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If you are pursuing a university degree in economics, finance, or a quantitative-related field, you canĀ participate in Brattle Group Internship Program can help you jump-start your career. The Brattle Group, Inc. currently offers two internship opportunities for students to gain an unmatched experience. Through these opportunities, students become research analyst interns or summer associates at the Brattle Group for a few weeks. Read on to discover more.

A Brief Description of the Brattle Group Internship Programs

As previously noted, the Brattle Group has two internship programsĀ available to current undergraduate or graduate students in the United States of America, USA. These programs expose students to economic consulting. Students interested in them must possess top-notch analytical and critical thinking skills. Undoubtedly, the internship programs offered by the Brattle Group facilitates students’ future development in line with their chosen career.

According toĀ Vault Rankings 2023, Brattle Group Internship Programs are #64 out of the 100 Best Internships and #9 out of the Best Internships by Industry.

See below for Brattle Group Internship Opportunities.

Brattle Group Research Analyst Internship Program

  • This internship program increases students’ skillset as they collaborate with industry experts in resolving vital issues for the company’s clients. As RA interns are part of the Brattle Group’s consulting teams, they will gain hands-on experience and a robust network.

Brattle Group Summer Associate Program

  • The Brattle Group’s Summer Associate Program is open only to graduate students. It allows them to improve their research skills as they gain more knowledge on conducting comprehensive research and interpreting their findings. The program also helps to understand the industry while collaborating with results-driven team members.

5 Things about Interning at the Brattle Group

  • Both undergraduate and graduate students can apply for internships at the Brattle Group, Inc.
  • The Brattle Group’s interns receive salaries just as the company’s employees.
  • International students fromĀ all countriesĀ can apply for the company’s internships.
  • The Brattle Group Internship ProgramsĀ typically run for 12 weeks.
  • Internships at the Brattle GroupĀ only occur during summer semester.

Overview of the Brattle Group, Inc.

Founded in 1990, the Brattle Group is a private company headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. The company offers consulting and expert testimony services to corporations, public agencies, and law firms. In addition, it advises on areas related to government regulations, finance, and economics. The Brattle Group has 11 offices and more than 350 workers. Its international offices are located in the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and Rome.

Why Intern at the Brattle Group?

Here are some reasons to intern at Brattle Group Inc and the benefits you would get.Ā 

  • By participating in one of these internship programs, you can apply the knowledge acquired in the classroom to a real-life work environment.
  • Interning at the Brattle Group provides real-world experience in economic consulting.
  • Brattle Group’s Internship Programs are ranked #25 among the list of internships where students get excellent training and mentoring.
  • The Brattle Group’s work environment positively impacts interns’ professional development.
  • Interns also get to communicate face-to-face with clients at the Brattle Group.
  • There are vast opportunities to build your network while interning at the company as you connect with the Brattle Group’s staff.
  • You will also be able to gain and improve your coding, analytical, and writing skills.
  • Internships at the Brattle Group will facilitate your transition from student to worker.

Eligibility Criteria for the Brattle Group Internship Programs

Here are the requirements for the internship programs available to students at the Brattle Group, Inc.

  • Students intending to participate in the Brattle Group’s Research Analyst Internship program must possess enrollment in a bachelor’s degree related to a quantitative field, such as finance, economics, engineering, math, etc. If you prefer to become a summer associate at the Brattle Group, you must have two years at most away from earning a doctoral degree or be a new student pursuing an MBA degree in one of the fields mentioned above.
  • Must be outstanding academically
  • Must have superb teamwork, problem-solving, and quantitative analysis skills
  • Must be ready to collaborate with a team
  • Must possess extreme commitment and ownership
  • Must be willing to learn new things and should understand them quickly
  • Must have relevant work experience
  • Must be well versed in working with Microsoft Excel (required by students intending to become a summer associate at the Brattle Group)

How to Apply for the Brattle Group Internship Programs

When ready to express interest in one of the Brattle Group’s internship programs, first check forĀ current openings for students. Via the same link, you can apply for your preferred internship position.

Having applied for it, you will receive an interview invite, which we have providedĀ some tips to help you ace your internship interview.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Brattle Group Internships

Can international students apply for internships at the Brattle Group?

Yes, non-citizens of the United States can apply for internships at the Brattle Group, provided they are currently studying at an accredited higher education. They must also satisfy other requirements.

How much do interns make at the Brattle Group?

According toĀ, a famous employment website, theĀ average yearly salary of interns at the Brattle Group is approximately $45,000.

Is the Brattle Group Internship a paid position?

Yes, the Brattle Group offers a range of paid internship positions to undergraduate and graduate students from different world regions.

What is the typical length of an internship with the Brattle Group?

The internship programs available to domestic and international students at the Brattle Group typically last up to 12 weeks.

At what time do the Brattle Group Internship Programs hold?

Brattle Group Internships hold only during summer break, as the company does not offer internship programs for any other semester.


In summary, opting for one of the Brattle Group’s internship programs will significantly influence your career, making it easy for you to start from scratch. As you gain relevant work experience and professional skills during your internship program, jump-starting is highly guaranteed. Feel free to share this blog post by clicking the social media icons below.