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Are you looking for a way to get a head start as a tech savvy person? Then, CcHUB Internship Program can offer the massive opportunities you need to thrive in a technology-oriented industry. The program targets graduate students in Nigeria, requiring them to work in-office for up to six months, with a monthly stipend.

Overview of the CcHUB Internship Program

Co-Creation Hub (CcHUB) has an internship program available to Nigerians who recently graduated from an accredited university. With a six-month duration, recent Nigerian graduates willing to commit to this period can apply for the program. Undoubtedly, participating in the CcHUB Internship Program will help you develop a career in project management, research, community management, and communications. To be part of this program, you must have completed studies from a recognized university and the NYSC program.

About Co-Creation Hub Nigeria

Headquartered in Yaba, Lagos State, Nigeria, Co-Creation Hub (CcHUB) is a technology-driven centre established by Bosun Tijani and Femi Longe in 2010. CcHUB’s operations began as a social innovation centre in 2011. It offers a platform for tech-savvy Nigerians to share ideas that resolve the country’s social issues.

Benefits of the CcHUB Internship Program

Doing your internship at Co-Creation Hub Nigeria will enable you to realize numerous benefits, some of which are as follows.

Financial benefits of the CcHUB Internship

  • As CcHUB offers a paid internship, Nigerian graduates who participate in the program will earn money monthly, which will help to cover their living expenses during the internship period.

Opportunities to develop your skills

  • Interning at Co-Creation Hub will allow you to improve your research, project management, community management, or communication skills, depending on your internship’s focus area. Hence, you will acquire work experience through CcHUB’s internship program.

Grow your knowledge as you learn.

  • Another benefit of interning at CcHUB is the opportunity to grow your knowledge and learn throughout the program’s six-month duration. Moreover, you will learn the skills necessary to succeed in a contemporary workplace.

Career guidance and advisory through mentorship

  • CcHUB interns can also get free career advice and guidance from one of the company’s employees who act as their mentor during the program.

Build your network and CV.

  • CcHUB Internship Program is also beneficial to Nigerian graduates in growing their network, as they associate with creative professionals and industry leaders. Furthermore, the program boosts their Curriculum Vitae, enhancing their chances of getting a job after graduation.

Qualifications to Apply for CcHUB Internship Program

To be eligible for internships at Co-Creation Hub Nigeria, you must satisfy the criteria outlined below.

  • Be a Nigerian citizen.
  • Must have recently earned an academic degree from a university accredited by the National Universities Commission (NUC). Besides, you must have completed the one-year NYSC program.
  • Must be intelligent, innovative, and able to work independently
  • Must possess communication and problem-solving skills
  • Must be willing to learn new things

Important Documents Needed for CcHUB Internship Program

To express your interest in CcHUB’s internship program for Nigerians, you must hold the following documents to support your application.

A valid means of identification

  • One of the documents required to apply for CcHUB’s internship is the photocopy of a valid Nigerian identity card or document, such as a national id card, permanent voter’s card, or driver’s license.

Evidence of completing university education

  • You must also provide a duplicate of your university education certificate while applying for an internship program at Co-Creation Hub Nigeria.

NYSC discharge certificate or exemption letter

  • All Nigerians applying to intern at Co-Creation Hub must have completed the one-year National Youth Service Corps program for graduates. Thus, you will have to provide a discharge certificate or exemption letter from the program. If you graduated before 30 years old and currently not serving the armed forces or Nigerian Police Force, you must participate in NYSC. Upon the program’s completion, you will receive the discharge certificate from the local government where you served.

On the contrary, an NYSC exemption letter is mandatory for students who do not have to participate in the program due to their age, among other criteria.

How to Apply for CcHUB Internship Program

By undertaking the steps below one after the other, you can become an intern at Co-Creation Hub Nigeria.

Step 1: Choose a focus area

  • This step requires you to select a focus area for the internship program; Available options include project management, community management, research, and communications. Then click the Apply Now button under the focus area you’ve chosen.

Step 2: Fill out and submit your internship application to CcHUB

  • Provide each information required when filling out the form. Afterward, you must submit the completed form via the platform and wait for CcHUB to review it.

Step 3: Undergo Group Assessment

  • At this stage, you will have to participate in a group assessment on paper that allows the company to determine whether you are culturally and behaviorally fit.

Step 4: Unit Assessment

  • This step requires you to complete an assignment and undergo an in-person interview within the company’s premises.

Step 5: Resume work once accepted

  • As soon as Co-Creation Hub accepts you as an intern, you must complete some paperwork and take on the internship position.

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Frequently Asked Questions about CcHUB Internship Program

How long does the CcHUB Internship last?

The internship program offered by Co-Creation Hub Nigeria lasts for only six months. It is open to Nigerians who graduated from accredited private or public universities.

What kind of benefits will I receive during the CcHUB Internship?

CcHUB interns will receive a wide range of benefits during their internship program. These include a monthly stipend, opportunities for networking, work experience, and skills development.

Can I work remotely as an intern at CcHUB?

No, you can take remote jobs as an intern at Co-Creation Hub, as the company requires all interns to visit its office to carry out their daily duties.

Are CcHUB Internships open to undergraduate students?

No, undergraduate students cannot participate in the internship program available at Co-Creation Hub Nigeria, as it is exclusively open to graduate students.

Can I intern at CcHUB without completing NYSC?

No, you must complete the NYSC program before you can be eligible to apply for an internship at Co-Creation Hub Nigeria.


CcHUB Internships are your best bet if you are a Nigerian graduate with a keen interest in technology. The program’s six-month duration will impressively influence your career, making it easy to succeed as a newbie in the industry. In addition, interns can expect to have a chance to learn more in-office, grow their knowledge, get career guidance & advice, as well as to develop their skills, network, and qualifications. Are you bothered by how to get started? First, check if you have met the requirements above, then proceed with the application procedures.