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If you intend to jumpstart your future career in the financial services industry, you can come to Canada, as BMO Internship Programs will enhance your knowledge in finance & accounting, retail banking sales & service, data analytics & reporting, commercial sales & service, and customer shared services. As a former intern at the Bank of Montreal (BMO), I am delighted to provide an insider’s experience relating to internships at the financial institution, serving as your application guide.

A Brief Description of BMO Internship Programs

The Bank of Montreal offers a range of full-time internship opportunities, typically lasting for four months. They are open to all students who prefer to intern in Canada; Alberta, Nova Scotia, Ontario, and British Columbia. To qualify for BMO Internships, you must satisfy all criteria indicated in the Eligibility Criteria section of this blog post. Afterward, you can proceed with your application.

6 Things you Should Know about BMO Internships

The following are six things to be aware of about the internship opportunities available to students at the Bank of Montreal.

  • BMO Internship Programs exclusively consist of full-time job positions for students.
  • Internships at the Bank of Montreal last for a maximum period of four months and mostly holds during the summer semester.
  • BMO offers paid internship positions, of which students earn from $14 to $31 per hour.
  • They are open to students currently enrolled in higher education institutions, regardless of their educational level.
  • International students with a valid Canadian Work Permit can apply for the Bank of Montreal’s internship programs, provided they meet all other requirements.
  • As a student planning to join BMO interns, you can decide which province to work in Canada. The bank has many branches and internship positions in British Columbia, Ontario, Alberta, and Nova Scotia.

Overview of the Bank of Montreal

BMO is a Canadian financial services company and investment bank established as Montreal Bank in 1817. It provides a variety of services, including retail banking, commercial banking services, capital markets, and wealth management. While BMO’s center of operations is in Montreal, Quebec, the bank has numerous branches in other Canadian provinces. Undoubtedly, the Bank of Montreal is one of the largest banks in Canada. It is also among the world’s top 50 banks.

Moreover, the Bank of Montreal has about 50,000 full-time employees. BMO offers opportunities for students from different world regions to intern in one of its numerous locations in Canada.

Benefits of Interning at the Bank of Montreal, Canada

Here are a few benefits of BMO Internship Programs.

  • Interning at the Bank of Montreal will give you a vast understanding and experience in accounting, business analytics & reporting, personal banking, commercial banking, business banking, and financial crimes (customer-shared services).
  • Compensation is available to interns at BMO.
  • BMO Internships help to grow your network as you work with other interns, bank officials, and senior executives.
  • As an intern at BMO, you will gain more skills and be familiar with how banks operate.
  • You will also have access to a mentor for interning at the Bank of Montreal. Your mentor can advise you at no cost on anything related to your banking or financial services career.
  • Above all, you will acquire work experience, which is significant in building your CV and kick-starting your career.

BMO Summer Internship 2023 Opportunities

The Bank of Montreal currently has many internship positions available to students across ten locations in Canada.

Here is a list of a few internship roles you can apply for at the Bank of Montreal.

  • Financial Crimes Generalist, Summer 2023 (Co-Op/Internship) – 4 Months
  • Digital Analytics and Reporting Intern, GAM – Summer 2023 (Co-Op/Internship) – 4 Months
  • Analyst Intern, Liquidity and Funding Management – Summer 2023 (Co-Op/Internship) – 4 Months
  • Credit Analyst, Summer 2023 (Co-Op/Internship) 4-Months
  • Personal Banking Associate – Personal & Business Banking – Summer 2023 (Co-Op/Internship) 4 Months
  • Commercial Banking Credit Analyst Intern (Vancouver), Summer 2023 – 4 Months
  • Communications and Data Analytics, Intern – Summer 2023 (Co-Op/Internship) – 4 Months

Eligibility Criteria for BMO Internship Programs

Before applying to intern at the Bank of Montreal, ensure meeting the requirements noted below.

  • Enrollment in an undergraduate or graduate program offered by an accredited institution of higher learning is mandatory. If you are an international student from any country outside Canada, you must hold a valid Canadian Work Permit.
  • Your subject area should be either finance or business.
  • Must have high academic performance
  • Must be prepared to dedicate at least ten weeks of full-time job duties at the Bank of Montreal              

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How to Apply for BMO Internship Programs

To express your interest in any open internship position at the Bank of Montreal, you must take the following steps one after the other.

  • First, check for available internship opportunities on BMO’s Careers Webpage.
  • Once you’ve found a suitable one, click on it. When the new page completes loading, click the Apply Now button to visit BMO’s Workday website.
  • Afterward, click Create Account since it is your first time using the platform. Then, sign in with your email address and password to start your application.

Frequently Asked Questions about BMO Internship Programs

Does BMO hire international students?

Yes, the Bank of Montreal hires students from countries other than Canada into its internship programs. To qualify for BMO’s internship opportunities as an international student, you must have a valid Canadian Work Permit and Social Insurance Number.

How long is the BMO Internship Program?

The internship programs offered by the Bank of Montreal usually last for four months, allowing students to build their skills, develop their network and earn relevant work experience.

How can I apply for a BMO internship?

The only way to apply for BMO’s Internship Programs involves signing in to your Workday Account. The entire application process is online and does not require in-person presence.

What type of experience will I gain at a BMO Internship?

When you intern at the Bank of Montreal, you will have the opportunity to gain different experiences, such as on the bank’s operations and the financial services industry.

Are BMO Internship positions paid?

Yes, interns receive salaries for taking on a position at the Bank of Montreal. Depending on the internship position and location, they make from $14 to $31 per hour.


Students from different countries can travel to Canada yearly for internships at the Bank of Montreal. Most of them reviewed their Internship as second to none, offering unique experience and skills, hence, having good impact on their career goals. So why are you yet to take on the opportunity? Apply Now!

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