Cbs scholarships

CBS Scholarships: Application, Eligibility, and Funding

CBS scholarships are a range of partially funded scholarships available exclusively to MBA students at Copenhagen Business School. These scholarships provide financial support to non-Danish students regarding CBS Denmark tuition fees.

List of Scholarships Open to MBA Students at Copenhagen Business School

Below are various scholarships available to MBA students at CBS, Denmark.

1. CBS Executive Scholarship of Excellence

Copenhagen Business School students can also apply for this scholarship provided they possess great academic performance. Another criterion to qualify for this scholarship is that your background and working experience must promote diversity in the class.

To qualify for the CBS Executive Scholarship of Excellence, you must meet not less than three of these criteria.

  • Outstanding academic achievements
  • Possess international experience
  • Attain a GMAT score, not below 680
  • Leadership talents
  • Remarkable career growth
  • Dedication for sustainability

2. DSEB Scholarship

This Copenhagen Business School scholarship is open to full-time MBA students from many countries. Its funding creates opportunities for non-Danish students to further their education in CBS, Denmark.

3. Waldemar Schmidt Scholarship

This CBS scholarship is open only to Brazilian citizens enrolled full-time in a Master in Business Administration degree program. Students seeking this scholarship’s consideration must contact the Admissions Manager for an interview to determine their prospects.

4. E-Fellows Scholarship

Copenhagen Business School collaborates with E-fellows to avail this scholarship to MBA students. The scholarship offers a 40% partial tuition funding every academic year to an alum of the e-fellows network.

Who Sponsors CBS Scholarships?

Copenhagen Business School single-handedly funds most of its scholarships. Moreover, it cooperates with external organizations to fund some scholarships or allows such organizations to be the sole sponsor of certain scholarships. These include the Danish Society for Education and Business (DSEB).

Overview of the Danish Society for Education and Business

DSEB is the founder of the first educational institution of commerce in Denmark, which facilitated the establishment of Copenhagen Business School. It focuses on supporting education and is well-known for its scholarships for international students.

Overview of Copenhagen City

Copenhagen is Denmark’s capital and densest populated city, with a population of over 809,000. The city is also the country’s political, economic, and cultural hub. Famous tourist attractions in Copenhagen include the National Museum of Denmark, the Round Tower, Rosenborg Castle, Christiansborg Palace, Copenhagen Zoo, National Aquarium Denmark, Designmuseum Denmark, and the King’s Garden.

Copenhagen Business School (CBS) is a public institution of higher learning established in 1917 in this beautiful city. Its campus is among the largest in Denmark and Europe at large. CBS campus is home to more than 20,000 students, including those from outside Denmark. Numerous undergraduate and graduate business programs are available to Copenhagen Business School students. MBA students have various scholarships open to them at CBS.

Scholarship Benefits

How Much are CBS Scholarships?

The award amount per Copenhagen Business School scholarship is unspecific, as it varies depending on the specific scholarship.

How Many Students Receive CBS Scholarships?

Many Master of Business Administration degree students receives scholarships from Copenhagen Business School every academic year.

Are CBS Scholarships Fully Funded or Partially Funded?

The scholarships available to Copenhagen Business School students offer partial funding for their tuition fees. It provides up to a 50 percent tuition fee waiver for MBA students at CBS.

Duration of CBS Scholarships

Copenhagen Business School scholarships are awarded annually to eligible students. Besides, only MBA students qualify to apply for these scholarships.

Applicable Courses

What Fields of Study are CBS Scholarships Meant For?

Copenhagen Business School awards numerous scholarships to students unrestrictedly regarding their fields of study.

The following are the fields that CBS programs cut across.

  • Business Start-Up and Development
  • Economics and Maths
  • International Business Relations
  • Communication in Companies
  • People in Organisations
  • Society and Politics
  • IT and Information in Companies
  • Languages and Cultures

Can Undergraduate Students Apply for CBS Scholarships?

No, undergraduates, including Bachelor’s degree students, have no scholarship available to them at Copenhagen Business School.

Eligibility Criteria

Below are the general requirements for Copenhagen Business School scholarships.

  • Must be a full-time MBA student of CBS
  • Must possess exceptional academic achievements
  • Must also have great development in your career
  • Should possess leadership skills
  • A GMAT score of not less than 680

Fees & Funding

Does Copenhagen Business School give scholarships?

Yes, Copenhagen Business School offers wide-ranging scholarships to Master in Business Administration students from anywhere in the world.

Is Copenhagen Business School free for international students?

No, Copenhagen Business School does not charge zero tuition fees to non-Danish students. However, international students enrolled at CBS can apply for several scholarships.

Are there Copenhagen Business School Scholarships for international students?

Yes, CBS offers various scholarships to international students from Denmark and beyond.

Are Copenhagen Business School Scholarships easy to win?

No, the scholarships offered at Copenhagen Business School are not easy to win. The reason is that many students also strive to get scholarships from the institution every academic year.

Application Procedure

How to Apply for CBS Scholarships

Copenhagen Business School scholarships require eligible MBA students to apply before its closing date. The application procedures for each CBS scholarship differ.

However, you should apply for your choice of scholarship offered at Copenhagen Business School very early.