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The Centene Internship Program is an opportunity for students in the healthcare discipline with tech skills to gain first-hand knowledge and practical experience in delivering healthcare solutions to provide quality healthcare interventions to their communities and the world. Through this program, students will gain the opportunity to work directly with Centene‚Äôs leadership team and acquire valuable skills such as problem-solving, communication, and collaboration while in-depth understanding how healthcare and other industry works.

By the way, Centene offers internships in other fields, including finance, accounting, communications, marketing, operations, and IT. Interested candidates may want to check the company’s career website to apply.

About Centene

Centene Corporation is a healthcare industry based in St Louis, Missouri, and was established in 1984 by Elizabeth Brinn. This company is known for its commitment to delivering quality healthcare services and expanding access to healthcare for underserved communities. Also, it runs a comprehensive wellness program that includes preventive care, nutrition education, and disease management services.

In 2021, Centene ranked 26 as a Fortune 500 company and has provided healthcare solutions to individuals and families for over 30 years. Among the services it provides are

  • ACA Health insurance marketplace
  • Medicaid
  • Medicare
  • Tricare
  • Correctional Healthcare

Centene has grown from a regional health plan to a multistate healthcare organization with a presence in all the states. It also has a joint venture with Community Health Centers Network LP, which jointly provides services for Medicaid recipients. Centene still has other engagements and works with various healthcare providers, local governments, and other organizations to ensure everyone has access to quality healthcare. 

Overview of the Centene Internship Program

Internships are sure ways to fast-track a great career, especially those difficult disciplines that are hard to thrive in. We have offered many career solutions by providing well-researched internship opportunities for different career fields. For example, students from the biomedical engineering disciple can launch their careers by applying for the biomedical engineering internship program. Now, for the students interested in the Centene internship, it is a 12-week-long program where everyone is treated fairly and equally. It allows the interns to rediscover their purpose and give them a chance to individually make an impact on members and the communities they serve.  

Furthermore, it is open to all students interested in a career in the healthcare industry, regardless of their level of education. So, undergraduate and graduate students can apply.

For the undergraduate interns

Since the internship takes place in the summer, all undergraduate interns will be challenged to engage in real-time business initiatives. Interns will be required to develop valuable and meaningful skills through working alongside passionate workers pushing to transform the community’s health.

The graduate interns

Graduate students participating in the internship program will work with various company departments. The program will be a great addition, especially to students going for their master‚Äôs in Business Administration (MBA), Master’s in Public Health (MPH), Master of Health Administration (MHA), or other advanced courses. In the program, graduate interns must develop skills in all the areas they work in the company.

What interns will experience at the Centene internship program

  • Opt-in mentoring program with emerging talent and former interns
  • Real integration into the team as a full-time resource for the summer 
  • Capstone project presentation and recognition

Types of exposure the Centene internship will bring to the interns

  • Executive leadership workshops
  • Executive networking
  • Peer-to-peer networking

Other internship programs from Centene Group

Even as a healthcare company, Centene group hosts internships for students in various academic and career fields, even in tech. 

Test Data Management Summer Internship for Undergraduates

This is a full-time, 12-week intense internship program where interns will gain exposure to the latest tools available at Centene company and how these tools are instrumental to the transformation of health in the community, one person at a time. Also, the internship program could be attended fully remotely if necessary.

The purpose of the Test Data Management Summer Internship at Centene

The internship aims to allow undergraduate students to learn about the various processes and functions of the Managed Care industry and grow in how to professionally contribute to the projects supporting the business.

What will interns gain in the program?

Aside from learning extensively about the host company, interns will

  • Receive talent certification
  • Understand the Agile process
  • Support data request
  • Applying academic knowledge and learning new skills by contributing to various ongoing projects.
  • Attend quality training and development presentations to enhance professional competencies.

Qualifications for the internship

  • Candidate must hold a high school diploma or equivalent
  • Candidate must be enrolled in an undergraduate course at any accredited college or university and preferably be studying data science or computer science.
  • Experience in Java, Linux, or PL/SQL is a great advantage.

End User Experience internship

End User Experience internship is a 12-week long program that allows 100% remote participation from anywhere in the United States.

Purpose of the internship

The program is to support end-user experience by engaging the interns with technology. This will help them understand the product road maps, recognize opportunities and increase their knowledge of the technology suite. More so, to align these End User technology communications and marketing to ongoing techs and changes in the industry.

Qualification for the End User Experience internship

  • Candidates must possess a high school qualification like a diploma or its equivalent.
  • Be studying in an accredited college or university.
  • Be studying Business Administration, Communication, Storytelling, or any other qualified related field. 

Machine Learning Engineering Graduate Internship

Centene is hosting this internship with a particular goal: to attract Machine Learning Engineer interns to help build and improve the company’s Machine Learning models, MLOps platform, and Machine Learning services.

What makes this role attractive

The selected interns will experience the end-to-end model and software lifecycle in their line of work. This program will permit interns to work in a highly collaborative team using the Agile Scrum and Advanced Machine Learning tools.

Where will the End-toEnd User interns be posted?

The interns will mainly work on the Machine Learning platform team in the company’s predictive environment.

What the team members will be working on?   

  • The graduate interns will focus on the Machine Learning platform team in the company‚Äôs Predictive Analytics and Cloud Engineering (PACE) group.
  • To develop predictive models on large-scale datasets to address several business issues with statistical modeling, machine learning, and analytics techniques.
  • Build, develop, and implement scalable, efficient, and interpretable modeling algorithms that work with large-scale production data.
  • To collaborate with the Machine Learning Operations Platform team to improve cloud-based services for the company’s Data Science and Machine Learning Communities.
  • Interns will learn different job functions within the Managed Care industry and explore many career opportunities.
  • Applying academic knowledge and learning new skills by contributing to various projects.
  • Research different legal, regulatory, and other topics within functional areas and the industry. 
  • Attend various training and development presentations to enhance professional competencies.

Educational qualifications

  • Candidates must have Bachelor‚Äôs degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or a related course.
  • Candidate must be enrolled in a graduate program at any accredited college or university in eligible courses like Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, or similar programs.

Qualified skills necessary for the Machine Learning Graduate Internship

  • Programming Languages: Python, R, SQL, Bash
  • Operating System: Linux
  • Exposure to multiple Machine Learning Techniques, for example, Decision Trees, Random Forrest, Deep Learning, XGBoost, Linear Regression, Classification, Clustering, Natural Language Processing, Neural Nets, and Reinforcement Learning.
  • Exposure to Machine Learning Frameworks such as TensorFlow, PyTorch, Scikit, etc.
  • Those with experience with Databricks, Jupyter Notebooks, JupyterHub, RStudio, Containerization (Docker), Kubernetes, Version Control (git), CI/CD, APIs, Batch, Shell scripting, Modelling techniques, Software Development Lifecycles.
  • Candidates familiarity with cloud computing concepts, AWS, CloudFormation, Terraform

Frequently Asked Questions for Centene internship

What types of internships are available at Centene?

Centene offers a variety of internship opportunities across multiple departments, including: 

  • Information Technology
  • Data and Reporting
  • Actuarial, Business Development
  • Compliance, Corporate Development
  • Human Resources
  • Health Plan Operations
  • Market Analytics
  • Network Management
  • Provider Relations
  • Quality Analytics & Improvement
  • Application Integration Engineer
  • Supply Chain & Logistics.

How long is the Centene internship program?

The Centene Internship Program for undergraduates and graduates typically lasts ten to twelve weeks.

What qualities and skills will I gain during a Centene internship?

During a Centene internship, you will gain a range of valuable skills and qualities, such as: 

  • Leadership: You will learn how to work with teams and manage projects. 
  • Communication: Interns will learn to communicate effectively in both written and oral forms.
  • Problem-Solving skill: At the Centene internship program, you will develop the ability to identify issues, brainstorm solutions, and implement the right and valuable solutions. 
  • Technological skill: During the program, interns will learn how to navigate various software and technologies. 
  • Interpersonal skill; You will be able to interact with different types of people and professionals from different fields and departments and build relationships. 
  • Time Management: Develop the skills to manage multiple tasks, prioritize activities, and deliver when due.

What is the selection process for Centene internships?

The selection process for Centene internships varies depending on the type of internship being applied for.

Are there networking and development opportunities offered by Centene during internships?

Yes, Centene offers networking and development opportunities to its interns, like, educational and mentoring programs, workshops, and networking events that allow interns to develop their professional skills and knowledge. Also, Centene provides its interns with access to its corporate resources, which include career advisors and mentors who can provide guidance and advice.


Centene offers equal employment opportunities to all deserving candidates without regard to religion, race, color, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, nationality, disability, veteran status, or any other characteristics. So, nothing should stop you if you have what it takes to apply for any Centene internship program.