Bimm institute dublin scholarships

BIMM Institute Dublin Scholarships – Application Guide

Here’s another brilliant opportunity for a student music enthusiast to win the BIMM Institute Dublin scholarship and study free of charge. BIMM Institute Dublin has been giving musicians a means to fulfilling their heartfelt desires to become better in their careers.

It is about time again to pitch your interest and fight for a spot on BIMM Institute’s scholarship scheme.  Though the scholarship spots are pretty competitive, if you have what it takes, you might just be packing your bag to go have the time of your life in Dublin.

About Dublin

Dublin, also known as a global city, is the capital of Ireland. Surrounded by the Dublin mountains on the south side, this most prominent city in Ireland houses about 1.9 million people.

Dublin is known for many things; talk about the country’s cultural hub, administration, arts, and education. This city is among the most visited cities in Europe and, to an extent, the world. It has many landmarks and tourist spots that attract visitors from all across the world.

Furthermore, Dublin still holds a torch for other cities in Ireland educationally, and it has the best universities and major prominent universities. Among these schools of significance is the BIMM Institute of Dublin.

About BIMM Institute of Dublin

A group of eight schools formed the British and Irish Modern Music Institute to provide music education.

The institute came into existence in 2001 but had campuses scattered over Europe. BIMM has Berlin, Birmingham, Brighton, Bristol, Dublin, Hamburg, London, and Manchester campuses. These campuses did not begin at once, and each one has a date it opened its doors to students.

In 2013, BIMM Institute Dublin campus began operations and had grown in academic excellence. Now, they always bring out an opportunity for qualified candidates to try for a scholarship spot.

Types of scholarships available at BIMM Institute Dublin

There are several scholarships ongoing in BIMM Dublin. For years now, the school has been at the forefront of music academics providing financial aid to talented students who wish to take their music a notch higher.

BIMM Institute Dublin IMRO Diploma in Music Business Scholarship for 2023

It is not the first time BIMM Dublin and IMRO have sponsored this scholarship. Specifically, this is the fifth time these two have come together to support student musicians. Starting from 2018, the duo has been offering a scholarship to one lucky student to study diploma in music for a year.

This year is not an exception; the application for who will win the music diploma scholarship is currently ongoing.

RTE 2FM Diploma on Audio Music Production Scholarship

This scholarship spot is for just a very talented and vibrant scholar who will be lucky enough to win it and study the course for a year at BIMM Dublin.

The Diversity and Inclusion Scholarship

BIMM has collaborated with Spotify to issue scholarships in 2023 to the underrepresented community. The scholarship targets bright African students, disabled, Asians, and mature students to study at BIMM.

About eight students from these communities will win this scholarship and decide which campus they wish to study in. The scholarship remains fully funded, and the winners can access many lovely opportunities made available by Spotify and the BIMM Institute.

Opportunities like meeting Spotify executives to mentor them, partnerships, masterclasses, access to digital libraries, and many more chances of a lifetime.

Dermot Kennedy Foundation for Diploma in Professional Musicianship Scholarship

It is a fully funded scholarship sponsored by Dermot Kennedy, a well-off songwriter in Ireland. The scholarship is for a part-time study for up-and-coming musicians to skyrocket their musical careers.

Commercial Modern Music Scholarship

British and Irish Modern Music Institute (BIMM), in partnership with Fontaines D.C, is giving out a scholarship to just one up-and-coming musician to boost their music career.

Scholarship Benefits

Part of the selection team of the winner includes the award-winning graduates of BIMM Institute. The successful candidate will study a four-year Commercial Modern Music course BA (Hons) worth 12,000 euros, all paid for.

Applicable Courses

  • Commercial Modern Music
  • Professional Musicianship
  • Audio and Music Production
  • Music Business

Eligibility Criteria

The scholarship is open to all music students from any European Union (EU) member country or Irish country. It is a continuous scholarship that begins on the 1st of November and closes on the 1st of February the following year.

Fees & Funding

Are the BIMM Dublin music scholarships fully funded?

BIMM Dublin is giving many music scholarships to students with musical backgrounds wishing to take it to the next level.

Is BIMM a university or a college?

BIMM is recognized as a university due to all the excellent work it has been doing academically.

Can you get a student loan from BIIM?

BIIM offers student loans to qualifying students for up to 9,250 euros to cover the tuition fee. Formally, the school does not give students up to this amount.

How many students does BIMM have?

BIMM is one of the prestigious music schools in Europe, with over 7000 students. Moreover, the institution has over 1200 international students from all walks of life studying for different courses and qualifications. 

Again, BIMM has graduated countless great musicians that are doing amazingly well in the music industry. According to a survey, about 83 percent of BIMM Institute graduates do music full-time in different capacities.

Application Procedure

  • The applicant for the scholarship must be 17 years old at the time of application, and mature students must be 23 years old at the time of application.
  • Must possess a minimum of higher level C3 (2) and an ordinary level D3(4) in their chosen subject
  • Five (5) distinctions at level 5 at FETAC
  • Be ready to attend all auditions when you get the mail


Auditions kick off in March of the academic year and run through till May.

All applicants must attend the audition to determine if they are qualified for the scholarship.

Applicants will get their audition dates by the mail at least ten days ahead.

How to apply

Applicants must send their applications directly to BIMM Dublin through the official page.

In case of questions, all messages concerning the scholarship and admission assistance must be sent through email [email protected] or call +35315133666

Application Date

It is a continuous scholarship that begins on the 1st of November and closes on the 1st of February the following year.