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Do you wish to intern in any field in Nigeria? Then, consider applying for Chevron Nigeria Internship Programs, open to students and recent graduates. These programs impart the skills and professional experiences required to thrive in almost any industry. By interning at Chevron Nigeria Limited, you will be part of a motivated team that will facilitate your career success. Read on for more information about them.

About Chevron Corporation

Chevron Nigeria Limited is among the largest oil producers in Nigeria. It is a subsidiary of Chevron Corporation, a multinational corporation specializing in oil and gas. Chevron’s operations cover hydrocarbon exploration, manufacturing & sales, refining, marketing & transport, chemicals, and power generation.

Overview of Chevron Nigeria Internship Programs

Chevron Nigeria Limited has a variety of internship programs for Nigerian students and graduates who completed their studies within the last two years. These programs run for up to three months, offering a monthly salary of approximately ₦35,000. Interning at Chevron Nigeria Limited provides a wide range of opportunities to expand your knowledge, develop professionally, and ultimately succeed. Undoubtedly, you will be able to learn about Chevron’s corporate affairs and operations through these internship programs. In addition, there’s also a chance to explore the company’s public policy & corporate responsibility, public affairs, human resources, sales development, information technology division, procurement/supply chain, etc.

6 Things to Note about Internships at Chevron Nigeria

  • International students from outside Nigeria cannot intern at Chevron Nigeria Limited.
  • Students and recent graduates can apply for Chevron Nigeria Limited.
  • You can apply online for Chevron’s internship positions.
  • Internships at Chevron Nigeria are financially rewarding and usually held during summer.
  • They last for at least ten weeks and 12 weeks at most.
  • Your subject area is not a criterion to qualify for an internship position at Chevron Nigeria Limited.

Eligibility Criteria for Chevron Nigeria Internship Programs

As you wish to start an internship at Chevron Nigeria Limited, note the following requirements to satisfy them.

  • Must be a Nigerian national
  • Must currently have enrollment in a Nigerian higher education institution or recently graduated within the last two years.
  • Must have an exceptional academic standing
  • Must possess outstanding organizational, communication, and leadership skills
  • Must be passionate about development
  • Must have relevant work experience (optional)

Benefits of Chevron Nigeria Internships

Here are the most notable benefits of interning at Chevron Nigeria Limited.

Career advancement

  • This internship program will enable you to reach your full potential, facilitating your career growth. It will allow you to gain on-the-job experience as you explore Chevron’s facilities and perform actual tasks. Moreover, Chevron interns can attend learning-centered presentations at zero costs.

Financial rewards and perks

  • Chevron interns receive monthly payments for their contributions to the company’s operations and affairs. They will also enjoy perks like free daily transportation and lunches.

Professional network opportunities

  • Another benefit of Chevron Internship Programs for Nigerians is that you will have the chance to create a professional network and connections that are more impactful. Hence, these internship programs will help you get support from important persons, such as Chevron’s senior executives.

Exposure to international markets

  • Interning at Chevron Nigeria will increase your qualifications and broaden your portfolio. It will also make you qualify for many related jobs internationally as a Nigerian.

Encouragement, guidance, and counseling from a mentor

  • You can also have a mentor among Chevron Nigeria staff members and senior executives who would support, guide, and encourage you in areas related to your chosen career. All these come at no cost.

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How to Apply for Chevron Nigeria Internship Programs

To express your interest in one of Chevron’s internship positions in Nigeria, you must undertake the following steps consecutively.

Step 1: Registration and application

Everyone who wants to intern at Chevron Nigeria must apply through their university or alma mater. Chevron Internship programs for Nigerian students and recent graduates are open to select universities. If your school is not part of the listed institutions, you will have to get a referral from a current Chevron employee, attend a career fair at a close-by school, or a technical/diversity conference.

Step 2: Gear up for your internship interview

After submitting your internship application, you will receive a notification from your school or alma mater between two to four weeks. It will require you to attend an internship interview.

Step 3: Attend your interview

Subsequently, you will have to attend an interview, typically on the premise of Chevron Nigeria Limited. We have a blog post to guide you in preparing for your internship interview.

Frequently Asked Questions about Chevron Nigeria Internship

Are international students eligible for Chevron Nigeria Internship?

No, students and recent graduates who are non-citizens of the Federal Republic of Nigeria are ineligible for an internship position at Chevron Nigeria Limited. Therefore, they will have to opt for another internship program available to international students.

How much does Chevron pay undergraduate interns in Nigeria?

Chevron Nigeria Limited pays undergraduate students registered in its internship programs a monthly salary of ₦35,000, valued at ₦420,000 yearly.

How long is the Chevron Nigeria Internship?

The internship programs hosted by Chevron Nigeria Limited in Lagos State run for 10 to 12 weeks in summer. They are exclusively open to students and recent graduates of Nigerian nationality.

Are there any benefits associated with being an intern at Chevron Nigeria?

Yes, Chevron Nigeria Limited, Lagos, interns enjoy several benefits and perks. These include a monthly stipend, free daily transportation, and lunches.

What skills do I need to qualify for the Chevron Nigeria Internship?

To qualify for an internship role at Chevron Nigeria Limited, you must be a Nigerian citizen or recent graduate with excellent academic achievements, as well as good leadership, organizational, and communication skills. Without having one of these skills, you will likely be unable to get an internship position at Chevron, as you are not qualified.


To sum up, Chevron Nigeria Internship Programs are one of the best options available to Nigerian students and recent graduates seeking a way to grow professionally. They offer massive opportunities, such as giving invaluable experience and expanding your knowledge. These programs will also allow you to explore Chevron Nigeria Limited from a fresh perspective, with a chance to apply your knowledge and have a network of industry leaders. Above all, internships at Chevron are under the supervision of senior executives and with support from well-versed professionals. So why not clear your doubts that Chevron Nigeria Internship Programs are not the best way to jumpstart your career in any field? Instead, Apply Now and take a chance.