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Are you an aspiring artist looking for a way to turn your love of art into a career? Look no further than concept arts internships!

Concept Art Internships provide invaluable experience to young artists as they learn to create dynamic visual worlds while honing their artistic skills. However, it requires great talent and passion, making it an attractive option for aspiring artists. This post will provide insight into what a Concept Art Internship entails and the benefits of this position.

Who is a Concept Artist?

A Concept Artist is a creative professional specializing in producing visual art to help develop ideas for films and other projects. They focus on creating characters, objects, environments and story elements that the directing team can use during pre-production.

In addition, Concept Artists use various media such as pencils, markers, digital painting tools, 3D software and more to develop unique concepts for their work. They often collaborate closely with other creatives, such as animators and game designers, to ensure that the results look exactly how they originally envisioned.

About Concept Art Internships

Concept Art is a digital illustration used by designers and print publications to help visualize their ideas and storyboard them into tangible artwork. By participating in a concept art internship, individuals can learn how to bring ideas to life with their artwork and create immersive experiences for viewers.

During the training, interns will also learn about designing characters, and props for animations, creating 3D models of environments and designing digital paintings that bring ideas to life.

Organizations such as Electronic Arts, Riot Games, and Ubisoft Entertainment are some of the many that offer internships for aspiring concept artists. These internships range from short-term positions lasting several weeks to six-month programs. Interns will acquire skills such as 3D modelling and animation, character design, environment creation and game development from experienced professionals at these companies.

The successful completion of an internship program can open up a wealth of opportunities for aspiring artists hoping to break into the concept arts realm.

Benefits of Concept Art Internships

Concept Art Internships provide valuable experience for aspiring artists, allowing them to gain the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in the art industry. Here are some of the primary advantages of participating in concept art internships: 

  • Mentorship

Concept Art Internships enable students to better understand the industry by working on projects with experienced professionals. This one-on-one instruction helps young artists acquire new skills, build confidence in their abilities, and become more proficient at creating professional artwork.

  • Advanced learning

Concept Art internships provide hands-on learning opportunities that can’t be replicated in a classroom or online setting. Whether creating designs for new characters or developing concepts for digital worlds, interns can collaborate with industry experts while learning techniques specific to their field.

  • Acquisition of valuable skills

Through observation, hands-on practice and professional feedback, interns can refine their craft, further developing the skills essential for success in this competitive field. 

Additionally, an internship can introduce students to software programs and teach them about design principles such as colour theory and composition.

  • Experience

A successful Concept Art Intern can be a great resume builder, helping newcomers stand out among other candidates vying for job positions in the creative world. Doing concept work as an intern gives individuals exposure to different visual styles and approaches they know nothing about.

Responsibilities of Concept Art interns

The job responsibilities of a concept art intern can vary depending on their employer’s needs. Below is a list of everyday responsibilities associated with Concept Art Internships;

  1. Collaborate with other team members to ensure that all ideas are adequately communicated. 
  2. Research existing artwork and develop new designs based on those research findings.
  3. Provide feedback on artwork created by other team members and ensure that all projects meet deadlines. 
  4. Interns must also be able to use illustration software such as Maya, Photoshop, Corel painter and SketchUp to create high-quality artwork that meets industry standards.
  5. Fulfilling administrative duties such as tracking progress on assigned projects can also be part of the role.
  6. Interns must take feedback from their supervisor into account when refining their projects.

Eligibility Criteria for Concept Art Internships

Concept Art Internships are an excellent opportunity for aspiring artists to gain valuable experience in game and film development.

 To ensure you give yourself the best chance of success when applying for a concept art internship, you must be aware of these eligibility criteria.

  • Aspiring interns must be enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate degree program related to fine arts or animation, graphic design, animation or another similar discipline.
  • An impressive portfolio is often required for consideration for concept art internships.
  • Interns must demonstrate strong technical skills with software applications such as Adobe Creative Suite or Autodesk Maya.
  • Meet the age requirements as well as language proficiency requirements.
  • Aspiring interns having prior experience or education in concept art will help increase one’s chances of securing an internship.

Application procedures for Concept Art Internships

Applying for concept art internships requires an intricate application process. However, with proper preparation and strategy, it can be made simpler. 

Here are some helpful steps to ensure you have the best chance of landing an awesome concept art internship. 

Step one: Search for an internship position

The first step to applying for Concept Art Internships is to research potential companies that are hiring. Make sure you look into their values and mission statement to ensure they align with yours. 

Step two: Update your portfolio and resume

Once you have identified which company you would like to apply to, update your resume and create an eye-catching portfolio of your work highlighting your unique artistic style. Be sure to include both digital and physical pieces to demonstrate your versatility as an artist.

Step three: Visit the official website of the company

It is essential to visit the company’s official website offering the internship to access relevant information regarding their requirements. Read job descriptions thoroughly and ensure you meet all qualification criteria before proceeding with your application. Nevertheless, you can use this opportunity to connect with the current to provide valuable tips on presenting yourself as an applicant.

Step four: Submit your documents

Prepare all the documents that may be necessary for your application. This includes an application form, a portfolio of your work, a cover letter, a resume, and any additional documents. 

Step five: Prepare for the interview

After you have submitted the documents, the next step is to prepare for your interview. You can practice interviewing with friends or family members to increase your chances of acing the interview process.

Frequently Asked Question

Is it hard to get an internship position as a Concept Artist?

Getting an internship position as a Concept Artist is possible, but it can be challenging. You must create a portfolio demonstrating your expertise to increase your chances of getting an internship position. 

Are Concept Art Interns paid?

Interns who specialize in Concept Art should expect different forms of payment. However, some companies will pay interns hourly, while others may provide monthly salaries. Some organizations also offer benefits such as health insurance and housing assistance.

How long are Concept Art Internships?

Most Concept Art Internships last three to six months, depending on the employer. Additionally, many internships offer part-time or full-time opportunities, which allow the intern to work while developing their portfolio of artwork.

What skills do I need as a Concept Art Intern?

Aspiring Concept Art Interns must demonstrate a deep understanding of the creative process and an eye for detail. Strong technical skills, such as knowledge of software like Adobe Photoshop and InDesign, are essential components of concept art internships.

Can I apply as a Concept Art Intern without a degree?

No, Concept Art Internship typically requires applicants to have a degree in an art-related field. 


Concept Art Internships are an invaluable opportunity to acquire skills essential for working as a professional artist. Participating in this training will provide an opportunity to learn more about the process of concept art and develop the skills necessary to succeed. If you are considering a career in concept art, applying for a concept art internship should be your first step.