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Open a world of opportunities for your career with the Boeing Summer Internship for international students. You can apply for these paid internships to gain real-world experience in various areas, including business, engineering, IT, and Data Analytics. 

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Overview of Boeing Summer Internships

Boeing Summer Internships include internship programs in different areas for international undergraduate and graduate students who want to gain experience in Engineering, Business, IT, and Business Analytics. Participants undertake projects that will help in the success and development of Boeing. More importantly, students will receive salaries for their jobs and duties during this internship.

Focus areas for Boeing Summer Internships

Interns at Boeing can apply for positions in four focus areas of fields. They include:

Engineering: The Engineering Internship Program at Boeing allows interns to be part of a team that shapes the future of aerospace. Our engineering. You can help leading engineers turn dreams into reality, bring world-class innovation to market, and design the next generation of unique products. In addition, you will join in other activities at Boeing, including site tours, networking events, and exposure to executives and mentors. Students can apply for engineering internships in the following fields. They include aerospace, chemical, civil, computer, electrical, industrial, materials, mechanical/structural or software engineering, computer science, and physics. 

Business: Business interns at Boeing help to shape the future of Aerospace engineering. They perform tasks in the following fields: Finance, Supply Chain Management, Business Operations, Facilities & Asset Management, Human Resources, Global Trade Controls, Sales & Marketing, and Communications. In addition, you will join in other activities at Boeing, including site tours, networking events, exposure to executives and mentors, and career development programs. 

IT and Data Analytics: You can also intern at Boeing as an Information Technology and Data Analytics student. You will bring ideas on how the company will serve its customers. During the internship, you will help in Application Development, Cybersecurity, Information Protection, Network Design, Project Management, Product Management, Systems Analysis, Systems Architecture, Systems Integration, and User Experience Design. In addition, you will join other interns in virtual or in-person site tours, community outreach, and networking events.

Benefits of Boeing Summer Internship

Participants in this internship program will receive the following benefits. They include:

Gain real-world experience: Of course, you will learn from your team leaders and members who are experts in the field. In addition, this will be your first time working on real projects. Thus, you will gain enough experience to build your career once you graduate. 

Take part in site tours: You will also follow other interns and workers at Boeing for site tours. During these tours, you will also learn many things in aerospace engineering different from what you learned in the classroom. Moreover, it will add to your practical knowledge of your profession. 

Network with company leaders and team members: In addition to gaining experience, you will also network with industry leaders and fellow interns at Boeing. The friendship you build during your internship can turn into a business partnership in the future.

Join in community outreach: You will also follow in the community by Being. During the outreach, you will communicate with the customers of the company. You will also join others in community development projects. 

Engage in career development programs and seminars: Your time as an intern at Boeing will also allow you to attend meetings, events, and conferences that will aid your career development. Boeing organizes these seminars for its workers, especially interns who need them to grow in their profession.

Get paid for your job: You will also receive compensation. However, the pay depends on your level, degree, position, and internship duration.

Also, you stand a chance of a permanent job offer from Boeing: Above all, you may get a job offer from Boeing upon h completion of your studies. However, you will have to work well during your internship. Many companies prefer to hire interns who have learned about their cultures, values, and mission. 

Eligibility criteria for Boeing Summer Internship

Applicants must be international undergraduate and graduate students in relevant fields.

  • You must be available to work full-time for up to six months, de[pending on the program.
  • Applicants must be proficient in English.

In addition, you will need the following skills:

  • Excellent communication (written and oral)
  • Leadership qualities
  • Time management skills
  • Analytical skill
  • Critical thinking
  • High academic achievement

How to apply for Boeing Summer Internships

Applicants for Boeing Summer Internships will apply using the steps below:

Step 1. Identify open internships at Boeing: First, look for job posts available for interns at Boeing. Internship areas at Boieng include Engineering, Business, IT & Data Analytics. So, you have to find suitable jobs for your qualifications. 

Step 2. Find out the requirements: Once you have identified available jobs based on your qualifications, find the requirements for these positions. Then, gather them before you write your application letter. 

Step 3. Submit your application: The next step involves writing your application and cover letter. You must write a good cover letter that shows why you are the best candidate for the job. You can learn how to write an internship cover letter from a professional. Then, submit your application with other documents, including a cv or resume, work experience, and qualifications. 

Step 4. Attend the interview: You will receive an invitation for an interview if you are eligible. Only candidates who meet the requirements can attend Boeing Internship Interviews. However, you must prepare for the interview on time by looking for possible questions.

How to boost your chances of getting a Boeing Summer Internship

You can do the following things to increase your chances of getting any internship program you apply for a Boeing. It will also give you a clue on how to get an internship placement with prominent organizations like Boeing in 2023. They include:

Prepare on time for your application: You must begin to gather all the necessary documents and research Boeing and what it does. You will also write an application or cover letter. Your cover letter must be specific about the job you want. A good cover letter contains your skills, strengths, abilities, and why you qualify for the p[ost. Our article on how to write an internship cover letter will be helpful to you this time.

Network with past and present interns at Boeing: Networking with other interns will also increase your chances of getting an internship at Boeing. You can do this by connecting with them on LinkedIn and Facebook. 

Research about the company: A good knowledge of Boeing will be helpful to you. Find out what the company does, its services, mission, and vision. Also, get some information about how the customers view the organization.

Write a good resume: In addition to your cover letter, you also need a good resume. A good resume will highlight your skills, abilities, strengths, and qualifications. It will also inform your recruiters why you are suitable for the job.

Learn and develop new skills: You will need new skills to succeed as an intern at Boeing. You need basic skills: communication, analytical, problem-solving, and time management. Therefore, you must learn or improve them if you already have them.

Frequently Asked Questions About Boeing Summer Internships

What is the duration of internships at Boieing?

The internship period at Boeing depends on the field. It can last for a few weeks or up to six months. Applicants will enquire from their recruiters to know the duration f their program.

What type of responsibilities does it take on at Boeing?

The internship programs at Boeing allow interns to be part of a team that shapes the future of aerospace. Our engineering. You can help leading engineers turn dreams into reality, bring world-class innovation to market, and design the next generation of unique products.

Are Boeing internships paid?

Interns receive salaries for the job they do at Boeing. The amount for each person varies depending on the duration of the program, the degree, and the position of the intern. 

Can I apply for more than one job as an intern at Boeing?

Applicants can apply for more than one internship program at Boeing. However, they must include the positions in their application letter. In addition, they must include all the required documents for each program.

What qualifications do interns need at Boeing?

Boeing interns do not need any academic qualifications. Undergraduate and graduate students in related fields can apply for these internships. However, they require communication, analytical, critical thinking, problem-solving, and time management skills.


In summary, an internship at Boeing will lift your carer in aerospace engineering to a new height. It will also allow you to meet industry leaders who will help your career development. More importantly, you can get a job offer from the company when you complete your university education.