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Are you a student pursuing undergraduate, advanced degrees, and MBAs? Do you want to build a career in consulting? You can gain a world of experience with the Boston Consulting Group Internship. During your internship, you will play a prominent role in a team. Thus, you will help clients to solve their most significant challenges, gaining world-class training and feedback to help catalyze your consulting career. 

I would like you to learn more about this internship program from my blog post. As a former intern, I want to relate my experience with you. 

Overview of Boston Consulting Group Internship

Boston Consulting Group Internship is available to students pursuing a career in consulting. It enables them to gather real-world experience by performing duties for clients. Interns use the program to take their industry knowledge to a professional level. Participants in this program will join team members to solve challenges for clients. In return, they will gain special training and feedback from experts who will guide them through the process. 

The internship program will be an eye-opener for you. Thus, you will learn the company’s business, culture, and mission. More importantly, you will learn how to attend to your customers professionally. You will take responsibility as permanent staff of BCG. And if you perform your duties with diligence, you will get an opportunity for a permanent position at the organization.

In addition to consulting internships, students can apply for summer jobs in data science and analytics, strategic and experience design, and software engineering.

About Boston Consulting Group

Boston Consulting Group is a consulting firm on business strategy. Therefore, it partners with n all sectors, industries, and regions. Its primary duty is to identify clients’ highest-value opportunities, find solutions to their most critical challenges and transform their businesses. Its services include corporate development, global advantage (globalization), information technology, marketing & sales, organization, operations, strategy, social impact; and industry practices such as consumer & retail, energy, financial institutions, health care, industrial goods, insurance, public sector and technology, media & telecommunications.  

Consulting internship opportunities at BCG

Applicants can apply for the following internship opportunities at Boston Consulting Group. They include:

โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹Generalist and Specialist Consulting: You will join a team to help you learn and gain experience in consulting. You will be responsible for projects like analyzing a client’s performance or conducting interviews with key market players.

Expert Consulting: Interns in this department will face client challenges in their discipline or industry. Thus, they will work collaboratively with clients as a case team member.

BCG GAMMA Consulting: interns in this department must be data scientists who will help to design and build analytic designs for clients. Your team will use statistical programs and other tools to conduct an intensive analysis of objective data.

BCG Platinion Consulting: Your role in this team will be organization and process analysis, planning, and project management for information technology projects. You will also develop skills for quality control, organizational development, and team leadership.

Benefits of the BCG internship program

Participants in the Boston Consulting Group Internship will receive the following benefits. They include:

Gain real-world experience in the field: Your internship at Boston Consulting Group will be your first experience in the consulting industry. During this period, you will work closely with specialists and experts in the field. They will mentor, coach, and guide you to become a professional. Moreover, you will take responsibility for clients’ challenges and help them find a solution.

Network with specialists and other interns: You will also connect with friends and cronies at work. Your team leaders and other interns will become associates at BCG. Of course, you can become business partners with them in the future.

Develop your career to a professional level: Another advantage of interning at BCG is the opportunity for career growth. Through mentorship programs at the company, you will meet experts and people who will contribute to your success as a consultant.

Receive a competitive salary: In addition, you will receive compensation for the services you provide. BCG pays its interns well. Your wages will be close to what beginners receive at Boston Consulting Group.

Get an opportunity to work at Boston Consulting Agency: Above all, you can get employed by BCG after your internship. However, you will wait until you complete your university education. Boston Consulting Group is one of the few organizations that offer jobs to its former interns. Thus, you can get a position at BCG if you are among the top-performing students during your internship.

How to apply for a Boston Consulting Group Internship

You will begin as early as possible to start your prep[araition for the Boston Consulting Group Internship. The first thing you will do is to identify available posts and the requirements. Then, write an application and cover letter. Your cover letter must be specific about the job you want. Thus, it must contain your skills, abilities, and strengths. Once you have done this, it is time to gather your documents and submit them with the application letter. After that, the recruiters at BCG will verify your application. You will be invited to an interview at BCG if you are eligible. The discussion will be the final step in the process. If you are successful, you will get an offer for an internship at Boston Consulting Group. 

Our guide on getting an internship placement in big companies will be handy for an easy application process. Moreover, you can also learn from our article on writing an internship cover letter in 2023.

How to boost your chances of getting an internship at Boston Consulting Group

The following tips will help to get an internship at BCG. Moreover, it can be helpful for any other students job you want to apply for in 2023. They include:

Write a good and compelling resume and cover letter highlighting your skills, strengths, and abilities.

Learn new skills you need to succeed as an intern, including communication, problem-solving, and analytical skills. You can also improve them if you already have them.

Research BCG to find out what it does, its mission and vision, what people think about it, and how it provides services to its customers.

Network with old and present interns at Boston Consulting Group. In addition, look for company employees to get information about the company from them. You can connect with the staff of BCG on LinkedIn.

Tailor your application to the specific job you want at BCG. When you write your application letter, include skills and abilities that show you can perform the duties assigned to you. 

You can also look for references who testify to your skills, strengths, and abilities. Your referee can be a professor, an expert, or someone who has performed some tasks with you. 

Frequently Asked Questions About BCG Internships

What activities will I perform in a BCG internship?

Interns gather real-world experience by performing duties for clients. Participants in this program will join team members to solve challenges for clients.

What kind of support will BCG provide for successful interns?

BCG will provide mentorship, guidance, and coaching to its interns. Participants will work under the supervision of an expert. In return, they will provide regular feedback to their leaders, who will give them the necessary corrections. 

What is the duration of a BCG internship?

A typical internship at Boston Consulting Group lasts between six and twelve weeks. About 100 students will get an opportunity to gain practical experience in consulting at BCG during this summer program.

Who are some of the other interns that BCG hires?

In addition to consulting internships, students can apply for summer jobs in data science and analytics, strategic and experience design, and software engineering.

My final thoughts

Usually, internships open ways for you as a novice in the field. Thus, you must be ready to take actions and opportunities that come your way as an intern at Boston Consulting Group. Most importantly, listen and take corrections from your superior and experts, who will guide you to success in your career. 

Finally, an internship at Boston Consulting Group is a step in the right direction to building a long and successful career as a consultant.