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Getting a training job at the CIA is always a hard thing to do. One reason is that many undergraduate students want to intern at the agency. Another is because you will work with experts in the best intelligence agency in the world. However, having a good interview will make the recruitment process easier for you. Therefore, I have decided to dish out every piece of information you need to prepare for a CIA Internship Interview.

Overview of CIA Internship

The Central Intelligence Agency training job is for college and undergraduate students interested in the safety of the U.S. They work with the agency to provide security information for government agencies. During this program, interns will work with leading professionals and experts. Thus, they will get enough experience to build their careers. You can perform duties and tasks in the following fields. They inc;lude:

  • Finance
  • Economics
  • Foreign language
  • Engineering
  • Information technology

Applicants for this internship can be students in the following disciplines. They include political science, international relations, and engineering. The assignment can be in the form of research, target analysis, and writing.

About CIA

The CIA is the intelligence unit of the United States. Thus, it is one of the most substantial intelligence units in the world. Established in 1947 by Harry S. Truman, it provides intelligence to policymakers in the United States government. As a government agency, the President of the United States appoints its director. In return, the director reports to the Director of National Intelligence, who reports to the President. 

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has four directorates. They include the Directorate of Analysis, the Directorate of Operations, the Directorate of Science and Technology, and the Directorate of Support.

Eligibility criteria for CIA Internship

Applicants for the CIA Internship must meet the following requirements. They include:

  • Open to U.S. citizens (dual U.S. citizens are also eligible)
  • You will be at least 18 years of age and above.
  • You will be willing to move to the Washington, DC area
  • In addition, applicants must be able to complete security and medical evaluations

Job positions or interns at the CIA

Interns at the CIA can perform the following duties. They include:

  • Accountant
  • Administrative Professional
  • Analytic Methodologist
  • Applications Developer
  • Architect/Facilities Project Manager
  • Attorney (Honors and Lateral)
  • Attorney (Tech and Cyber)
  • Automotive Mechanic
  • Business Analytics Officer
  • Cartographer
  • Case Officer
  • Clinical Psychologist
  • Science, Technology, and Weapons Analyst
  • Staff Operations Officer
  • Telecommunications Services Officer

Benefits of CIA Internship

There are many benefits to interning at the CIA. Thus, students choose the agency for many reasons. They include:

  • Get a unique opportunity to experience a wide range of careers in intelligence.
  • Learn how the agency operates: You will also learn how the CIA performs its duties.
  • Gain exposure toU.S. intelligence.
  • Receive a competitive salary.
  • Get permanent employment from the CIA.

How to prepare for a successful CIA Internship Interview

Eligible candidates who submit their application for a CIA Internship will get an invitation for an interview. These interviews can be online or in-person at the CIA HQ in Washington, DC. Attending an interview is a means to let your recruiters know that you provided the correct information in your application. Therefore, you will verify all the information you provided while writing your cover letter. Find out all you need to attend your interview at the Central Intelligence Agency.

Your online application form

Before your interview, you will need to fill out an online application form. The form will contain the following personal information. They include:

  • Background
  • Area of expertise
  • Education, certifications, and licenses obtained
  • Work history
  • Military experience
  • Foreign area knowledge
  • Transcripts, resume, and writing samples
  • Languages and proficiency levels in each

Personnel Evaluation Form

In addition to the application form, you will also provide the following information in a Personnel Evaluation Form. Ensure the details you provided are correct. Otherwise, you will fail your interview. They include:

  • Security clearance
  • Polygraph investigation
  • Background investigation
  • Selective service enrollment
  • Peace corps employment
  • Employment issues
  • Drug use and activity
  • Violations of law and criminal convictions
  • Delinquent federal debt

Possible questions for a CIA Internship Interview

Some of the common questions you will face during your interview as a student at the Central Intelligence Agency includes the following:

  • What does the United States mean to you?
  • List one time you disagreed with a team. How did you resolve it?
  • The best advice you have ever received from another person.
  • Biggest Challenge Faced
  • What is the most critical issue facing America?
  • Why did you choose your major?
  • Why do you want to work for the CIA?

However, you will expect more questions as the interview progresses. Therefore, you must prepare very well before your interview with the CIA. 

Steps to prepare for a CIA Internship Interview

Follow the step below to prepare for your interview with the Central Intelligence Agency. They include:

Sep 1. Submit your application to the CIA HQ to check your eligibility.

Step 2. Fill out the Personal Evaluation Form.

Step 3. Research possible questions you may face during the interview.

Step 4. Find out the location and date for the interview.

Step 5. Be on time for the interview.

How to apply for CIA Internship

Applicants for the CIAS Internship will go through a medical and security process to determine their eligibility. More importantly, you must apply at least twelve months before the start of the internship. In other words, you must begin your application for any program on time. In addition, you will need an application letter to apply for internships at the Central Intelligence Agency. You can read our blog on how to get internship placements in big organizations like the CIA to learn more about the application process. 

Insights to help you when applying for an internship at the CIA

The following tips will be helpful to you as you prepare for your CIA Internship Interview. They include:

Tailor your application

  1. Research about the CIA and its services
  2. Learn new skills
  3. Network with other interns and staff
  4. Write a good resume or cv highlighting your skills, abilities, experience, and qualifications. In addition, let your recruiters know why you are eligible for the job. 
  5. Look for a reference who knows your skills, strengths, and abilities.

FAQs About the CIA Internship Interview

What to do when your application gets rejected?

If the Central Intelligence Agency rejects your application, you can apply again after twelve months. In other words, you must wait until one year to become eligible for this program. However, it would be best if you found out the possible reasons for the rejection to work on them. They may include providing false information, applying for the program in less than twelve months,m and many others, depending on your situation.

What are the qualifications for an Internship with the CIA? 

Applicants for the CIA Internship must be undergraduate students in related disciplines. In addition, they need some basic skills, including communication, time management, critical thinking, analytical, and problem-solving skills, to qualify. 

How can I obtain an Internship with the CIA? 

Applicants for the CIAS Internship will go through a medical and security process to determine their eligibility. More importantly, you must apply at least twelve months before the start of the internship. In other words, you must begin your application for any program on time.

What opportunities are available through the CIA Internship program?

You can apply for the following positions as an intern at the CIA. They include Accountants, Administrative Professionals, Analytic Methodologist, Applications Developer, Architect/Facilities Project Managers, Attorney (Honors and Lateral), Attorneys (Tech and Cyber), Automotive Mechanic, Business Analytics Officers, Cartographer, Case Officer, Clinical Psychologist, Science, Technology, and Weapons Analyst, Staff Operations Officer, and Telecommunications Services Officer.

Do I make money as a CIA intern?

Yes, the Central Intelligence Agency pays all their interns. However, the amounts are less than the living cost in Washington, DC. The average annual salary for interns at the agency is $58,000.


In conclusion, there is a low acceptance rate for CIA internships. However, if you meet the requirements, you can get hired. More importantly, having a good interview will boost your chances of getting a student job at the agency. Therefore, we advise you to take every information in this blog post seriously.

Above all, you can look for possible questions asked during the interview session at the Central Intelligence Agency. It will help you to prepare for your interview and be ready for any questions from your interviewers.