Chandigarh university scholarships

Chandigarh University Scholarships: Application & Value

Numerous Chandigarh University scholarships are available for over 100 academic programs (undergraduate and graduate) in Chandigarh University. Providing scholarships for domestic and international students aligns with Chandigarh University’s mission to provide high educational standards and credentials for students across the globe.

To qualify for any Chandigarh University Scholarships, applicants must enroll in any academic program at Chandigarh University. The applicant must also have very high scores in CUCET.

Who sponsors Chandigarh University Scholarships? 

Chandigarh University Scholarships are initiatives of Chandigarh University, India. Chandigarh University solely sponsors the scholarships available to domestic and international students.

Sometimes, state and non-state actors contribute to sponsoring the Chandigarh University Scholarships.

Overview of Chandigarh University 

Chandigarh University is an Indian private university that offers bachelor, graduate, and postgraduate degrees. This institution is in Mohali, Punjab, India. Chandigarh University is a leading Indian institution offering a rare combination of academic and practical brilliance in education.

Chandigarh University collaborates with over 400 prominent universities to provide learning possibilities to students from a global perspective. Its broad range of curricula combined with adaptability, hands-on learning, and an interdisciplinary focus liberate students to explore their passions and seek their ideal vocations. Chandigarh University has an exceptional and inspiring academic program created to meet high educational standards throughout the world. 

Overview of India

India is a largely populated country occupying most parts of South Asia in the Asian continent. It is inhabited by about 1.37 billion inhabitants and is the second most populated country in the world. 

India shares borders with Bhutan, China, and Nepal, to the north, Pakistan to the northwest, and Bangladesh and Burma/Myanmar to the northeast. The city of New Delhi is India’s capital and largest city. 

India is a fast-growing major economy in the world. Services account for 55% of its GDP, while agriculture accounts for 16%. English, Hindi, and Urdu are its official languages. But there are about 22 constitutionally recognized languages.

List of Scholarships offered by Chandigarh University 

Scholarships available at Chandigarh University, India, are as follows;

1. Chandigarh University Common Entrance Test (CUCET) 

The Chandigarh University Common Entrance Test is available to brilliant and curious young minds from all over the nation. This financial aid gives students with outstanding performance in their previous academic study the chance to study in the most diversified institution in India.

It aims to recognize the talent and potential of young aspirants by awarding them Rs. 45 Crores through the scholarship year.

2. Post Graduate Scholarship for Professional Courses for SC/ST

Chandigarh University initiated the Post Graduate Scholarship for Professional Courses keeping in view the social background of candidates from the deprived section of society. The scholarship gives students the opportunity to undertake postgraduate academic studies in courses like Engineering & Technology, Management, Pharmacy etc.

The financial assistance is available to only 1000 candidates pursuing postgraduate studies at Chandigarh University.

3. Pre-Earned Credit Program Scholarship

The Pre-Earned Credit Program Scholarship provides academic fees of up to 50% to an eligible student of Chandigarh University. However, the students must satisfy the criteria below after appearing in Coding Boot Camp Certification Test.

For BE CSE/IT Courses, 

  • 50% academic fee for the semester for scoring between 95 to 100 marks

  • 40% academic fee for having between 90 to 94 marks

  • 30% academic fee for aggregates between 80 to 90 marks

  • 20% academic fee for scores between 70 to 79 marks

  • 10% academic fee for scores between 60 to 69 marks

For IBM Collaborative Courses

  • 25% academic fee for the semester for scoring between 95 to 100 marks

  • 20% academic fee for aggregates between 90 to 94 marks

  • 15% academic fee for scores between 80 to 89 marks

  • 10% academic fee for grades between 70 to 79 marks

  • 5% academic fee for having scores between 60 to 69 marks

Students eligible for the Pre-Earned Credit Program Scholarship can receive one scholarship at a time.

4. Merit Scholarship Schemes 

    • Engineering Courses Scholarship- students with outstanding performances and a maximum of 5% of total intake seats in each course are eligible to apply.
    • Scholarship Scheme for Graduate Students. The Scholarship Scheme for MBA Students hinges on National Level Entrance Exam. Only students with a maximum of 10% of total intake seats in each course are eligible for a scholarship under this scheme.
      • The scholarship Scheme for Undergraduate Courses is calculated based on the 12th Exam. Only students with a maximum of 10% of intake seats in each course are eligible for a scholarship under this scholarship scheme.
        • Scholarship for Diploma for LEET Courses -Scholarships for Diploma for LEET Courses are awarded based on Diploma marks. Only students with a maximum of 10% of total intake seats in each course are eligible for a scholarship.
          • Scholarship Schemes for PG Courses depend on Graduation marks. 
            • Teaching Assistant Option for M.Sc and ME awards students stipends between Rs.5000 to Rs.8000 per month. 
              • Students who have participated in National Children’s Science Congress are eligible for a 100% fee waiver for any undergraduate course undertaken at Chandigarh University.
                • CGPA Based Scholarship-Students with a cumulative GPA of 9.0 and above are eligible for a 10% academic fee waiver at Chandigarh University.

                  Scholarship Benefits

                  Value of Scholarships

                  Chandigarh University Scholarships offer partial and full-tuition fees to deserving students. The scholarship does not cater to transportation, feeding, accommodation and health expenses.

                  Number of Available Scholarships

                  The number of available scholarships is unknown for most scholarships. 

                  Amount of Scholarships

                  The amount that the Chandigarh University Scholarships grant to recipients is unknown for most scholarships. Notwithstanding, some scholarship schemes grant Rs.5000 to Rs.8000 to qualified participants.

                  Duration of Scholarships

                  Chandigarh University Scholarships are renewable every year.

                  Applicable Courses

                  Chandigarh University Scholarships are available for all academic programs and courses at the university.

                  Applicable courses include;

                  Eligibility Criteria

                  • Chandigarh University Scholarships are available to bonafide students of the institution.
                  • The scholarship recipients must be undertaking academic programs at the school.
                  • Awardees must have outstanding performances in their academic programs. Also, they must maintain excellent performance throughout the scholarship period.

                  General Requirements 

                  • Degree transcripts
                  • High school transcripts (for diploma courses)
                  • Letters of endorsement 
                  • International Passport
                  • Passport-size photo
                  • Curriculum Vitae
                  • Language Proficiency Certificate 

                  Fees & Funding

                  Can Chandigarh University cancel my scholarship?

                  Yes, the university can cancel your scholarship due to many reasons as;

                  • Failure to pass their first-year postgraduate course
                  • Discontinuation of studies at Chandigarh university
                  • The awardee is guilty of false information
                  • Awardee fails to maintain an outstanding cumulative GPA in academic years.

                  Is payment for Medical Insurance mandatory for admission to Chandigarh University?

                  Yes, the university cannot admit you if any of the documents for your admission is incomplete. Also, the scholarship only provides your tuition fee for the academic semester. The fixed amount of medical insurance in India is approximately Rs.3500.

                  What do scholarship recipients need to obtain their student visa?

                  If you are a recipient of any Indian government scholarship, obtaining a student visa will not be challenging. The Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) will advise the respective Indian Missions to issue a regular Student Visa to you. But they must first confirm your admission and scholarship claim.

                  Is there any possibility of changing an academic program of choice?

                  Yes, you can change your academic program of choice once you reach the campus before a specified deadline. However, you will lose your scholarship eligibility. 

                  Application Procedure

                  • Eligible candidates for Chandigarh University Scholarships should fill out an online application form on the university scholarship portal.
                  • Upload and submit all required documents.
                  • Wait for a response from the institution.

                  Contact the school at;

                  Chandigarh University,

                  NH-05 Chandigarh-Ludhiana,


                  Mohali, Punjab (INDIA).

                  +91 7626863300

                  +91 7626862200 (Toll free)

                  Email: [email protected]