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Enrol in a Cipla Graduate Internship Program to jumpstart your career this year

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South African graduates can apply for the Cipla Graduate Internship Program to gain career experience. The program targets fresh graduates from various fields of study who want to learn how the company operates. Thus, they work with business professionals who teach them the skills they need to survive in the South African labor market.

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Overview of the Cipla Graduate Internship Program

The Cipla Graduate Internship Program, or the Cipla Graduate Skills Program (GSP), is designed to source and develop young talent for the future of Cipla and South Africa. It does this by providing opportunities for graduates from diverse backgrounds. It is a two-year program where participants gain experience working with professionals in the field. During the program, interns will:

  • Take part in a 2-year Fixed Term Contract (FTC) program
  • Receive a competitive monthly stipend
  • Rotate between businesses and must be prepared to relocate more than once within 24 months.
  • Be ready for continuous development, performance reviews, and coaching
  • Participate in a 9-month Level 4 Project Management Leadership (compulsory)

In addition, applicants must graduate from courses in the following fields of study:

  • Computer and Information Sciences
  • Engineering
  • Economic Management Sciences
  • Finance & Accounting, Business studies
  • Graphic Design
  • Health Sciences
  • Human Sciences, Industrial Psychology, Human Resources
  • Manufacturing โ€“ Logistics; Demand Planning
  • Production; warehousing
  • Natural Sciences
  • Pharmacy
  • Social Sciences โ€“ Digital Marketing and Communications
  • Supply Chain I Project Management

Requirements for Cipla Graduate Internship Program

Applicants for this program must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  1. They must be highly motivated, excellence-focused graduates and students.
  2. Applicants must be willing and able to fail and learn fast.
  3. Graduates must be between the ages of 21 โ€“ 28
  4. Applicants must be ready to move to any of the firm’s South Africa (Cape Town, Durban, Johannesburg) sites more than once within two years.
  5. In addition, you must be a graduate of select fields.

Responsibilities of interns at Cipla

As an intern at Cipla, your duties and responsibilities include the following:

  • Work with a team or independently using digital platforms
  • Be responsible within a business-critical area, participating in departmental projects on a rotational basis.
  • Work in different departments to learn about the Pharmaceutical business.
  • Manage multiple tasks and projects at the same time under pressure.
  • Communicate with stakeholders, line management, project owners, colleagues, and team members.
  • Gather, manage, and analyze data using business tools.
  • Help to plan, organize, and conduct business meetings virtually and in person.
  • Learn how to use digital software to deliver tasks.

Benefits of the Cipla Graduate Internship Program

Interns at Cipla will receive the following benefits:

Gain real-world experience to build a successful career: You will get experience working with leading professionals and experts in your field. You will work directly with experts in your area who will expose you to many things about the pharmaceutical business. Thus, you will learn the skills and techniques to become successful in the industry.

Participate in continuous development, performance reviews, and coaching seminars: You will also attend events and workshops aimed at career development. Moreover, your team leaders will become your mentors and coaches. Thus, you will report to them. Then, they will monitor your growth during the internship program at Cipla.

Receive a competitive salary: Interns at Cipla will receive a monthly stipend during their internship. Your salary will be close to entry-level employees at the firm. 

Get a chance to apply for a permanent position at Cipla: You will also get to apply for open vacancies at Cipla. However, there is no guarantee that you will get this opportunity. 

How to apply for a Cipla Graduate Internship Program

Applicants for an internship at Cipla will follow the steps below. They will guide you through the process. Moreover, you can use our article on how to get training to learn more about internship applications. The procedures include:

Step 1: Identify the available position at Cipla: First, you have to look for open internship opportunities at Cipla. Usually, the company employs interns every year to fill up open positions. So, contact the firm to know if you qualify for the jobs available for interns. 

Step 2. Find out the requirements: Once you have identified the open positions, find out if you are eligible. Look for the needs and eligibility criteria, including the skills and qualifications for the job.

Step 3. Gather your documents: Then, bring out time to assemble your documents. Ensure you do not miss anyone. Otherwise, you will miss this opportunity to intern at Cipla.

Step 4. Submit your application online: The next step is to submit your application for a Cipla Graduate Internship Program online at the company’s official website. You will upload your application letter and other documents before the deadline for this program.

Step 5. Prepare for your interview: Then, prepare for your interview with your recruiters. Look for former and present interns at Cipla. You can also connect with Cipla employees to get valuable information about the firm. Of course, you must look for common questions you may face during the interview.

Step 6. Get hired as a Cipla intern: Successful applicants for the interview will get hired by Cipla as interns. Thus, you will perform duties and tasks assigned to you by your superiors and team leaders.

Require documents for the Cipla internship

You will need the following documents for your application for the Cipla Graduate Internship program. They include:

  • A resume or cv
  • An application or cover letter
  • Academic qualifications, if any
  • Work experience, if any.

In addition, you need communication, teamwork, leadership, time management, critical thinking, and analytical skills as an intern at Cipla. 

You can boost your chances of getting an internship at Cipla by doing the following things.

Tailor your application to suit the particular position you want. Thus, you will highlight your skills, strengths, and abilities. In addition, your cover letter must point out why you are qualified for the job.

Network with former and present interns and employees at Cipla to get valuable information from them. You can use these details during your interview with your recruiters.

Learn new skills and improve old ones that will help you succeed as an intern at Cipla. You will need communication, problem-solving, critical thinking, and analytical skills. 

Write a good resume highlighting your skills, strengths, qualifications, and work experience. In addition, indicate why you’re the best candidate among other applicants for the job.

Research Cipla to know its services, mission, vision, and customers’ views. This information will be helpful as your recruiters want people with good knowledge of its business and culture.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Cipla Graduate Internship Program

What roles does the Cipla Graduate Internship Programme offer?

Interns at Cipla will carry out business roles related to their field of study. n addition, graduate interns can work outside the departments to gain experience working in other areas. 

How long is the duration of the Cipla Graduate Internship Programme?

The duration of this program is two years. During this period, interns will rotate responsibilities within three sites in South Africa. They include Cape Town, Durban, and Johannesburg.

What qualifications do you need to participate in the Cipla Graduate Internship Program?

There is no specific qualification for this internship. However, graduates from selected fields of study will get a preference. In addition, you will need communication, teamwork, leadership, time management, critical thinking, and analytical skills as an intern at Cipla.

Are there any benefits provided under the Cipla Graduate Internship Program?

There are many befits of interning at Cipla. Some include real-world experience working with professionals, a monthly stip[end, a chance for permanent employment at Cipla, and attending career development seminars and events. 

My final words

In summary, you will use your time as an intern at Cipla to gain the experience you need to kickstart your career. Moreover, you will work with professionals and experts in your field who will guide and direct you during your internship. You will have mentors and coaches interested in your career growth and development. Above all, you can apply for open vacancies at Cipla at the end of your training.