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Are you a South African seeking exposure and relevant work experience in the chemical sector? If so, it would be best if you apply for the CHIETA Internship Program, a job opportunity specifically for students and graduates from the Republic of South Africa. When you participate in this program, you will realize numerous advancements in your personal life, professional development, and career. These include an upgraded skillset, unique work experience, mentorship, and a chance to have more connections. Continue reading to discover why you should intern at CHIETA, the eligibility criteria, how to participate, etc.

Overview of the CHIETA Internship Program

The Chemical Industries Education & Training Authority is helpful to SA students and graduates in enhancing their skills, exposing them to the chemical sector, and giving them invaluable experience through its internship program. Internships at CHIETA are country-specific, thus, open only to South African citizens.

6 Things to Note about CHIETA Internship Program

Here are six (6) things to understand about the internship program hosted at CHIETA.

  • International students (from outside South Africa) cannot intern at the Chemical Industries Education & Training Authority. Thus, only South African students and graduates can apply for CHIETA Internship Program.
  • CHIETA offers financial rewards to its interns of a monthly stipend of about ZAR 7,000.
  • Internships at CHIETA unusually have an extended duration, as they can last up to 24 months in a fixed-term contract.
  • They are only a few internship opportunities available yearly at CHIETA.
  • You only need to submit your CV by email to apply for internship positions at CHIETA.
  • To sum up, this internship program is exclusively open to both students and graduates.

About the Chemical Industries Education & Training Authority (CHIETA)

Founded in 1998, CHIETA is a reliable partner in skills development and training for the chemical industry. It guarantees the discovery and conveyance of possessing essential skills via different training initiatives in the manufacturing and chemical industries. Besides, CHIETA finances the chemical sector for several occupational programs.

Eligibility Criteria for CHIETA Internship Program

Are you a South African student or graduate looking for a placement at the Chemical Industries Education & Training Authority? Then, you should check out if you’ve met the following requirements.

Age requirement

  • As at the application time, your current age must be within the range of 16 to 35.

Nationality requirement

  • Must be a South African national

Academic requirements

  • Must recently have completed High School Grade 12 with math and physical science or possess enrollment in a higher educational institution, passing all courses registered in the previous semester/academic year

Skills Required to Apply for CHIETA Internship Program

You must possess the following skills to qualify for an internship position at the Chemical Industries Education & Training Authority.

Excellent interpersonal skills

  • To be eligible for an internship program at CHIETA, you should be able to interact well and socialize with other people within the organization.

Computer literacy skills

  • Another skills criterion for internships at CHIETA is basic computer skills, like the knowledge of Microsoft Office programs, email & communication systems, etc.

Problem-solving skills

  • Prospective interns of CHIETA also need to be good at identifying problems and finding the most appropriate solution.

Organizational skills

  • Students and graduates considering internships at CHIETA must be able to manage various resources and time effectively. They also need to be capable of prioritizing tasks, monitoring processes, supervising, and more.

Communication skills

  • You must be proficient in speaking and writing in English to be eligible for an internship placement at CHIETA.

Benefits of Interning at the CHIETA

The following benefits will make you see reasons to intern at CHIETA.

Career growth

  • Interning at CHIETA will enable you to progress in your career, providing the work experience and skills essential for a kick-start in the chemical sector.

Financial reward

  • As you professionally develop while interning at CHIETA, you will receive a monthly stipend for your basic needs, including accommodation, food, and transport.

Professional networking

  • CHIETA interns also have the opportunity to socialize with senior leaders of the chemical industry, allowing them to form connections that could positively impact their career and professional development.

Mentoring within the workplace

  • Interns also have the chance to learn from more experienced employees by seeking their advice and guidance while interning at the Chemical Industries Education & Training Authority.

Gain a competitive edge in the labor market.

  • Above all, doing your internship at CHIETA will give you an edge, enabling you to be unique among your colleagues and other job candidates.

How to Apply for CHIETA Internship Program

To express your interest in an internship program hosted by the Chemical Industries Education & Training Authority, you must submit your Curriculum Vitae via email to [email protected].

For guidelines about preparing for your internship interview, we have another blog post to help you ace it.

Frequently Asked Questions about CHIETA Internship Program

Can international students apply for internships at CHIETA?

No, students and graduates who are non-citizens of South Africa do not qualify for the internship programs offered by the Chemical Industries Education & Training Authority. Thus, they will have to check for other internship opportunities open to international students in SA.

How long does CHIETA Internship Program last?

Internships at the Chemical Industries Education & Training Authority may last up to 24 months, equivalent to two years. As financial support, CHIETA interns will receive ZAR 7,000 monthly to cover their living expenses during the internship period.

Are there any stipends or allowances provided for CHIETA interns?

Yes, CHIETA pays its interns monthly to provide financial support as they actively participate in ongoing projects and carry out their assigned tasks. Most interns at CHIETA receive a monthly stipend of ZAR 7,000.

What benefits do successful applicants of the CHIETA Internship get?

Students and graduates accepted into CHIETA’s internship program will derive several benefits, such as the opportunity to get exposure to the chemical sector, gather industry-related work experience, and have a professional network.

Are graduates eligible for CHIETA Internship Program?

Yes, South African graduates can express interest in various internship positions at the Chemical Industries Education & Training Authority, provided they fulfill all requirements.


In summary, interning at the Chemical Industries Education & Training Authority will allow you to build a strong foundation for a successful career. It will equip you with the skills and knowledge required to thrive in the chemical sector. The program will also give you a competitive advantage whenever you are in the labor market looking for a job. Were you impressed and enlightened by this article on interning at CHIETA? Feel free to share via social media with your friends and colleagues.

Thanks for reading!