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Are you a Kenyan looking for the best finance internships in Kenya 2023, or are you pursuing a career in the Kenyan banking and financial sector? Then, take the first step of your career by participating in CBK Internship Program. The program runs for up to six months, targeting young talents, developing, and preparing them for the labor market. On the contrary, CBK only offers its internship program to graduate degree-seeking students who are nationals of the Republic of Kenya.

10 Things to Note about CBK Internship Program

Students planning to apply for the Central Bank of Kenya Internship Program must note the following information.

  • CBK Internship Program is open only to Kenyans, meaning that international students currently cannot intern at the bank.
  • Internships at CBK last for six months without an opportunity to take a break.
  • CBK will contact only internship applicants shortlisted among other candidates.
  • The bank will only process your internship application if it is complete.
  • The Central Bank of Kenya hires interns to perform a wide range of functions, including banking & payment services, finance, communications, human resources, research, and legal services.
  • Interns receive salaries for working at the Central Bank of Kenya.
  • The bank does not offer automatic employment to students for completing their internship program on its premise. That means you will have to reapply for a job position supposing you wish to work for the Central Bank of Kenya after graduation.
  • There is an application deadline for CBK’s Internship Program, which varies yearly.
  • You will have to pass an internship interview before CBK can welcome you as an intern.
  • CBK Internship Program has an online application process.

Objectives of the CBK Internship Program

The Central Bank of Kenya set up its internship program for specific purposes, which we highlighted hereafter.

  • To groom for employment in the Kenyan banking and financial services industry
  • To offer a unique opportunity for students to perfect their career goals, increase their knowledge, gather work experience, and develop professional networks

Benefits of Interning at CBK

As outlined below, there are numerous reasons and benefits of interning at the Central Bank of Kenya.

  • The program will groom you ahead of the tasks, allowing you to understand your job roles in the banking and financial services industry.
  • Interning at CBK will help you set realistic career goals and grow your professional network as you gain contacts with other bank officials.
  • The internship program also helps to make good career progress by offering an opportunity to acquire work experience and multiply your knowledge.
  • CBK also offers financial rewards to its interns. In this respect, the monthly salary of interns at the Central Bank of Kenya ranges from KES 50,000 to KES 80,000.
  • Interning at the Central Bank of Kenya offers vast exposure to central and commercial banks’ operations.
  • CBK Internship Program gives easy access to a mentor, facilitating your professional development, as you benefit from their advice and resources.

Eligibility Criteria for the CBK Internship Program

As you plan to progress in your career via the Central Bank of Kenya’s internship program, consider satisfying the following requirements before starting the application process.

  • Must be a Kenyan national whose age is between 21 to 29 years old
  • Must hold a bachelor’s or master’s degree certificate from an accredited university. Besides, your field of study must be banking, finance, accounting, social sciences, economics, statistics, management, microfinance, law, or any other related field. However, you can still apply for this internship program if you earned your university degree within the previous two years.
  • Must not have participated in another internship program or possess work experience related to your discipline
  • Must have impressive communication, interpersonal, and problem-solving skills
  • Must tender a letter of recommendation from your school
  • Should be self-motivated, determined, energetic, and single-minded
  • Must possess qualities of a good team player
  • Must be honest, have strong moral principles, and have high levels of professionalism.
  • Should possess good computer literacy skills

How to Apply for the CBK Internship Program

If you are qualified for the internship program offered by the Central Bank of Kenya, you can express your interest by undertaking the application procedures below.

  • Log on to CBK Internship Program’s portal.
  • Then, sign in and attach a filled-out internship application form, copies of your previous education certificates, transcripts, and a recommendation letter from your school. Be sure to apply before the closing date.

Documents Required to Apply for an Internship Program at CBK

A filled-out internship application form

  • Students who want to intern at the Central Bank of Kenya must provide an appropriately filled-out application form for the internship program. Completing this form is the only way to express interest in CBK Internship.

Copies of your previous education certificates and transcripts

  • You will also need to upload electronic copies of your education credentials and transcripts of study to prove your academic standing to CBK.

A recommendation letter from the school you’re enrolled or graduated from

  • The Central Bank of Kenya also requires students applying for its internship program to provide a reference or recommendation letter to support their application.

Frequently Asked Questions about CBK Internship Program

What is the duration of CBK Internships?

The Central Bank of Kenya’s Internship Program has a half-year duration, i.e., it usually lasts six months.

How much does CBK pay interns?

The Central Bank of Kenya pays interns a monthly salary ranging from KES 50,000 to KES 80,000, depending on their job roles.

What qualifications or experience do I need to qualify for a CBK Internship?

To qualify for CBK Internship Program, you must be a Kenyan between 21 to 29 years old and should hold a degree from an accredited university. In addition, you must possess good interpersonal, communication, problem-solving, and computer literacy skills.

Can international students intern at the Central Bank of Kenya?

No, students who are not citizens of the Republic of Kenya are not eligible to apply for internships at the Central Bank of Kenya. The bank only accepts students of Kenyan nationality.

What kind of mentorship and support can I get during a CBK Internship?

Internships at the Central Bank of Kenya come with a monthly stipend and access to a mentor. These are the support enjoyed by CBK interns all through their internship period.


An internship with the Central Bank of Kenya will significantly influence the attainment of your career goals. It will give you a competitive advantage in the banking and financial services industry, not only in Kenya but anywhere else you intend to work in the world. So what’s keeping you waiting? Remember CBK Internship Program has an application deadline; thus, the best time to apply is now.