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Are you set to practicalize all you’ve learned in school, expand your knowledge, and gain industry-related experiences? Then, you should apply for Citi Summer Internships, comprising various programs for students and recent graduates to move forward in their careers, provided they are targeting the banking and financial services sector. Citibank offers these programs to give participants relevant work experience and a firsthand learning experience from industry leaders. This blog post explores these internship programs, including their benefits, requirements, and application procedures.

Let’s get started with the basics of Citibank Summer Internship Programs.

Overview of Citi Summer Internships

Citibank has a wealth of internship programs available worldwide to students and recent graduates of recognized higher education institutions. They are open to domestic and international students in several countries, especially the United States, Brazil, France, and Italy. Interns can participate in Citibank’s BCMA corporate banking, BCMA investment banking, commercial banking, and securities services operations. Undoubtedly, their participation will enable them to become fully prepared for the labor market as they acquire experience, enhance their skills, and develop their network.

Citi Group offers pre-internship programs specifically for undergraduate students. These programs improve their knowledge and facilitate mentorship. Moreover, Citi Group has Summer Analyst and Associate Positions. The Summer Analyst Positions are open to undergraduate and master’s degree students, lasting for 10 to 12 weeks. On the contrary, the Associate Positions are particularly for students pursuing a master’s, MBA, JD, or Ph.D. degree.

About Citigroup Inc.

Headquartered in New York, USA, Citigroup is an American financial services provider and investment bank founded when Citicorp and Travelers Group merged in 1998. As a multinational corporation, Citigroup serves clients worldwide with various services, such as banking, insurance, asset management, credit cards, securities services, risk management, mutual funds, investment management, private equity, equities trading, mortgage loans, and wealth management services. Citigroup has approximately 223,400 employees and is the third-largest bank in the US. Besides, it is a systematically important bank whose decline could cause a financial crisis in the economy.

Citigroup is also renowned for being among the Big Four Banks in the US. It manages about 200 million accounts for its customers in different world regions. The bank is also inclusive of the US Fortune 500 Corporations.

Having learned about Citibank, including its reputation and services, see below to know what to expect from an internship at Citibank.

Benefits of Interning at Citibank

The following are some of the vast benefits of Citi Summer Internship programs.

Professional development

  • Interning at Citibank in summer will allow you to advance your skills, gather work experience, and put your knowledge into practice in a real working environment. As you work with fellow employees and professionals in the industry, you will be able to learn from them, thereby growing your knowledge. In addition, you will have a feel of the working environment, making you acquainted with various processes.

Financial benefits

  • Another benefit of interning at Citibank is the financial rewards you’ll receive as you gain professional development. The estimated hourly salary of Citibank interns is $16.

Build professional networks

  • Citibank’s summer interns also have the opportunity to develop a professional network. You can use your network to get future business partners and as your referees.

Mentoring from industry experts

  • Participating in Citi Summer Internships will make you leave with immense knowledge, as your senior co-workers are available to counsel and guide you on areas related to your chosen career.

Competitive edge in the labor market

  • With all these, having your internship at Citibank will enable you to stand out, even in a competitive job market. Your qualifications will be top-notch, making employers and HR managers see you as the best candidate for their job vacancies.

Now that you have some reasons to intern at Citibank check out whether you qualify to express interest in one of the bank’s internship positions.

Eligibility Criteria for Citi Summer Internships

To be eligible for Citibank Summer Internship Programs, you must satisfy the following requirements.

  • Be aged 18 years at a minimum.
  • Enrollment in an undergraduate or graduate degree program or be a graduate of the last six months
  • Have impressive academic achievements
  • Demonstrated interest in international business and banking

If you are eligible for a Summer Internship Program available at Citibank, the section below will guide you in applying successfully.

How to Apply for Citibank Summer Internship 2023

Here are the application procedures for Citi Summer Internship Programs.

Step 1: Search for jobs currently available to students and graduates on Citibank’s website

Step 2: Create an account and submit your internship application

  • Once you’ve found an ideal internship role, register online for an account, then upload your resume and a well-written cover letter. Afterward, click Submit to finalize the application process. Ensure you frequently log on to your job portal to check your internship application status.

Step 3: Undergo a series of interviews

Frequently Asked Questions about Citi Summer Internships

Are international students eligible for Citi Bank Internship Programs?

Yes, international students from all four corners of the world can apply for various internship positions at Citi Bank. However, note that the roles available in a country may vary from that of another country.

How much do Citibank interns make?

The average salary of Citibank interns in the United States is approximately $16 per hour or $33,000 yearly. They receive salaries just as paid jobs to cover their living costs throughout their internship period.

What is the duration of a Citi Summer Internship?

The summer internship programs hosted by Citibank are tenable for 10 to 12 weeks. Hence, they last up to three months, regardless of the internship position or location.

What experience can I expect to gain from a Citi Summer Internship?

Students and recent graduates who participate in Citigroup’s summer internship program will have the opportunity to gain fantastic experiences related to the banking industry and the financial services offered by the bank.

What types of internships are available at Citi?

Citibank has several internship positions for students and recent graduates of various nationalities. These include commercial interns (risks and controls), security services interns, Citi commercial bank interns, investment banking interns, corporate banking intern analysts, and investment banking FIG Placement Analyst Interns.


To sum up, your decision to intern at Citibank during summer will be of advantage to you in jumpstarting your career in the financial services and banking sector. It will facilitate your professional development, equipping you with industry-related experiences and skills. You will also have the opportunity to create a network of professionals and senior managers during your internship at Citibank. To start building a solid career foundation via this internship program, you should check your eligibility before anything else. So what’s keeping you waiting?