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Do you long to become a consultant? If so, you can plan for a successful career by participating in Charles River Associates Internship Program to leave after six months at most, with new skills, a better understanding of the consulting industry, hands-on experience, and a professional relationship. This blog post will give insights into the procedures of becoming an intern at Charles River Associates, including the potential benefits, requirements, and more. You can use these resources to prepare yourself for success in the consulting industry.

Overview of Charles River Associates Internship

Charles River Associates has diverse internship opportunities for students and recent graduates across all fields. It offers a chance for participants to learn directly from industry experts, gain hands-on experience, and enhance their skills. Simultaneously, you will get financial rewards, regardless of your internship position at Charles River Associates. Internships at CRA International last for three to six months and may start any time in the year, even though they typically start in summer.

About Charles River Associates

Headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, USA, Charles River Associates, also called CRA International, Inc., is a management consulting services company established in 1965. It has 21 offices across many countries. The company’s expertise covers life sciences, antitrust & competition economics, financial accounting & valuation, insurance economics, aerospace & defense, forensic services, labor & employment, financial economics, mergers & acquisitions, intellectual property, financial markets, etc.

Benefits of Participating in the Charles River Associates Internship

You can expect to derive the following benefits from the internship program hosted by Charles River Associates.

Financial benefits

  • CRA pays regular salaries to interns, estimated at $4,400 monthly. All interns receive salaries at Charles River Associates, no matter their position in the company.

Free training experience

  • Interns at CRA do not have to pay any fee to learn directly from industry experts, as well as improve their skills by attending Tech Lab workshops and development sessions. Besides, you will gain hands-on experience working together in a team.

Enlarge your network

  • Charles River Associates interns can develop relationships as they work with the company’s helpful and supportive staff. These relationships are highly beneficial when looking for a job and may bring future business partners.

Mentoring and performance management

  • Interns will also get mentorship from their development team at Charles River Associates. The team consists of an experienced worker and a senior executive mentor. They will constantly monitor your development, evaluate your performance, and help strategize attaining your career goals.

Enhance your skillset

  • There are vast opportunities for CRA interns to improve their skills as they conduct various research and analyze data using spreadsheets and databases.

Eligibility Criteria for Charles River Associates Internship

To qualify for any internship position at CRA International, Inc., you must:

  • Be a full-time student at the undergraduate or graduate level.
  • Have impressive academic achievements
  • Prove your interest in consulting by attending the company’s recruiting events or through activities, coursework, or work experience.
  • Be an analytical thinker who utilizes innovative methods for unusual issues.
  • Possess exceptional time management skills and be able to prioritize tasks effectively.
  • Have high proficiency in verbal and written communication skills
  • Possess excellent teamwork skills and leadership attributes.

How to Apply for the Charles River Associates Internship Program

Are you now interested in applying for an internship position at Charles River Associates? You will have to undertake the following steps successively.

Step 1: Check for internship openings currently available at CRA International

Step 2: Click on your preferred position

  • This step requires you to click the specific internship position you wish to fill for the company.

Step 3: Complete the online application form and submit

  • At this stage, you will have to fill out the application form available when you scroll down the internship position’s webpage. After providing the required information, click the Submit Application button, and that’s all. You can now start making extensive preparations toward passing your internship interview.

Preparing Documents Required to Apply for CRA Internships

If you wish to express your interest in one of Charles River Associates’ internship positions, prepare the following documents for submission.


  • Charles River Associates requires each individual applying for its open internship positions to provide their transcripts of study, regardless of if they are pursuing an undergraduate or graduate program.


  • Students and recent graduates who want to apply for internships at Charles River Associates must provide a resume featuring their qualifications, email, residential address, and phone number.

Cover letter

  • The last document needed while applying for an open internship position at CRA International is a cover letter detailing your interest in the company and how the position corresponds with your career objectives. The cover letter can also include your preferred practice or location.

CRA Internship Interview Tips

Here are four (4) tips to help you ace your internship interview at Charles River Associates.

Research Charles River Associates and get to know its entire operations.

  • Learning more about CRA and its specializations can enable you to pass your internship interview, as the HR manager or interviewer may focus all questions on these areas.

Practicing how to answer the interview questions

  • By understanding the type of questions commonly asked in CRA’s internship interviews, you will be able to provide perfect answers, improving your chances of being accepted.

Samples of these questions are as follows.

  • Discuss a time you encountered a data problem and how you resolved it
  • Audit a sample data based on a memo provided.
  • What are the programming languages you know?

Be professionally dressed

  • Wear well-ironed official clothes, minimal makeup, and jewelry to look dapper when going for your CRA internship interview.

Be confident

  • Another thing to be aware of while planning to attend CRA’s internship interview is your self-confidence, requiring you to remain assertive throughout your session. You will also have to maintain a good posture and sit up straight.

Frequently Asked Questions

What roles are open to interns at Charles River Associates?

Students and recent graduates can apply for various roles at CRA International, Inc. These include interning as a cyber & forensic technology consultant, data analyst/analytics consultant, forensic accounting consultant, senior associate (Ph.D.), strategy & management consultant, competition practice consulting intern, energy practice analyst, life sciences intern, and life sciences practice consulting intern.

Does Charles River Associates pay interns?

Yes, interns receive salaries like other employees at CRA International, Inc. Their average monthly salary is $4,400.

What skills do I need to qualify for Charles River Associates Internship?

You must have high levels of various skills to qualify for an internship position at Charles River Associates. Such skills include communication, time management, and teamwork skills.

How long does Charles River Associates Internship last?

The duration of Charles River Associates’ internships varies, ranging from three to six months.

Are international students eligible for internships at Charles River Associates?

Yes, international students from different worlds can apply for open internship positions at Charles River Associates. The application process is the same for everyone interested in the program.


Making the most of the tips and guidelines in the blog post will help you win your desired internship position at Charles River Associates. In return, you will be able to learn more about consulting, gain hands-on experience, build a meaningful network, and own a skillset that is advantageous for your future career. If there is anything we missed in this blog post, kindly inform us through Scholarships World contact us page.