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Undergraduate and graduate Biotech, biochemistry, and biomedical students can start a successful career by undertaking biotech internships in the summer. They will use the opportunity to get a field and practical knowledge of their profession. 

Find out everything you need to be successful as a biotech intern in my blog post. I am writing about my experience as a former intern. Therefore, the information here will be valuable to you.

What is Biotech?

Biotechnology is a branch of Biology that uses technology to harness cellular and biomolecular processes to develop technologies and products that help improve our lives and the health of our planet. It helps in healing the world by:

  • Reducing rates of infectious disease;
  • Saving millions of children’s lives;
  • Changing the odds of severe, life-threatening diseases that affect many people all over the globe;
  • Finding unique treatments for individuals to minimize health risks and side effects;
  • Producing specific and more precise tools for disease detection
  • Fighting severe illnesses and everyday threats confronting the developing world.

What is a biotech internship summer?

A biotech internship is a period over the summer when undergraduate and graduate biotech, biochemistry, and biomedical students work with biotech companies to get real experience in the industry. Interns work closely with leading scientists to learn what it means to practice biotechnology. Thus, they get mentorship and coaching, engage in real projects, and work closely with other interns on real projects. 

Focus Area of Biotech Internship Summer

Applicants for summer internships in BiotechBiotech can work on projects in the following focus areas. They include:

  • Training on Biotechnology related content development for social media
  • Science Communication Training
  • Awareness about Bio-Safety 
  • Production of Articles for media regarding issues on Agricultural Biotechnology

Benefits of Biotech Internship

Participants in a biotech internship will get the following benefits. They include:

Gain real-world experience: As a biotech intern, you will be able to learn from leading professionals who share their experiences with you. Thus, you will get what you require to kickstart your career once you graduate.

Network with leading professionals and other interns: Another benefit of participating in a biotech internship is networking. During your time as an intern, you will meet many people, including industry leaders, professionals, and other interns. Nothing stops you from making friends with them. Moreover, today’s friend can become your business partner or associate tomorrow. Therefore, you must use this opportunity to build a strong connection with these people.

Receive good salaries: Many companies pay their interns a competitive salary. Therefore, you will earn very well as a summer intern in BiotechBiotech. 

Get permanent positions upon graduation: You can also get permanent employment as a biotch summer intern. Many companies prefer to hire their former interns, esp[ecially those who did an excellent job while interning. You can become one of them if you dedicate your time and energy to producing good results on any project assigned to you. 

Biotech Internship Opportunities

Applicants for a Biotech internship can apply for the following internship opportunities. They include:

  • Engineering Summer Internship (Cell Therapy) Lonza
  • Summer Intern. Johnson & Johnson. 
  • Chemical Biology and Proteomics Intern. AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals Inc.
  • Genomics/Bioinformatics Intern
  • Summer Proteomics Intern. 
  • Genomics Assay Development-Intern 
  • Immunology Intern.
  • Pharmacometrics Intern
  • Cell Culture Development Intern

Biotech Internship Opportunities for Undergraduate students

Undergraduate students can apply for the following internship programs. They include:

Biofuels as a Renewable Energy Source (DOE) โ€“ Genetic Engineering of Switchgrass with Traits to Improve Biofuels Production

  • Genetic Engineering of Corn for Nutritional Enhancement for African Germplasm (HarvestPlus/CIAT) โ€“ Genetic Modification to Enhance Protein, Iron, and Vitamin A Content in Corn for Africa
  • Hybrid Rice to Increase Global Food Production (NSF BREAD) โ€“ Hybrid technologies for heterosis in rice and related cereals
  • Development of Green Garlic as a New Vegetable โ€“ Biology of garlic and the biochemistry of thiosulfinates

Biotech Internship opportunity in the United States

The following internship programs are available to Biotech undergraduate and graduate interns. They include:

  • Research & Early Development Intern
  • Legend Biotech
  • Undergraduate Intern Summer 2023 Discovery Research
  • Intern – Cell Analysis Flow Product Development
  • 2023 Summer Intern – Product Development – Clinical Science
  • Process Development Internship
  • Intern, In Vivo Translational Sciences
  • Intern, Social Science Communications, Remote
  • Undergraduate Intern Summer 2023 Process Development (Process Characterization)
  • Quality Assurance Summer Intern
  • 2023 Summer Internship Opportunities
  • 2023 Summer Intern – Peptide Therapeutics
  • Synthetic Biology Summer Internship Program
  • Summer Intern – Program Management
  • R&D Student Intern
  • 2023 Summer Intern – Human Genetics
  • Intern – Biology, Immuno-oncology
  • Intern, Clinical Research and Development (Sumer)
  • 2023 Summer Intern – Neurophysiology
  • Roche
  • Formulation Intern AesculaTech
  • Summer Intern – Research – Computational Biologist
  • Undergrad Intern – R&D (RISE)
  • Undergraduate Intern Summer 2023 Process Development (LVV Potency Assay)
  • Decision Science Summer Intern
  • 2023 Summer Internship – Analytical Research
  • 2023 Summer Intern-Cell and Tissue Genomics
  • Actively Hiring4 days ago
  • 2023 Summer Intern – Immune Cell Engagers
  • Intern, Genomics
  • 2023 Summer Internship – Bioinformatics, Computational Biology
  • 2023 Summer Intern – Early Clinical Development: Oncology
  • 2023 Summer Intern โ€“ Early Discovery Biochemistry-Biological Chemistry
  • Summer Intern – In Vivo Models
  • 2023 Summer Intern – LIAT RED
  • 2023 Summer Intern – Small Molecule Pharmaceutics
  • Intern, Preclinical Safety Archive
  • 2023 Summer Intern – Early Clinical Development: Oncology

How to apply for Biotech Internship Summer Programs

Applicants for a Biotech Internship Summer program must begin in time to gather their documents. In addition, you will write a good cover letter to help them get internships with the best Biotech companies. A good cover letter must contain your skills, strengths, academic qualifications, experience, and why you are the best candidate for the job. Our article on how to get internship placements in big firms will be helpful to you when you apply for a Biotech internship. 

How to boost your chances of getting a Biotech Internship Summer Program

To stand a chance of getting a biotech internship in the summer among other applicants. Consider doing the following things. They include:

Network with the staff and former interns of the company: Try to make friends with the employees and former interns of the firm. Then, get valuable information from them regarding the organization, which will be helpful during your interview. You can connect with them on LinkedIn.

Tailor your application: You will have to write a specific application pointing towards the particular position you want. Thus, your cover letter will highlight your skills, abilities, strengths, and why you qualify for the job.

Build new skills: You will use basic skills to succeed during your internship. Thus, you will need to learn new skills or improve old ones. It would help if you had communication, teamwork, attention to detail, critical thinking, analytical, and problem-solving skills.

Write a good resume: Then, write a good and compelling resume stressing your skills, strengths, qualifications, experience, and why you can perform the job very well. 

Research the company: You will also need to learn basic information about the firm. For instance, you will know the mission, vision, and what the company does. 

Then, get at least two references: You will need two references to convince your recruiters that you have people who know you. These persons must b ready to attest to your claims and skills. Look for experts or people who have undertaken a project with you. 

FAQs About Biotech Internship Summer Program

How long is a typical Biotech internship? 

A Biotech Internsp Sumer Program lasts six to twelve weeks over the summer. During this period, students carry out any project given to them with other interns. 

Is a biotech internship a paid position? 

Yes, Biotech interns earn compensation for the job they do. However, the amount depends on the company and each intern’s position. They make the same salary as entry-level Biotech scientists.

What kind of experience is gained from a biotech internship?

You will gain practical experience in the field, learning and working with professionals. Moreover, you will carry out real projects under an expert’s supervision, mentorship, and coaching. 

What qualifications are required for a biotech internship? 

There is no academic qualification for this program. However, applicants must be undergraduate and graduate Biotech, Biochemistry, and Biology students. In addition, they will have communication, teamwork, attention to detail, critical thinking, analytical, and problem-solving skills to excel.


In summary, you will need an internship to kickstart your career in this field. You will gain practical experience by engaging in real projects during this period. Thus, it will prepare you for a long and successful career.