Beyond The Boroughs Scholarship

About Beyond The Boroughs Scholarship Program 2024

Beyond The Boroughs Scholarship is one of the financial aid opportunities available to undergraduate students in the US. If you’re an international student looking for a scholarship to cover part of your educational expenses, this article is for you.

We will provide all the necessary information about this scholarship program, from its duration to its benefits, value, requirements, and application procedures. Make sure you read this post to the end!

Overview of Beyond The Boroughs Scholarship Program

Beyond The Boroughs Scholarship Program is a partially funded scholarship for high school Grade 12 and full-time undergraduate students of accredited higher education institutions. It provides funding to international students enrolled or wanting to attend colleges and universities in the United States.

Students enrolled in culinary schools can also apply for this scholarship to fund their education.

About its founder, Tutan Reyes

Tutan Reyes founded Beyond The Boroughs Scholarship. He retired as an American football player with the Houston Texans. Reyes has also played for several other teams, such as the New York Giants, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and Jacksonville Jaguars.

He played 53 games before his retirement.

Who Sponsors Beyond the Boroughs Scholarship?

Beyond the Boroughs Scholarship Program has numerous sponsors. These include people who make generous donations to create scholarships in their own names and in memory of their loved ones.

Scholarship Benefits

What are the Benefits of Beyond the Boroughs Scholarship?

Beyond The Boroughs Scholarship is worth up to $20,000 over four years. This scholarship’s funding is payable only to academic institutions and not recipients.

A maximum of $5,000 is awarded yearly to each recipient.

How many students will receive the Beyond the Boroughs Scholarship?

The number of students awarded the scholarship yearly is not specific. However, many undergraduate students benefit from the scholarship program per academic year.

What is the duration of the Beyond the Boroughs Scholarship?

Beyond the Boroughs Scholarship is a renewable scholarship, i.e., it is first awarded to each recipient for one academic year. The scholarship committee can then decide to give the student the same scholarship yearly for up to three more years.

Eligibility Criteria for Beyond the Boroughs Scholarship Program

Before applying for the Beyond the Boroughs Scholarship, ensure you meet the following requirements without any exceptions.

  • Must be from a low-income household
  • Must be a high school senior entering an accredited higher education institution in the fall or have been accepted into a four-year program at a college or university
  • Must have a GPA of 2.5
  • Must actively participate in extra-curricular activities
  • Must complete the FAFSA Student Aid Report (SAR) or the CSS Profile without leaving anything out

Eligible Nationalities for Beyond The Boroughs Scholarship

International students from all countries and regions can apply for the Beyond The Boroughs Scholarship Program without nationality restriction. So, feel free to submit your application after meeting all requirements.

Applicable courses

There is no specific course requirement for the Beyond The Boroughs Scholarship program. Thus, undergraduate students across all disciplines can benefit from the funding.

How to Apply for Beyond The Boroughs Scholarship

If you would like to fund your education with this scholarship program, take the following steps to submit your application.

  • Complete and submit the scholarship online application form. Remember that there is a submission deadline, which is March 15.
  • Send your supporting documents once requested after the selection stage
  • Wait for the scholarship committee’s decision. If you are among the scholarship recipients, you will receive a Notice of Award (NOA) by June 15, three months after the application deadline.

Required documents

The scholarship requires finalists in the selection stage to submit a few documents, which include:

Application Tips for Beyond The Boroughs Scholarship Program

Below are several tips to increase your chances of getting this scholarship:

  • Proofread your scholarship application to check for possible grammatical errors and misspellings before submitting it. You may also ask someone to help you read the filled-out form.
  • Ensure you do not leave any field blank on the scholarship application form. Instead, type N/A (Not Applicable) in fields that do not apply to you.
  • Take your time while answering the essay questions, ensuring you provide correct information.
  • Make sure your essay answers are straightforward without covering unnecessary topics.

If you have any inquiries about the scholarship program, feel free to request help or further information via one of the following means: