Columbia journalism school scholarships

Columbia Journalism School Scholarships: Application Guide

Columbia Journalism School Scholarships are available to all students undertaking a Master’s program in journalism. The scholarships offer tuition waivers and partial funding for other expenses for the recipients. More than a hundred students receive over $5 million annually in scholarships to complete their Master’s programs in journalism. Though many scholarships are open to all students, irrespective of their country of origin, some are specific to some nations. Moreover, a few awards are only for some journalism courses. Thus, only students admitted to these areas can apply for them. 

Who sponsors Columbia Journalism School Scholarships?

Columbia Journalism School sponsors the Columbia Journalism School Scholarships with over $5 million. These scholarships are available to Master’s degree students in Journalism at the school. Recipients use the grants to pay their tuition fees and cover other living expenses. However, former students of the school donate over $1 million to support these scholarships. 

Overview of Columbia Journalism School 

Founded in 1912, Columbia Journalism School is among the oldest schools of journalism and the first in the Ivy League. Located inside Columbia University in New York City, the school offers four graduate courses in journalism to students from all over the world. 

In addition, Columbia Journalism School grants scholarships worth over $5 million to Master’s students in journalism, irrespective of their nationalities and backgrounds. However, some of these scholarships are need-based, and applicants must show the need for financial support. 

List of Columbia Journalism School Scholarships

The scholarships are available to Master’s students who enroll as journalists at Columbia Journalism School. They are:

  1. Median Scholarship Award
  2. The NBCUniversal News Group Scholarship 
  3. Nikkei Fellowship 
  4. Pulitzer Africa Data Journalism Scholarship 
  5. Shobhana Bhartia Fellowship 
  6. Toni Stabile Fellowship 
  7. Maria Moors Cabot Fellowship 
  8. Li Fund for International Students 
  9. Barbara London Lemann Scholarship 
  10. San Paolo Scholarship 
  11. The Walter H. Diamond and Dorothy B. Diamond International Business Fellowship
  12. DuPont Awards Student Fellowship 

1. Median Scholarship Award

It is open to full-time Master’s students in various fields of journalism. It offers them tuition waivers to complete their program at Columbia Journalism School. The value of this award varies, depending on your program. They include:

  • M.S. in Data Journalism: $110,000
  • M.A.: $40,000
  • Dual M.S. in Comp. Sci. & Journalism: $37,500
  • M.S.: $30,000

2. The NBCUniversal News Group Scholarship 

The NBCUniversal News Group Scholarship grants a scholarship of $1 million to students from underrepresented populations pursuing a career in journalism. It lasts five years for the students to complete their Master’s degree in journalism at Columbia Journalism School. 

3. Pulitzer Africa Data Journalism Scholarship

Pulitzer Africa Data Journalism Scholarship offers a $150,000 grant to a student from a country in Africa. The recipient must enroll in either M.S. in Data Journalism or the dual Master of Science program in Computer Science and Journalism.

4. Li Fund for International Students 

It is open to non-residents of the United States. It offers at least $60,000 to a student from a country where residents need financial assistance to complete their education. 

5. The Walter H. Diamond and Dorothy B. Diamond International Business Fellowship

The Walter H. Diamond and Dorothy B. Diamond International Business Fellowship are available to all students pursuing a career in business Journalism, irrespective of their country of origin. Recipients will get a grant of $29,000 as financial assistance. 

Scholarship Benefits

How much is Columbia Journalism School Scholarships?

The value of each scholarship at Columbia Journalism School varies from the others. It depends on the provider of these scholarships to determine how much they offer for the scholarships. However, recipients can receive between $10,000 and $150,000.

What do these scholarships cover?

Columbia Journalism School Scholarships cover a wide range of costs for the recipients. However, the coverage depends on the scholarship and the amount received. Students can use their grants to pay for tuition fees, accommodation, and other living expenses related to their program at Columbia Journalism School.

How many students receive these scholarships?

The number of students for each scholarship varies. However, at least 100 students will qualify for one scholarship each year at the school. 

How long do these scholarships last?

The duration of these scholarships varies. Some scholarships last till the end of the program, while others can cover your expenses for two years. Meanwhile, a few scholarships offer annual grants to the recipients who can use them to offset some financial needs. 

Applicable Courses

Only students undertaking a Master’s degree program in Journalism qualify for these scholarships. Thus, students undertaking undergraduate courses can not apply for any scholarship at Columbia Journalism School. Only students undertaking these courses can receive these scholarships. They include. 

  • M.S. in Data Journalism
  • the dual Master of Science program in Computer Science and Journalism
  • M.A
  • M.S

Eligibility Criteria

Applicants for any scholarship at Columbia Journalism School must meet the requirements below. They include:

  1. Applicants must enroll in a Master’s program at the school
  2. Students must demonstrate financial need
  3. You must meet the minimum requirement for each scholarship you want. 

Eligible nationalities

These scholarships are available o students from any country. In other words, any student who meets the general and specific requirements for these scholarships can apply, irrespective of their nationalities. 

Academic grades for these scholarships

Most scholarships at Columbia Journalism School are need-based. So, recipients do not need a high academic record to qualify. They need to show a need for financial assistance. 

Fees & Funding

What is the admission deadline for Columbia Journalism School?

The deadline for application to Columbia Journalism School is January 15 each year. Therefore, prospective students must submit their application form and other documents to the school on or before this day. 

What is the minimum requirement for admission to Columbia Journalism School?

The minimum requirements for admission to Columbia Journalism School include proof of proficiency in English, letters of recommendation, and a non-refundable application fee of $100. 

Can you apply for more than one scholarship at Columbia Journalism School?

You can only apply for one Columbia Journalism School Scholarship at once. However, students can obtain a scholarship from outside the school. 

How much is the tuition fee at Columbia Journalism School?

The tuition fee at Columbia Journalism School is $72,450 each year. In addition, students will make other payments in the school, including health insurance, library, and accommodation. 

Application Procedure

How to apply for Columbia Journalism School Scholarships

Applicants for any scholarship at Columbia Journalism school must submit their applications before the deadline for each scholarship at the Financial Aids Office of the school. Otherwise, they will not receive these grants. In addition, eligible candidates must demonstrate that they need financial assistance to qualify for these scholarships. However, you can contact the sponsors of these scholarships at the address below. 

Pulitzer Hall, Room 203

2950 Broadway, New York, NY 10027

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 212-854-8608