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Are you looking forward to working as a business analyst or starting a career in the financial technology industry? If you are one of these, this blog post will guide you on applying for Blackrock Internships, allowing you to intern at the largest asset manager in the world.

A Brief Description of BlackRock Internship Programs

BlackRock, Inc. offers a range of internships for students at different levels. These internship programs are best for undergraduate and graduate students aspiring to become an analyst and seeking knowledge, relevant work experience, and the opportunity to gain more skills. BlackRock’s internships last for a period ranging from eight to ten weeks. According to Vault 2023 Rankings, BlackRock Internship Programs is #15 out of the Most Prestigious Internships.

See below for the internship opportunities available at BlackRock, Inc.

BlackRock Summer Analyst Program

  • This internship program runs for nearly ten weeks, allowing students to understand the intricacies of working as a business analyst. It is open to undergraduate and master’s students who will graduate in the summer term before or after the internship period. The program reflects what working as a business analyst entails. In addition, it also offers opportunities for networking and professional development.

BlackRock MBA Summer Associate Program

  • This ten-week internship program is open to students pursuing an MBA degree. By participating in BlackRock’s MBA Summer Associate Program, you will assume real duties, thus, gaining just the experience you need to jumpstart your career.

Overview of BlackRock, Inc.

Established in 1988, BlackRock is an investment management company headquartered in New York City, NY, USA. The company has a workforce of over 18,000 employees across 30 countries. In addition, BlackRock has 70 offices in different parts of the world. It is the largest asset manager worldwide. It manages various assets worth up to $10 trillion.

Benefits of Interning at BlackRock

The following are some benefits of the internship programs offered by BlackRock, Inc,

  • Interning at BlackRock gives students a chance to get real-world experience.
  • BlackRock Internship Programs are not just exciting but also rewarding to students, as they will regularly receive salaries.
  • By attending the social events organized by BlackRock, Inc., you will gain the opportunity to have a mentor and hear from senior executives. These events also help to develop your network.
  • BlackRock interns also get on-the-job training due to their daily duties and individual contribution to the assigned teams.
  • Lastly, having your internship at BlackRock will increase your finance skills and enable you to build a fantastic CV as you progress with your career.

6 Things to Note about Blackrock Internship Programs

Here are six things you should know about the internship programs offered at Blackrock Inc.

  • They are best for students intending to kick-start a career in the financial technology industry.
  • Both undergraduates and graduate students are eligible to apply for Blackrock Internship Programs.
  • Internship positions attract a high salary at BlackRock.
  • Blackrock Internships are not limited to students of any nationality, making them open to students from around the world.
  • Each intern will have to join a team at BlackRock.
  • Internships at BlackRock usually take place during summer break, meaning that interns will still have up to two weeks to rest before returning to school for the fall semester.

Eligibility Criteria of BlackRock Internship Programs

The following are the criteria for internships at BlackRock Inc.

  • Must be a student in an accredited higher educational institution. However, international students must hold a Valid US Work Visa to intern anywhere in the United States, including in BlackRock Inc.
  • Have a good Grade Point Average, not below 3.0
  • Must be majoring in accounting, economics, finance, or a related field

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How to Apply for BlackRock Internships

To express your interest in an internship program offered by BlackRock, you must undertake the following steps one after the other.

Fill out the online application.

  • The first step in applying for BlackRock Internship Programs involves completing an online application by providing some information and uploading your resume on the platform. Afterward, HireVue will send you a link featuring a short video recording requiring you to answer two questions. Make sure you respond in at most five days.

Undergo the first-round interview

  • At this stage, you will have to go through a live video interview with the team’s representatives, focused on the company’s principles.

Final Assessment

  • As the last stage of BlackRock’s internship application process, you will have to undergo another virtual interview and maybe a group exercise, case study, or presentation.

Frequently Asked Questions about BlackRock Internships

Is BlackRock a good company for freshers?

Yes, BlackRock is a pleasant place to intern and work without discrimination. The company offers decent pay and some other perks to its employees. Moreover, BlackRock has a unique company culture, and about 86% of its employees are satisfied working for the company.

What are some qualifications to get a BlackRock Internship?

To qualify for one of BlackRock’s internship programs, you must currently be an undergraduate or graduate student pursuing a degree in accounting, economics, finance, or a related discipline. Besides, your current GPA should be at least 3.0.

How competitive is the BlackRock Internship application process?

The application process for BlackRock’s internship programs is highly competitive, as the company only selects students whose internship applications stand out among others.

How long do the BlackRock Internship programs last?

The internship programs offered by Blackrock Inc. are tenable for eight to ten weeks, depending on the program. While BlackRock’s MBA Summer Associate Program lasts for ten weeks, its Summer Analyst Program runs for eight weeks only.

How much stipend does a BlackRock Intern make?

As estimated by, a popular job search website accessible in many countries, the average hourly salary of interns at BlackRock Inc. is $42.


Interning at BlackRock is a good choice for students who desire to start a career in the fintech industry. Above all, BlackRock Internships gives the required experience, finance skills, and mentorships that can help start your career at greater heights. So what else is holding you back? If nothing, Apply Now!