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Are you looking for a means to develop your skills and gain relevant industry experience in Switzerland? Then, taking part in CERN Short-Term Internship Program can be just what you need to advance your career, irrespective of your country of origin and residence. In fact, you wouldn’t need to worry about your travel cost and accommodation, as the organization would cater for them. Besides, Switzerland is a safe place for students and workers, giving you peace of mind throughout your internship. Read on to learn more about this internship program for undergraduates of all nationalities.

Overview of the CERN Short-Term Internship Program

CERN offers a limited number of short-term internship programs every year to promote the professional development of undergraduate students from all parts of the world. The duration of these programs ranges from one to six months. CERN’s Short-Term Internship Program is all-expense-paid, offering numerous financial benefits and perks, including a monthly stipend. The internship takes place in Geneva, Switzerland, and has an online application process.

About CERN

The European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) is an intergovernmental organization headquartered in Meyrin, Geneva, Switzerland. Founded in 1954, it has the world’s largest particle physics laboratory. CERN’s Member States include Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Austria, Finland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Israel, Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, Denmark, Serbia, France, Spain, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Hungary, Norway, and Sweden.

CERN also has ten associate members. These include Estonia, Turkey, Latvia, Croatia, India, Ukraine, Lithuania, Slovenia, Cyprus, and Pakistan.

Benefits of Participating in the CERN Short-Term Internship Program

There are many benefits of interning at the European Organization for Nuclear Research through its short-term internship program.

Here are a few of them.

Financial benefits

  • This internship program offers financial rewards to all participants without limiting beneficiaries to specific nationalities or other protected characteristics. Therefore, you will earn a lot of money for interning for a short term at CERN.

Learning opportunities

  • Working at CERN via this internship program will also help you improve your knowledge as you get to do new things.

Professional networking opportunities

  • A short-term internship at CERN offers a chance to get a robust professional network of industry leaders and other persons that would positively impact your career in one way or the other.

Practical knowledge and skills development

  • Another opportunity you’ll get during a short-term internship at the European Organization for Nuclear Research is to practicalize all you learned in classes. In addition, you will be able to develop your industry skills.

Access to a mentor

  • Participating in a short-term internship at CERN will also give you access to a mentor for encouragement, support, guidance, and advice related to your career.

Eligibility Criteria for CERN Short-Term Internship Program

Before applying for the short-term internship program offered by CERN, make sure you satisfy the following requirements.

Age requirements

  • CERN offers its short-term internship program only to students at least 18 years old. Thus, you are ineligible for this program if you are under 18, even if you meet other criteria.

Academic and professional qualifications

  • Must be a college or university student with full-time enrollment in an undergraduate program
  • Be majoring in materials science, applied physics, computing, ultra-high vacuum, safety & surveying, radiation protection, mathematics, instrumentation, environmental protection, scientific communication, mechanical, electronics, electricity, or civil engineering.

Language requirements

  • Students planning to apply for this internship program must be adept at communicating in English, French, or both languages.

Other criteria

  • You must prove that you’ll return to school after completing the internship program.
  • Your proposed internship at CERN must be essential to your academic program.

How to Apply for CERN Short-Term Internship Program

Students interested in this internship program offered by the European Organization for Nuclear Research will have to complete an online application. Since there is no deadline, they can apply at their convenience, provided they meet the program’s requirements. Be sure you proofread your internship application, as you cannot modify it after submission.

After submitting your internship application, start preparing for your internship interview, as it guarantees your chances for consideration.

If accepted, CERN’s Internship Program Coordinator will notify you and provide further details regarding your participation.

Document(s) Required to Apply for this Program

To apply for CERN Short-Term Internship Program, you only need to provide a well-written Curriculum Vitae in English or French.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are international students eligible to apply for CERN Short-Term Internship?

Yes, students from all countries can express their interest in the short-term internship program hosted by the European Organization for Nuclear Research.

Is CERN Short-Term Internship paid?

Yes, each participant of CERN’s short-term internship program will receive a monthly stipend of a considerable amount. You can afford your internet, meals, transport, and other personal expenses with such an amount.

What do interns do at CERN?

Interns have several duties to perform at the European Organization for Nuclear Research, such as visiting the organization’s facilities, attending lectures and workshops, as well as participating in discussions.

How long does CERN Short-Term Internship Program last?

CERN’s short-term internship program varies in duration from person to person. They run for any time ranging from one to six months. Note that the European Organization for Nuclear Research 

Can Ph.D. students apply for CERN Short-Term Internship Program?

No, doctorate students are not eligible to apply for the short-term internship program provided by European Organization for Nuclear Research.


Participating in CERN’s Short-Term Internship is immensely beneficial, just as the Summer Internship Program hosted by the same organization. It will enable you to kick-start your career, having acquired various skills, enormous knowledge, and relevant industry experience. Since CERN accepts only a few interns yearly, you may check out other internship opportunities posted on our blog and submit multiple applications to increase your chances of becoming an intern this year. Good luck!