga College Scholarships?

The award amount of Conestoga College scholarships ranges from CAD 1,500 to CAD 3,000, depending on the scholarship. However, you should note that the college would automatically apply the scholarship’s award amount to your tuition fees, supposing you are one of the recipients.

  • Degree Entrance Scholarship: $3,000
  • Graduate Program Entrance Scholarship: $1,500
  • English for Academic Studies to Post-Secondary Studies Scholarship: $1,500
  • Diploma Entrance Scholarship: $1,500
  • 2nd Program Scholarship: $1,500
  • Entrance Excellence Scholarship: $1,500

How Many Students Receive Conestoga College Scholarships?

Conestoga College awards scholarships to students based on its discretion. Hence, its management can decide to increase or decrease its number of scholarship recipients in an academic year without prior notice.

Are Conestoga College Scholarships Fully Funded or Partially Funded?

Conestoga College scholarships only offer partial funding for non-Canadian students’ tuition fees. The scholarships are worth CAD 1,500 except for Conestoga Degree Entrance Scholarship, valued at CAD 3,000.

Applicable Courses

What Field of Study Are Conestoga College Scholarships Meant For?

There are various Conestoga College programs for international students from the farthest reaches. Besides, non-Canadian students enrolled at Conestoga College do not need to study in a particular field before they can qualify for a scholarship.

Can Undergraduate Students Apply for Conestoga College Scholarships?

Yes, Canadian and non-Canadian undergraduate students can apply for Conestoga College scholarships.

Eligibility Criteria

Each non-Canadian student interested in receiving a Conestoga College scholarship must satisfy the following requirements.

  • Must hold a valid Study Permit as a non-Canadian national
  • Must possess full-time enrollment at Conestoga College
  • Must also complete your Conestoga tuition fee payment within the time frame indicated in your acceptance letter
  • Possessing an academic achievement that stands out during your previous studies is equally important.

Fees & Funding

Is Conestoga College good for international students?

Yes, Conestoga College is one of Canada’s best post-secondary institutions for international students. Vast programs and wide-ranging scholarships are available for non-Canadian students from anywhere in the world.

Is it easy to get into Conestoga College?

Yes, getting admission into Conestoga College is a bit difficult, as students from all over the world compete for it. However, you have a high probability of securing admission if you are fully eligible.

Are there Conestoga College scholarships for international students?

Yes, Conestoga College has two categories of scholarships (the Entrance Scholarships and Regional Scholarships) for non-Canadian students.

How do I get a Conestoga scholarship?

To receive a scholarship from Conestoga College in Canada, you must log on to your student portal to express your interest. The online application procedure is not the type that would trouble you. Thus, you have no cause to panic.

Can graduate students apply for Conestoga College scholarships?

Yes, graduate students can apply for a scholarship at Conestoga College. To be eligible for Graduate Program Entrance Scholarship, you must be a prospective international Conestoga student who has met all other scholarship requirements.

Does Conestoga College offer a full scholarship?

No, Conestoga College does not offer fully funded scholarships to all types of international students. Therefore, you should choose any of Conestoga College’s partially funded scholarships.

Application Procedure

How to Apply for Conestoga College Scholarships

The following are five (5) simple steps in applying for a Conestoga scholarship for international students.

  • Sign in to Conestoga College Student Portal via the Apply Now button below
  • Click the Financial tab and then on My Award Applications
  • Choose the current academic session
  • Fill out each field with the correct details
  • Check your inputs for errors and submit your application

Note that Conestoga International Office Selection Committee decides on the specific students eligible for these scholarships. Hence, they will only notify those that won the scholarships.