Best undergraduate internship in Nigeria

How to Land the Best Undergraduate Internship in Nigeria

As a Nigerian student enrolled in a college of education, polytechnic, or university, we will guide you in landing the best undergraduate internship in Nigeria to fast-track your professional development.

Finding a good job is quite challenging in Nigeria, especially if you have no previous work experience. However, an undergraduate internship program can enable you to stand out in a competitive job market.

This article will give an overview of various internship programs in Nigeria, so you can decide which is best for you.

Before we go deep into the details, let’s check out the reasons to participate in an undergraduate internship program as a Nigerian.

Why Participate in an Undergraduate Internship in Nigeria?

Even though working as an undergraduate intern has vast career benefits for Nigerian students, the following are the main advantages of participating in an internship program.

  • An undergraduate internship program is a costless way to learn new skills applicable when you eventually start working.
  • Participating in the program will give you firsthand experience and let you grow a professional network.
  • The program will help you enhance your career options, including your qualifications and resume.
  • It qualifies you to work in a business or agency without a professional qualification or relevant work experience.
  • An undergraduate intern job will allow you to undertake real tasks and responsibilities daily.
  • You will experience workplace culture and etiquette.
  • It is a means to earn income, which you can use to further your education and fulfill your financial needs.

Note that you can only participate in an undergraduate internship program and take advantage of it if you satisfy specific criteria.

Eligibility Criteria for Undergraduate Internship Programs in Nigeria

Here are the typical eligibility criteria for undergraduate internships in Nigeria.

  • Be currently enrolled in an accredited university.
  • Have a minimum academic grade of Second Class Upper Division at your current level of study.
  • Attain credit in at least 5 subjects of your SSCE (obtained in at most two sittings). These subjects must include English and Mathematics.
  • Possess reasonable interpersonal and teamwork skills.
  • Have great digital and communication skills.

Document Requirements for Undergraduate Internships in Nigeria

Most intern jobs for undergraduate students in Nigeria require the following documents.

  • Your SSCE certificate
  • An official transcript from your university
  • An up-to-date Curriculum Vitae
  • Letter(s) of recommendation from a professor, head lecturer, or your course adviser

Top Five (5) Best Undergraduate Internships in Nigeria

The following undergraduate internship programs are those with the most financial and career benefits for students in Nigeria.

  1. EY Undergraduate Internship

Ernst & Young Global Limited (EY) is among Nigeria’s top providers of undergraduate intern jobs. If you desire to jumpstart your career in professional services, check now for the availability of intern roles and apply at once.

EY has consistently ranked in Fortune magazine for almost three decades as one of the Best Companies to Work For among numerous accounting firms.

  1. World Bank Undergraduate Internship

Undergraduate students in Nigeria can also intern with World Bank in Lagos, the world’s largest multinational international financial institution. This internship program aims to make students understand the World Bank’s mission and operations.

The Bank’s internship program facilitates the career development of students in accounting, communications, Human Resources, etc.

  1. Baker Hughes Undergraduate Internship

If you wish to earn a living in the energy sector, we recommend participating in Baker Hughes Internship. Not only does the program hire undergraduates pursuing an OND and Bachelor’s degree, but it also considers postgraduate students seeking to earn a Master’s degree.

It allows them to acquire practical work experience to kick-start their professional lives.

  1. KPMG Undergraduate Internship

Nigerian undergraduate students can also intern with KPMG International Limited, a global network of professional firms. KPMG’s internship programs are ideal for students looking forward to jumpstarting a career in tax, audit, and advisory services.

It is undoubtedly notable for allowing students to develop valuable business skills and acquire relevant experience before graduation.

  1. Microsoft Undergraduate Internship

As one of the best intern opportunities for undergraduate students in Nigeria, interning with Microsoft Corporation will enable you to explore your passions. It offers a unique opportunity for learning and career growth.

The program is open to Bachelor’s and Master’s students in engineering, computer science, or any related discipline.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which company is the best for an internship in Nigeria?

Based on our findings, Ernst & Young Global Limited (EY), a multinational professional services provider, offers the best internship program for undergraduate students in Nigeria.

The average monthly salary of EY interns in Nigeria is approximately ₦46,000. Their pay is 50% more than the national minimum wage in Nigeria.

How long do undergraduate internships last in Nigeria?

Undergraduate internships in Nigeria typically run for three months but may last up to one year, depending on the company.

How much do interns get paid in Nigeria?

The estimated salary of undergraduate interns in Nigeria ranges from ₦30,000 to ₦40,000 per month.

How do I find undergraduate internships in Nigeria?

The best way to look for undergraduate intern jobs in Nigeria is to check job sites like LinkedIn, Indeed, and Jobberman.

When is the best time for Nigerian undergraduate students to intern?

The most common time undergraduate students in Nigeria work as interns is immediately after completing their HND at a polytechnic. Moreover, Nigerian undergraduate students do their Internship in their second semester at 300 level.


We hope you undergo a hassle-free process in joining the best undergraduate internship in Nigeria, as these programs are highly competitive. So ensure you submit a perfect application to guarantee success.

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