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Well, so you aced that internship interview. Finally landed that internship you worked so hard to get. Congratulations! You’re ready to go. But wait, what will you wear to work? This question will resonate in subsequent days (or months) if you don’t sit down for a bit and plan your wardrobe for your internship. First, of course, you’d want to look professional if you want your colleagues to take you seriously. So your immediate concern is looking professional in a business casual internship outfit.

What is a Business Casual Internship Outfit?

A business casual internship outfit is a dress code that’s neither informal nor formal. It is an outfit you can wear, look professional and still look casual. It’s an outfit that fits nearly all occasions. Coming to specifics, if an organization has a dress code, they decide what is appropriate clothing and demand that employees meet the standards. For example, some organizations may choose jeans for Fridays or company-branded t-shirts. It is essential to find out the company dress code before starting your internship so that you don’t appear to work on your first day inappropriately dressed. Being inappropriately dressed can mean being overdressed or underdressed. Still, the choice is evident if you have to choose between the two. 

There is no one-size-fits-all definition of a business casual outfit for interns. For example, assume you have secured your dream internship at a law firm. The organization’s dress code will differ from that of a health facility or a fashion house. Therefore, it is vital to determine the organization’s preference before your internship starts.

Is Business Casual Outfit Appropriate for an Internship?

When an organization establishes a dress code for its staff, it is because they want to set up a structure of widely accepted attire that will unify workers. For example, suppose you are interning with an organization that has chosen the business casual outfit dress code. In that case, you have no reason to dress differently. Dressing any other way would mean dressing inappropriately.

Appropriate dressing is important as an intern because it determines how others regard you. For example, suppose you want your employers or colleagues to take you seriously. In that case, you must make your internship worth it by dressing to fit the part. Besides, appropriate dressing is a confidence booster, gives you the right attitude for work, and makes you feel like a part of the team.  

Appropriate Business Casual Internship Outfit for Men

Granted, you can always win with a suit. But other outfits look formal and classy on men. For example, have you tried a white shirt on a pair of black trousers? White shirts can never go out of fashion because they make you look stylish without making an effort.

If you aim for the informal, consider light colors instead of bright colors. Shades like light blue, grey, silver, and cream colors can go for shirts. For trousers, dark colors are appropriate. You may consider wearing a pair of black, dark blue, dark brown, or grey trousers to go with the light-colored tops. You can complete your ensemble with a pair of shoes that match your style.

Appropriate Business Casual Internship Outfit for Women

Women are luckier because they can get away with a bit more color than men. Ladies can afford to wear bright colors if they only wear one piece at a time. Knee-length skirts are decent to wear to work with a blouse, sweater, or casual jacket. Keep your skirts and dresses at knee length, and avoid revealing clothes.

For men and women, it is advisable to keep a pair of blazers somewhere in the office. A blazer will come in handy if you have an impromptu meeting to attend or if you have to attend a formal event. Besides, blazers give off an appearance of a hardworking and confident intern.

Here are must-have Business Casual Internship Outfit

  • Close-fitting dresses
  • Dress shirts
  • Blazers or sports jackets
  • Slacks
  • Khaki pants
  • Pencil skirts
  • Sweaters
  • Dress shoes

Strike these off your Business Casual Outfit List

  • Shorts
  • Sportswear
  • Revealing clothes
  • T-shirts with inappropriate prints
  • Ripped jeans
  • Flip-flops

Budget-friendly strategies for Business Casual Internship Outfits

Maintaining a business casual wardrobe on an intern’s budget can be difficult. However, knowing where, when, and how to shop is the trick. Additionally, you have to cultivate a style that’s uniquely yours. It’s all about the carriage. Here are a few tips to help you dress for less.

1. Know Where to Shop

  • Shop secondhand. Used clothes will save you a lot of money.
  • If there are thrift stores in your area – like Goodwill or the Salvation Army – you can get great options at little or no cost.
  • Subscribe to a monthly clothing rental plan. That way, you can change clothes as often as you want, without keeping them.
  • Online shopping is less expensive than it sounds if you know where to look. Look for online retailers who often make sales.

2. Know When to Shop

  • There are seasonal discounts which are great for looking new for cheap. Go for it!
  • Always visit the clearance section of stores to see what they have on sale. They are way more affordable.

 3. Know How to Shop

  • Choose pieces of attire that you can wear with different looks. Develop your style.
  • Black is always a winner, and white is too. Ensure you buy black pants, skirts or dresses. You can pair these with anything and change your looks while at it.
  • A scarf to hide a collared shirt you wore the other day, or throwing a blazer on your favorite white shirt, will make you look different and classy too!
  • Go classy and chic with accessories like earrings and necklaces to add a needed change to your style.

Frequently Asked Questions

What common mistakes do interns make when dressing business casual on a budget?

One of the common mistakes that interns make when dressing business casual is to wear the same clothes repeatedly. It can be tedious and make you look uninteresting too. So instead, it’s best to mix up your clothes so that you can wear different tops with the same down, and no one will notice. 

How can you stay within your budget while buying business casual clothes for an internship?

If you’re shopping for business casual clothes as an intern, compare prices before buying clothes to ensure you get the best deal. Also, try on different sizes to get the best fitting. This way, you will look elegant with a low budget.

Can I lose my internship if I do not adhere to my employer’s dress code?

Not adhering to your employer’s dress code as an intern is enough to make you lose your internship because you’re giving off the wrong impression. One, you’re giving the impression that you’re not a team player. If you can disregard such a simple rule, you won’t find it hard to defy others. Two, you’re dissatisfied with the way the company is running. Finally, you don’t take orders from anyone. 

Business Casual – A Corporate Decision

In the months to come (during your internship), you will find a lot to learn from observing others. While you’re trying so hard to be the best intern, understand that adopting the organization’s dress code is part of the total package. There are many benefits to gain from your internship, but only if you stick to company policies. A business casual outfit is possible for you as an intern if you plan right and work at it. As an added perk, it’s quite some fun too!