British academy scholarships

British Academy scholarships – Application Guide

Scholars aiming to take their academic research dreams to the UK can look up these British academy scholarships. The same goes for research scholars who need funding and guidance for their research work; the British academy scholarships have a spot for everyone.

The academy gives out about 25 million pounds yearly to aid research scholars worldwide in achieving greatness and getting to the zenith of their careers. In turn, this will bring the British and other nations closer and helps shape the world into a better place.

Furthermore, the academy funds a yearly fellowship movement for 52 UK scholars who study Humanities and Social Sciences. The aim of sponsoring fellows is to promote academic significance among scholars. More so, the academy supports several fellowships with varying expectations and goals.

Some of this funding is for any eligible scholar, while some are for specific scholars from selected demography. In line with this, the scholarships are pretty competitive, and there are strict criteria behind each.

About the British Academy

Dating to 120 years, the British Academy is officially the United Kingdom’s academy for sciences and humanities. The schools get a lot of funding from which they also distribute scholarships, grants, and fund fellowships. In general, it does lots of charitable work for the academic sector in the UK.

Annually, the academy grants scholarships to scholars who major in Humanities and social sciences at different academic stages to promote and motivate them to be more focused and goal-oriented.

Various British Academic Scholarships

1. Postdoctoral Fellowships

This scholarship received funding from the Department of Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy. It is scholars in their early career or postdoctoral stage of their research work in the Humanities or Social sciences fields will receive three-year funding that will aid them in boosting their work and publishing their research.

Scholars from the UK are the most qualified, another applicant from the UK who studied in outside schools can still apply, that includes applicants from the EEA regions. Also, applicants from anywhere in the world can apply so long they demonstrate high intelligence and commitment.

2. The International Interdisciplinary Research 2023

The applicants eligible to apply for this research funding are postdoctoral scholars with backgrounds in Humanities who are researching issues bordering on Global (Dis)Order. Humanities must be at the forefront of this research and positively impact their work.

3. Visiting Fellowships 2023

The scholarship is open to all students worldwide to try for a spot. Successful candidates will move to the UK and begin studies in a higher education institute or conduct research in an eligible institution for six months. 

The scholarship aims to strengthen British ties with other international countries. Also, the scholarship will help these countries to build links between themselves and enable education across different countries. It also aims to strengthen the research bases in Humanities in the UK.

4. Apex Awards

All senior or established researchers doing curious-driven cross-disciplinary work and needing funding can try their hands on this scholarship. Applicants can be in either the Royal Academy or the British academy.

Scholarship Benefits

The fully funded scholarship is worth 100,000 pounds and will run for two years. Successful candidates can also apply for another 10,000 worth of scholarships to extend their projects and lead public engagements to the award.  The academy funds a yearly research and fellowship movement for 52 UK scholars who study Humanities and Social Sciences.

Applicable Courses

Eligibility Criteria

  • Applicants may come from the Royal Academy of Engineering and the British Academy.
  • Applicants from the British Academy must be a student in any Social Science or Humanities department. Applicants must personally be creative and professional in their research work.
  • Furthermore, applicants from the Royal Academy of Engineering can come from any engineering department in its entirety, and computer science is included in the eligible courses.
  • Applicants from The Royal Society in Natural sciences faculty like the medical, computer sciences, engineering sciences, mathematics, and agricultural departments can apply for this scholarship.
  • Again, applicants must have a good track record of independent research in either engineering, Humanities, sciences, or social sciences.
  • The right candidate must already be in a UK university for the period of the research and must be willing to partner with a fellow applicant from a different course. Co-applicants must be from other or the same school but must be in the UK.
  • All the applicants must have the support of their heads of departments because they will provide applicants with support and the assurance that they will permit applicants to use the school’s facilities throughout the research period.

Fees & Funding

Is there a minimum amount of research years that will qualify you to apply?

 Though the scholarship is for seasoned researchers, no number of years is still in the applicants’ criteria.

Can students employed by their institutes apply?

Scholars employed by their institutions on hourly rates can apply. Besides, such applicants can apply for the cost of providing teaching replacement for the period you spend on teaching and administrative work.

If a scholar for work was not successful, can they reapply?

Sure, applicants whose work was unsuccessful can reapply. Reapplications from candidates that were formerly unsuccessful will receive different treatment.

Can candidates from any school apply?

Applicants must come from the selected schools. It does not matter if it’s the UK; only applicants from the chosen schools are eligible to apply.

Also, candidates from an eligible UK university based abroad can apply for the funding.

Can an Engineer who does research apply?

Engineers based in the UK or involved in a non-profit research organization can apply. So long they stay throughout the project and hold a prominent academic position.

Can anyone who works in the social sciences or humanities apply?

Anyone in such a position is eligible to apply so long they are based in a UK institution or even a non-profit research organization, hold a relevant role in the school, and will stay in the UK for the research period.

Application Procedure

  • Applicants must submit their applications through the appropriate channel, which is the Society’s grant management system which is through the flex-Grant
  • Applicants with disabilities stand to enjoy preferential treatment.
  • All applications must undergo several assessments, and the applicants will be notified of the results in due time.